What assurance is there this Peyronies disease treatment works?

What ass

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urance is there after spending hundreds of dollars on your treatment options that the Peyronies disease will be helped?


Oh, I see. You are looking for me to give you a guarantee that the Alternative Medicine plans will work before you start.

No worthwhile and accepted medical treatment or procedure provides a guarantee of results. Aspirin does not guarantee anything, no blood pressure or cholesterol medication manufacturer can guarantees results, no guarantee comes with Viagra, and certainly no surgeon guarantees even the most minor surgery. Your dentist does not guarantee the Novocain will numb your gum, and that is why he keeps asking you while he is drilling your tooth if you can feel anything (he/she does not know if it is working the way it should). Yet you ask me to guarantee treatment of Peyronie's disease.

Within the world of Peyronie’s disease treatment I seem to notice most often a guarantee attached to ads and promotions for single remedy products that are sold by overseas companies. To keep myself informed about these products and to determine if there might be anything to their claims, I have on several occasions attempted to contact these companies that “guarantee” results. Never have I had any success in having a single one of these companies return a phone call or answer an email inquiring about their products. This, in my opinion, speaks volumes about the worth and credibility of any guarantee from companies that offer such a promise. I think the informed buyer had certainly beware meaningless and silly guarantees for results with a condition so difficult to treat as Peyronie’s disease.

All information found on the PDI website points to the direction that each man must understand that Peyronie’s disease is an extremely tough problem to deal with, hence the lack of interest or effective treatment from the medical community. The condition is marked by many variables and almost no constants that are commonly found in other health problems that make treatment possible. PD is so variable it lacks those benchmarks, due to the variables you correctly anticipate must be part of this response. It is the variables of PD that make PD what it is, and complicate all forms of treatment of it. How long a person chooses to treat his PD is a personal choice, as are other aspects of undergoing Alternative Medicine treatment. I would speculate that on average, a man – if he is going to see results at all – will tend to notice change within the first 3-4 months of care using the PDI concepts of Alternative medicine treatment. Sometimes noticeable change occurs in a few weeks, and other times not at all.

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Further, there is no way to predict or guarantee outcome of treatment because there is no way for me to assure that a man will actually go about treating his PD as he should.

That is just the truth of it. I am sure if you would ask your family medical doctor that same question you would get the same answer.

Perhaps you are simply not aware that 50% of the cases of Peyronies disease will clear up on their own, demonstrating that the condition is indeed responsive to self-repair or self-healing. The PDI concept of treatment for Peyronie’s disease is simply to do as many things as possible – all at the same time – to help and support and encourage the body in its effort to cure its Peyronie’s problem. We are not trying to get your body to do something special like growing an extra finger or raising your IQ 100 points. We are only attempting to assist the body to heal the Peyronie’s plaque like 50% of men will do naturally. It is as simple – and complicated – as that.

I suggest you go to the PDI website to read more about this process of natural healing, at “Peyronie’s Treatment Philosophy.” You simply lack confidence in yourself and this concept because you do not understand it. TRH

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Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar as topical Peyronie’s treatment options?

Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar applied topically on the penis shaft? Is there an alternative to  DMSO to help vitamin E penetrate deep into the scar?  Here in the Philippines DMSO is not available in the pharmacies. Thanks.


You mention two topical preparations that are primarily intended to treat light to moderate superficial skin injury (like acne eruptions) to prevent scar formation from occurring.  That is far different from the dense fibrous buildup of deep internal fibrous tissue formation of Peyronie's disease.   These two products have been tested in the past and were found to be ineffective against Peyronie's disease.  

DMSO is the best way to bring vitamin E and copper peptide into the deep tissue layers of the penis for Peyronie's treatment.   I do not know of anything that works as well or as dependably.  This is why we make our special formula available through the PDI website.   If you wish you can order our DMSO to be shipped to you.  TRH  

Can you help with my confusion and frustration with the information about Peyronie’s disease I see on the internet?


I am a 43 years old noticed signs of Peyroine's Disease about six months ago at the base of the penis with out any pain or other complications. Since then I have notice three new nodules in the middle with a slight discomfort, curvature, and shortening.  I am thoroughly confused on what to do since there seems to be no modern medicine cures. The more I search the internet the more confused and frustrated I get.  Any suggestions and advise would be appreciated.


Medical information tends to be a repetition of promotion of a few types of surgery and injections that can actually cause or aggravate Peyronie's disease.  You will find the PD sites filled with contradictions about medical treatment.

Perhaps if you tell me specifically what you are confused and frustrated about I can address a particular issue to help you along.   At this point I have no idea what information you are looking for.

All you have to do is read the home page of the Peyronie's Disease Institute to learn about this condition and how to use Alternative Medicine to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your pain, penile curvature and loss of length.  With probably close to 1000 pages of information about natural treatment of Peyronie's disease available to you I do not know what I can add.  A good entry point is "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH

Any advice about my Peyronie’s disease?

Dar Dr. Herazy,

I am a 46 year old man and 6 years ago I noticed a curve in my penis when erect and a loss of significant size- width and length.   I do not have pain though and went to a urologist (hard to do, embarrassing) and the guy was not cool.  He grabbed my flaccid penis for a second and told me to take l-lysine or something.   I am really at wit's end and have basically given up a life of intimacy because of this.  I don't want a weird operation, but feel my case is not super severe.  It certainly hasn't worsened over the years.  Any advice?



I am not sure about your reference to l-lysine, an essential amino acid, being prescribed by your doctor as a Peyronies treatment.   I suppose it is possible, but the connection between the two is not direct. Further, although you did not come out directly and say so, I will assume that your urologist gave you a diagnosis of Peyronie's disease.

There are three forms of carnitine: L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine and proprionyl-L-carnitine.  Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) is the principal form used in most research and treatment of Peyronie’s disease (PD).   The two primary building blocks of carnitine are the essential amino acids lysine and methionine.   While this might be the basis for the thinking behind prescribing l-lysine to you, it seems more direct to simply prescribe that you take acetyl-L-carnitine.  Perhaps you were overwhelmed, as most men are when they first learn that they have Peyronies disease, and you misunderstood.

Peyronie's surgery is the most common medical option that is presented to a patient, even suggesting surgery before more conservative options are tried.  PDI is not against surgery as a treatment of Peyronie's disease, but it is best considered as a last resort, not as a first measure as some doctors are inclined to do. Please be very careful about considering any Peyronie''s operation since the negative consequences can be devastating. 

The fact that the curvature of your penis has not worsened over the years does not mean it cannot do so at any time.  It is always wise to be cautious and aggressive in treating yourself to eliminate the Peyronie's plaque even if the distortion is slight and stable, because any case of untreated PD can worsen suddenly. 

My advice is to spend some time on the PDI website learning about the Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease, and how you can do simple things to increase your body's ability to heal the Peyronie's plaque like the 50% of men whose PD just goes away naturally.  Our approach is not radical; we area only attempting to increase  or support a natural healing process that happens in half of the cases of PD.   It is not like we attempt to get you to grow a 6th finger on your hand or to jump over the moon.  This is all basic stuff about natural repair and attempting to promote normal body function.   A good place to begin looking is "Start Peyronies treatment."    TRH

Peyronie’s disease caused my divorce and makes me ashamed to get intimate; who can I go to for help?

I have had Peyronies for two years now. I live in Charlotte NC and being in the middle of the Bible belt have been ashamed and have not sought treatment for this reason.  It has been a major contributor to my recent divorce.  I am now trying to date but again am ashamed to get intimate could you refer me to doctor in Charlotte NC as I am now ready to address this.




Greetings Marc,

Sorry to hear of your Peyronie's disease and how it affected your marriage.

I do not know of anyone in the  Charlotte area in whom I have confidence.   Sorry.   However, there is another issue that is perhaps even greater than your Peyronie's disease, and that is your attitude about yourself and your Peyronie's disease.

Whatever doctor you eventually decide to consult for your health problem, if he is like 99% of those I hear about he will likely rush into the room, do a very brief history and examination, confirm your suspicion of having PD, tell you there is not much he can do and he will suggest that you come back in six months to see if you have gotten bad enough to do Peyronies surgery on you.  Unless you are the world's luckiest guy, he will not actually talk to you in any meaningful way or discuss your personal situation.  That is just how it is in the real world of medical practice these days.

You should get a diagnosis and make sure you know what your problem is exactly.  After that, you should carefully consider your treatment options.   You can use the standard drugs and surgery, or you can use Alternative Medicine to see if you can avoid the medical approach.   One of the things about the inevitable use of Peyronie's surgery is that there is always at least an inch or two lost of length and the possibility of continued penis curvature, possibility of erectile dysfunction as a result of surgery, to say noting of the external scars that are visible from surgery.  All of these can contribute to the shame and embarrassment you feel now.   Do not think that just because you submit to medical care that your days of reduced penile function and altered penile appearance are over; far from it.   Some men's  PD problems are worse after surgery than before it.   This is why PDI suggests more conservative measures that can reduce your penile curvature without risk of surgery and drugs. 

Regardless of what route you decide to take you must improve your self-opinion and how you view life as someone with Peyronies.  This is a huge subject and something that I cannot undertake in a response to the Q/Q section.   I suggest that you get my book "Peyronie's Disease and Sex" because it will help you in all the ways that I mention and it will offer useful advice about getting back into the dating pool again.   TRH   

How long will take for shipping of the Peyronies treatment products?

How long will shipping take for you to send any Peyronies treatment products I might order. I am traveling.


For orders that are received before 2PM in the central time zone, 99% are shipped the same day the order is received. We get thanks and compliments all the time for our speedy shipping.

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How long it takes to actually receive your order will depend on where you are located. If you live in the Midwest where we are located, you will probably receive your order in 1-2 days; if you are on the east coast, probably two days; if you are on the west coast or in some small remote mountain town probably 2-3 days. TRH


Is it beneficial to achieve erection and masturbate in the early stages of Peyronies disease?

Dr. Herazy,

I spoke with you on the phone this evening, Friday May 11th.  I sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  Much appreciated.  I will be ordering your book as my first step.

If I operate under the assumption that my situation is in fact Peyronie's disease, it would be safe to assume since my symptoms of curvature and pain started about a month ago that I am in the initial stages of the syndrome.   I have two questions for you:

1. Is it beneficial to achieve erection and masturbate in this stage? My thought is that this may have some benefit in protecting from scarring, similar to prescribed rehab after a knee surgery. In that example the patient manipulates the joint frequently to break up formed and forming scar tissue. Would this be useful?

2. Do you recommend or discourage the use of Viagra and the other similar drugs in this period?  Could they help or hurt healing?

Thanks again for your time.  I will keep you posted!

R. Brown


Greetings R.

As you recall, I mentioned that there are often many irregularities and inconsistencies in the way Peyronies disease will present itself; it is rare to find someone with a classic text book presentation.  Since your particular symptoms and history does not strongly suggest that you have PD, and only a few a small part that does, I suggest you consult with a second urologist to confirm one way or the other your actual diagnosis. 

That masturbation might be beneficial for Peyronies' disease because exercise of joint after surgery is a standard therapy, is a flawed comparison.  What you are proposing would not be much different than watching movies after eye surgery, smelling flowers after nose surgery or listening to music after ear surgery.   In Peyronie's disease the lesion or problematic tissue is relatively passive or non-functional relative to sexual activity.  Even though  it is obviously the  primary structure that is involved in sexual activity and it certainly gets involved, in my opinion there is limited and minimal direct therapeutic benefit to masturbation for Peyronie's disease.   Having said that I think there is considerable secondary or indirect benefit.   Masturbation is helpful not only from an emotional basis, but also due to the increased blood circulation that occurs during any type of sexual activity.   I doubt that frequent or occasional masturbation would make a great difference to your eventual recovery, one way or the other, but if it feels good and it benefits you even a small amount then that is probably reason enough to do it. 

While exercise to rehabilitate a damaged joint and weak muscles are obviously appropriate and necessary therapy for a bony articulation that is meant to move and muscles that are meant to contract, none of this applies to the corpora cavernosa, corpora spongiosum or tunica albuginea of the penile shaft. 

If I have not stated the point clearly enough, allow me another round at it.  While there might be small and indirect benefit to masturbation if you have any stage of Peyronie's disease, I am sure the direct therapeutic benefit is only minimal.  I get the sense from your question that you had the idea you could "masturbate your way out of PD."   To the extent this is what you had hoped, the answer is no.    

All sexual activity, especially masturbation,  for a man with Peyronie's disease should be gentle, easy and non-traumatic in every way possible.  A critical part of being as gentle and easy on yourself  is to use an above average amount of personal lubrication to avoid abuse to the involved tissue.  Easy does it.  If it hurts, even a little, stop doing and never repeat whatever does not feel pleasant to you.  One of the worse things you can do for yourself would be to reduce or alter your usual and customary sexual activity simply because you have Peyronie's disease.  Many men do this, and it sets up an attitude of defeat and hopelessness that is not beneficial for eventual recover.   Go at it, sir, but be careful.

I can tell you a long list of sad stories related to me by teenage boys who developed Peyronies after injuring themselves while using rough and exotic masturbation practices; more 14 and 15 year old virgin boys than you would imagine, who will never have intercourse in their lives if they follow the standard medical advice of "do nothing until I say it is time for Peyronie's surgery."

I have written extensively about the frequent situations in which the use of the PDE5 inhibitor drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) can precipitate injury to the delicate tunica albuginea of the shaft and lead to Peyronie's disease.  You can search the archives for these articles, but a few are "Peyronie's disease plaque, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and blood supply" and "Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra use with Peyronie's disease," and" Viagra Peyronie's disease connection."

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way.  TRH

Does Peyronie's disease go away like it came or is this for the rest of my life?

Dr. Herazy,

I have been married for 10 years.. 46 years old.. had sex the other night it seemed like my penis had a leather strap around the lower bottom.. and was not stable.. it has a indention all the way around the lower part and it also has a lump or bump in it and with this comes pain.. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED OVER NIGHT! I am shocked and scared.. My wife and I have always had a healthy sexual relationship and this is frightening to think that this has happened out of thin air. It has cut down on the size of my penis and the sensation is not there that was before!

I have had issues with my testicles, especially the left.. swelling at times and after having back surgery in 2009 NO DOCTORS could figure out what was making my left testicle swell. Felt like someone had kicked me down in the groin for 6 weeks and finally went to a pain management Doctor and they did a Caudal Block Injection… right above the crack of my rear end. He said that during the back surgery they may have got into those nerves but all I know is with in 5 minutes of the injection I felt relief after 6 weeks of feeling like someone had kicked me.. the nausea, stomach pain, and testicle pain.. the whole works finally subsided.

Does this go away like it came or is this for the rest of my life?



Greetings Robert,

Your description makes it sound like you have Peyronie's disease, although it is not possible to know for certain without a direct physical examination and more information from you. You should go to an experienced and compassionate urologist in your area for an examination and diagnosis to confirm my suspicion.

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If it turns out that you do have Peyronie's disease you need to know that in about 50% of cases it will resolve itself with no residual problem or side effects afterward. If spontaneous reversal or recovery happens it will typically occur within 12-18 months after onset of the problem.

The medical community says that there is no way to change the damage done by Peyronie's disease for the unlucky 50% whose problem does not go away on its own. I happen to disagree with this statement, since I and many hundreds of men who have used the PDI treatment protocol have been able to increase our ability to either greatly reduce or eliminate the foreign Peyronie's plaque fibrous material. This is good to keep in mind since the only current medical treatment for Peyronies disease is penis surgery. However, Peyronie's surgery can develop some very nasty side effects and bad results. Please do all that you can to avoid Peyronie's surgery.

The PDI concept of Peyronies treatment is that the 50% of cases in which this penis problem goes away on its own represents natural healing, as the body should be able to do for anyone. The natural Peyronie's treatment protocol you see in this website is an attempt to increase or support the innate ability of the body to heal. I maintain that anyone with this problem should first attempt to see if his body is capable of natural recovery (as happens in half of the men who develop PD) before using more extreme and irreversible methods.

To review helpful information, see “Start Peyronie's treatment.” TRH


How do you treat a penis "waist" or hourglass deformity?

Dr. Herazy,

Are you familiar with what Urologists call a “waste” in the penis? If so, how do go about treating it?


I believe you are mistaken. There is no urological term “waste” that refers to the penis. I am not aware of any; all medical text I reviewed did not contain that term; a Google search of the Internet for variations of “penis waste” did not bring up anything.

You are probably referring to a “waist” formation around the penile shaft that is just another way of describing an hourglass deformity. This penis “waist” occurs in Peyronie's disease as an indentation around part or all of the circumference of the shaft that resembles a narrow waist formation.

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Like any other penile deformity, an hourglass formation is treated by attempting to eliminate the cause of it – the Peyronie's plaque. The hourglass form is created when the plaque either pulls from inside the shaft causing a depression on the surface, or if it keeps the local veins of the area open and thus prevents blood from being trapped in the penis and the local area does not fill with blood. Treatment is to eliminate the plaque as described in the PDI website. TRH


Do I need the Peyronie's Disease Handbook if the only treatment method left to try is the penis stretching?

Hi there, so i came across your site a while back and have been reading into it

I appreciate the work that has been put into the project as a whole but im sure there is a lot of skepticism out there still.
My question to you is regarding options.

If i may say so, i already take vitamin E, acetyl-L-carnitine, glucosamine, fish oils, and other supplements for my body building.
I saw that you sell a book “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” and then have “Manual Penis Stretching Method” CD

My PD developed about 5 years ago but is only gradual but enough to cause discomfort !

do i need the handbook if the only treatment method left to try is the stretching?

some clarification would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


Greetings Colin,

Your basic question, as shown in the title, indicates you do not understand what the PDI protocol is about. You are not remotely correct that the only other method left to try is the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique. It seems to me you are seeing only a part of the process, but assume you see the whole.

As a body builder I am sure you are keenly aware that technique is of utmost importance. Your question would be similar if I asked you, “I already do a lot of heavy lifting. I work delivering refrigerators all day long, so I think I am doing all that I should for a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do you think I really need to lift weights the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger did to get the kind of body he had? Why I can't I just do it my way, and not do all the other stuff? By the way, I will judge your ideas and methods based on the results I get, but I will not follow your methods.”

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While you may have been reading the PDI site for some time, it seems that you may have missed a key point related to how this process works to assist the recovery from Peyronie's disease. It is not enough to “take” some of the various nutritional supplements, but they must be taken in the correct dosage and combination while assessing for changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD plaque fibrous material. If the dosage you are following is not causing the desired changes, then you must increase the intake until you notice reduction of the plaque beginning to occur. Popping a few pills is not what this natural Peyronies treatment process is about.

Further, we do not advocate using only internal therapies, meaning supplements taken orally intended for internal systemic distribution as the sole method of treatment for Peyronie's disease. Diverse external therapies, of which manual penis stretching is only a small part, are also needed to support recovery from PD. There is far more to the PDI treatment protocol than the use of the stretching method that was developed by PDI.

I think the reason you need this clarification is that you have not looked around the site sufficiently or considered all the information it has to offer. TRH


Would taking all these vitamins and mineral in a Peyronies treatment plan increase risk of kidney stone formation?

I developed a kidney stone a few years back and am wondering if taking all these vitamins and minerals would increase the risk of getting another?


There has never been a report made of an adverse kidney or bladder reaction while following a Peyronies treatment plan. Kidney stones do not form as a result of high intake of nutrients, but rather due to disease and malfunction of the urinary system. TRH

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Can you help me with my Peyronies treatment and my heavy nutritional intake?

Dr. Herazy:

We spoke a couple of years ago when I was changing careers from being a long-time financial adviser to becoming a physician (either a holistic MD, Emergency Room Doctor, or possibly now a nutritionist or orthomolecular medicine practitioner). I am now in pre-med classes at age 60, and other than the Peyronie’s Disease and a small left-side inguinal hernia, in stellar health. In the past two years, my physical workouts stopped due to a rigorous study and work schedule, then the hernia appeared. Due to the cautionary advice of my trainer, I now work out carefully 3 times a week, have excellent labs, and do Qi Gong (ancient Chinese healing martial art) and Myofascial Release and other stretches every morning. I look and feel much younger than my age. The small, left side inguinal hernia appeared in November 2011 from working as an EMT on a transport ambulance, and I took a leave of absence in December 2011 pending surgery, which is currently pending with my employer’s workers compensation insurer. I was advised that it should be resolved by October. I currently take 71 different natural supplements daily in pill, tincture, liquid and powder form to the tune of 150 doses each day and have since 2006. This was carefully designed by a medical practitioner under an anti-aging and naturally detoxification protocol from the work of Dr. Gary Null, PhD.

According to my former urologist, whom I first consulted since he performed a vasectomy on me in 1994(?), the popping sound I heard during intercourse several years ago (2008 or 2009) was the beginning of the Peyronies issue, though for about seven years prior I had noticed a slight weakening of my erection. Now, my penis curves downward almost 90 degrees during engorgement, and it appears as if there is an invisible ring at the base of my penis constricting it. During intercourse there is no pain (there was some initial burning sensation inside my penis as I recall after the incident), and I am still able to have somewhat satisfactory intercourse, reaching ejaculation, with my female partner. My penis does become flaccid at times during intercourse and it certainly is not as pleasurable as before the incident. According to my former urologist’s caution, I keep in mind that intercourse could cause further damage so my partner and I are careful.

I want to return to having a healthy erection and intercourse experience, which I did throughout my entire sex life since late teenage-hood. I take 800 mg of pharmaceutical grade natural Vitamin E daily as part of my supplements protocol above. For reasons other than Peyronie’s, to move away from allopathic medicine, I changed doctors to a highly recommended holistic MD, board certified in many specialties, who just happened to have experience with a severe Peyronie’s patient (this was a plus though not my primary reason for choosing him). He had me take a highly concentrated form of pharmaceutical grade PABA (Potaba) because he said it would help eliminate scar tissue anywhere in my body. Only with a prescription I ordered it from a top pharmacy in Canada and over several months, built up to a course of 8 Grams (I believe) a day with little resulting correction, though the change was not scientifically measured. Before reordering a third time in August 2011, I let my doctor know that it did not resolve the issue, though it may have helped, and gave him your information. He then told me to follow through with you.

Before calling you a couple of years ago I read the book of the nutritionist with whom you treated. I contacted him several times but he did not respond. I then called you and you said your body of work went greatly beyond his, but with all of my occupation change and education activities, I am just now getting back to you for a plan of action.

How do I start on a definitive course of action to reverse this structural condition? I would be glad to share with you my entire supplement protocol so you may see what I am taking and how it may be supplemented.

With appreciation,

Peter A. Lindsley

Greetings Peter,

Good to hear from you again.  I was wondering what you might be doing.  Thank you for the interesting and detailed Peyronie’s disease history.

You are not the first man who reports to me that he is in exemplary physical condition, yet Peyronies develops after injury.   The only way I can explain it is that someone who is in perfect health, following a perfect dietary and nutritional program, would still be subject to injury by falling down the stairs, hitting his thumb with a hammer, an automobile accident – or injury to the penis during intercourse.  Being healthy and well nourished does not make you bullet-proof to trauma.      

Many MDs approve of the PDI concept of treatment for this problem.  It makes sense and it is based on documented research results.   I find that when MDs develop Peyronie’s disease they eventually come to PDI for treatment since there is nothing for them in their own medical camp to use with confidence.  I work with MDs for their personal recovery.

A pharmaceutical grade of PABA is not POTABA; they are two different things.   PABA is considered a B vitamin.  POTABA is PABA with a potassium molecule attached to it and is considered a drug, no longer a B vitamin.  They are similar but not the same thing.   The early Peyronie’s research work that was done with PABA got good clinical results, so naturally the MDs  assumed that POTABA (the drug that they can control because it is a prescription item) would work better.   POTABA causes many side effects and few men can take it long enough to complete the intense dosage of three months.  You are far better off using PABA the way we recommend it.

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Because of your high supplement intake I suggest that you contact me for a telephone consultation about treatment.   For the most part I suggest you at least start by reading the information found at Start Peyronie’s Treatment.   TRH


How to work for the best chance of recovery from Peyronie’s disease?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

Six months after undergoing a double nephrectomy in July 2009 I discovered that I had symptoms of Peyronie disease.   My kidney diagnosis was papillary renal cell carcinoma and I have been receiving hemodialysis since surgery. I purchased your PD manual in 2010 and have studied it. My self care emphasis has been mostly just tracking the scar closely. I have a 45 degree up curvature; rt side shaft base indent of 1/2 inch when hard from a plaque scarring that feels the size of a postage stamp; a left side shaft base lump the size of a large oval tablet located adjacent  to the urethra. Together these scars produce a severe hourglass just above the shaft base during erection. My Dr. also has identified plaque buildup on the top of the "T" along the whole shaft.  I tried one bottle of neprinol, taking 6 tabs twice a day and did not detect a change.

My request is that I would like to work with you on a structured therapy with the goal of healing these scars and symptoms and hope fully the PD cause. I would like to give myself the best chance for recovery.


Tim Kay


Greetings Tim,

Sorry to hear of your recent health problems.  

Fairly often I am told stories similar to yours in which Peyronie's disease starts after having serious surgery that requires catheterization, as probably happened in your case.  Injury to the penis typically occurs while the patient is unconscious and unaware of the forceful entry of the catheter into the urethra.  

Taking Neprinol by itself is seldom able to reduce the Peyronie's plaque material; a large and diverse program of care must be used to support the body to heal the plaque formation.  I suggest you consider following the largest and most aggressive therapy plan you can to get started in the right direction.  

I would be happy to work with you to answer your questions and provide options along the way.  Please let me know how I can assist you.   TRH