Pain pattern not seen with Peyronie’s disease

my husband started hurting out of the blue real bad at the bottom of his penis and top of his testicles, but its deep inside.  the pain comes and goes but when he is hurting he can't hardly move or walk.  it don't hurt when he pees.



This pain does not sound like it is associated with Peyronie's disease.

I suggest your husband goes to your family doctor to have this checked out real well, and tell the other doctor all that you have written here.   TRH 


Does this sound like Peyronie's disease to you?

Hi Dr. Herazy,

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I’m glad to have found your site. I recently was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease after having gone through numerous urologists who were stumped as to what the issue was. My initial symptoms were pain and swelling of the glans specifically the coronal ridge. This ridge now appears more pronounced than before and although I no longer feel soreness I have the sensation of the glans feeling separate from the shaft. Soon after I noticed a dent on the underside of the shaft right below my glans which is only noticeable when erect. This area also feels somewhat numb to touch. My glans also do not get as hard as before I had this dent. My urologist mentioned a “distal neurovascular bundle” which is obstructing and preventing blood staying in the head.

Have you come across such a dent accompanied by soft glans and what is the likelihood of this being permanent damage?

Suffice to say this has caused tremendous stress however I am optimistic that the body given the right conditions and support can heal almost anything.

I appreciate any comments or advice you may have regarding this matter,


Greetings Chris,

From the limited information I would say you have at best a Peyronie's-like condition. Peyronie's disease is not associated with a neurovascular bundle, but a formation of collagen and other cellular components within the tunica albuginea tissue layer of the shaft. Numbness, glans swelling, glans softness and ridge formation are not part of the Peyronie's picture. While an indentation does sometimes occur with Peyronies I think this is perhaps more of a coincidence of a similar phenomenon and does not offer sufficient support for the diagnosis you say you were given. Perhaps you misunderstood?

Keep in mind I did not examine you, and the others did see your problem, so my opinion is of limited value. But still this diagnosis does not add up to me. Further, you say that several urologists were at a loss to determine the nature of your problem. Perhaps this is just what you were told so that they were off the hook to give you a diagnosis.

From my experience it is common that when several specialists get involved in a problem like yours, it is common for them all to be more concerned about not offending each other or being guilty of contradicting anyone that the patient is often forgotten. I say see another specialist and do not tell him anything about the other doctors so that this next opinion is more honest. TRH


Are my excess keloids the same thing as Peyronie's disease plaque?

Last year I had some minor surgery to remove some moles.  When they healed, they healed with massive keloids which I understand to be excess collagen. Earlier this year, one day I looked down and saw that my penis was bent about mid-shaft at a 40-45 degree angle to the left.  I then later noticed there was a long lump on the left side and a couple of smaller ones elsewhere, one of which causes a depression when erect on the bottom mid shaft.  I also understand Peyronie's disease to be the result of excess collagen?  Is it just a coincidence that in a period of less than a year my body is producing excess collagen all over my body?  What should I do? I don't want it to get any worse.  If it does, its going to start affecting my sex life.


There is a cellular difference between keloid formation and Peyronie's plaque formation; they are not exactly the same.  While both problems involve an excess of collagen protein, there are cellular and other differences between the two conditions that differentiate them.  A keloid forms within a scar on the surface of the skin and is actually an overgrowth of type 3 collagen, known as granulation tissue; it is composed not only of collagen but other types of cellular elements.  A Peyronie's plaque has a similar but not identical cellular formation found only within the tunica albuginea of the penile shaft.  What is most confusing about this whole issue is that the Peyronie's plaque is often called a scar, although it is not technically a scar.  

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Pointing out the difference between the two problems:

1. People who have an abundance of validly diagnosed keloid scars on their body tend to statistically not develop Peyronie's disease.

2. Verapamil, which is a drug that sometimes affects Peyronie's disease, does not affect a keloid at all.

I suppose you could explain the development of these two problems at about the same time as just a coincidence.   What is most important is that you do something about the development of  what you say is Peyronies disease.  I suggest that you look at “Start Peyronie's treatment.”   TRH


Are your treatments effective for Peyronie's disease with an hourglass deformtiy?

I have the hourglass form of Peyronie's disease. The hour glasses is right at the base of my penis. In 15 months I have lost more than an inch in length. The specialist I saw indicated my scarring was severe. He also used the word very thick. He recommended injections to the penis. Although he sounded more skeptical then confident. My scarring is on both sides and the top of my penis. Like I said all scarring started at the very base.

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Are your treatments effective for this type. I am at a total loss as to what to do. My wife of 32 years And I have gone from sex 4 X a week to almost not at all.

I cannot believe how this has affected me emotionally.


There is much you can do to help yourself; do not lose hope and confidence in your body's ability to remove this problem. The treatment outlined by the Peyronie's Disease Institute is intended to restore and support your natural ability to remove the Peyronie's plaque like the 50% of men whose PD goes away naturally.

Many MDs will not consider delivering injections into the Peyronie's plaque because repeated injections into such a small area, usually over a series of 12 office visits, represents another form of injury. Usually 8-20 injections are given at a single office visit to a small area where the scar is located, and this is done at 12 different office visits. This represents a lot of pin holes created in a very small area of delicate tissue. For this reason injections can cause Peyronie's disease, regardless of the drug being used, simply because of what the needle does to the delicate penile tissue.

There does not seem to be any difference in response to Peyronie's disease that causes an hourglass deformity, or an bottleneck deformity or a curve or dent or twist or combination of any of these. Regardless of how the Peyronie's plaque affects the appearance of the penis, it all comes down to helping the body remove the foreign fibrous material. Please look at use of any of the suggested therapy plans to see which one makes most sense to you.

Many men are wracked by the emotional aspects of Peyronie's disease. I suggest you read “Peyronie's Disease and Sex.” TRH


Is treating penile scar tissue similar to treating Peyronie's disease?

Hi. Dr. Herazy

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My question is regarding the differences and similarities between Peyronie disease and that of scar tissue without a plague, and whether or not treating scar tissue is similar to treating PD. I've been told by 3 urologists that I do not have Peyronie's disease, merely scarring as a result of an injury.

Almost two years ago I suffered the injury to my erect penis during intercourse. It bent awkwardly, causing pain, but I did not show any signs of having suffered a fracture. My original urologist told me I might have bruised it, told me it should clear up in 3 to 6 months, then shuffled me out of the office before I could ask any questions.

Now two years later the pain and curve has progressed to the point of impotency. I believe partly because I suffered subsequent injuries when my wife and I were trying to get pregnant this past winter. Around this time I also woke up abruptly in the night after feeling a tear in my erect penis, causing it to now bend downward with considerable pain without support during erection.

I waited almost a year to see a specialist in my area who is considered one of the best. He is the most recent of the 3 urologist I've seen. I was almost certain he was going to diagnose me with peyronies, but after his examination and an ultrasound he said it is a large scar and not a PD plaque. He gave me Cialis and told me it should clear up in 3 months. I'm really tired of uro's telling me it will clear up in 3 months when it has only become worse.

I hope you can provide your general insights on my condition. I appreciate all you do.

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Greetings Andrew,

Part of the difficulty of answering emails such as yours is that I cannot get a full sense of all the necessary information I need to offer a reply I can feel comfortable with. You did not indicate why the MDs who have examined you thought you did not fulfill their criteria for making a diagnosis of Peyronie's disease. What symptoms or signs of PD do you not present that would have enabled that diagnosis?

I would like to assist you more, but at best all I can do is to suggest that you consider trying a brief therapeutic trial of care to determine if and how much improvement you might be able to make to assist your effort. Treating penile scar tissue can be similar to treating Peyronie's disease since the concept involves helping the body remove foreign fibrous tissue cells. The PDI treatment protocol could assist the removal of scar tissue in some cases; in your case you could simply give yourself a few months of treatment to determine how you respond.

MDs, even specialists, sometimes make mistakes. This could be substantiated by the fact that all three have been wrong about your problem clearing up in three months. Further, sometimes when one MD makes a diagnosis it happens that a 2nd or 3rd MD that is seen for another opinion will only “rubber stamp” what the 1st one said for reasons of not wanting to make trouble within a tight medical fraternity. It happens. TRH


Do you think I need a penis traction or penis extender device?


About 2 years ago I injured my penis during sex/girl on top slip. I noticed right away the right chamber close to the foreskin was not full. I have been fine up until a few weeks ago. Now I have a constant dull burning sensation in the area. My erect penis is not curved/slightly. But after I ejaculate it cures to the left. I'm am so scared and depressed. I ordered all these supplements from Dr Lin who people think is a quack. But I'm scared to take because there are so many ingredients in them, I have bad anxiety thinking about the side effects.

1.) do you think I need the traction device? I am really broke right now.. Poor I should say.
2.) are the supplements and creams safe you recommend?
3.) can you write out when I should take these, and when to use the creams. I didn't see instructions on the site.

Is this real? I am so depressed.

Thank you,


Greetings Christian,

You did not say so directly, so I will have to assume that you have been properly diagnosed as having Peyronie's disease. If you have not had that done yet, please do so.

Your description of the injury is very common, and taking about two years for active symptoms of PD to begin is also fairly common. Chances are that as the next year or two passes you will begin to notice more definite bending of your erections as the Peyronie's plaque develops. In regard to your questions:

1. I have no idea what traction device you are referring to. Generally, I take a stand against mechanical penis stretchers because of the injury they can create. Please see Penis extender claims and Peyronie's disease.

2. In over 10 years of working with the various supplements we use to support the ability to reduce Peyronie's disease there has never been a report of any problem more serious than a few days of diarrhea, that can be controlled by simply reducing dosage.

3. All supplements and therapies that you order from PDI come with complete instructions for correct and safe usage.

Peyronie's disease is real and can be a real shock when first diagnosed. Let me know if I can help you with ideas and comments. TRH

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If I stop taking the drug that caused my Peyronie's disease, can I expect that it will go away?

I have been on Sectral for approximately 20 years for mild-hypertension. I developed Peyronie's disease approximately 3 years ago. I am a 58 year old white male and weigh 195. I just learned about the relationship between PD and Sectral.

My question is… If I were to stop taking Sectral (under my Doctor's care) should I expect that my PD will go away or correct itself?

Thank you.

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No, stopping the drug that caused your Peyronie's disease would not reverse the progression of the tissue changes that have occurred over the years. In order to do that you would have to use one of the treatment plans you see on the PDI website to reverse the damage that has been done. TRH


What are the ingredients and concentration (%) of the DMSO to treat Peyronie's disease?

Have a few questions about the “PMD DMSO Gel” if you don't mind.

Was curious the ingredients or concentration(%) of the DMSO (dilution)?

I had some irritation before from a 80% DMSO, but I wasn't using it for Peyronie's.



Our PMD DMSO is a special formula that was developed specifically to be used for Peyronie's disease treatment. This formulation was created with the cooperation and help of Stanley Jacobs, MD, who did the original DMSO medical research that made it so popular in the late 1950s.

The PMD DMSO is a 60% DMSO, 10% urea, 10% PABA, 10% MSM, and 10% distilled water combination. Since it contains 60% DMSO it tends to not irritate the tissue and can be used often enough to do some good for treating PD; only rare men have trouble with skin irritation and this is solved by applying it less often. As you have learned, if the concentration is too high it cannot be used at all. It does no one any good to use a 100% concentration of DMSO but then not be able to use it. Our formula allows for repeated applications and this is where the real benefits come into play. Lastly, PMD DMSO is formulated in a gel form for easier and cleaner application since it tends to stay directly where it is applied and does not run down to create a mess.

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It is strongly recommended that before applying PMD DMSO that our Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP Serum (copper peptides) are applied over the area of Peyronie's plaque to increase the therapeutic benefit of using DMSO.

Of course, these three therapy products are topical applications and they should be combined with various internal therapies as described throughout the PDI website. TRH


Lack of progress with his Peyronie’s treatment plan

My Peyronie's disease  symptoms began approximately 3 years ago. I noticed a slight indentation on one side of my penis. I noticed no curvature but did experience a loss of length and girth. I immediately sought the advice of my doctor who referred me to an urologist. Over the next few months I visited three urologists; one being a reported specialist in the area of pd. All three urologist had nothing to offer. The specialist was only interested in me as a surgical candidate. Not being such a candidate, he gave me erectile dysfunction meds (which I didn't take) and sent me on my way.

I discovered your site approximately 2 1/2 years ago and first purchased your PDI handbook and Neprinol. I very soon expanded my treatment with the medium plan; adding the genesen Acutouch Pointers shortly after that. For over two years I have been taking:
Neprinol AFD 3-5 per day.
Omega "Lovaza" 4 day
PABA 500mg 1-2 day
Acetly-L-Carnitine 500mg 1-day
Vit E 400/400 1 day
Vit E Maxi Gamma 1-day
Fund. Sulfur 2-day
Quercetin Bromelain Complex 1-day (this was added within last year)
Vit C 1000 2-day
And using Pointers (daily)
PDM, DMSO Vit E castillo oil 1-2 times day

I regretfully report that I have not seen any appreciable positive change during my treatment. From your handbook, I know you say that in such a situation, I should increase dosages. You don't give specifics about increased dosages and I've been hesitant to increase the amounts of many of these treatments without guidance. I would appreciate any suggestions your may have.

I have read your handbook many times. I must admit the one difficult area of compliance is with your dietary suggestions. Could you please explain the reasons why I should never consume "cold" beverages and foods. I have not been able to find any information regarding this.

Otherwise I am very good with compliance. I have taken a few treatment breaks during my treatment; mainly to see if I noticed anything different. I did not.

Thank you for your assistance.



Shame on you for following your PDI plan for this long without asking for help until now.  You have made a great mistake to go so long without results and not contact me.  I can tell a lot of things from the way you describe your Peyronie's treatment plan, and it suggests you have not been aggressive enough with your problem.  This is your fundamental error.

Every day I communicate with men who think they are following the PDI protocol and they are not.  The one great mistake you have made for over two years that I have repeatedly warned you about is that you have blindly followed the same therapy plan over and over again without checking for changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD scar. 

You say you have read my book many times, and yet you ask about the cold restriction in the suggested diet.  If you would look up this concept in any acupuncture text as I have suggested you would have the answer.  It is not my interest to teach acupuncture to people.     

We have a lot of work to do to get you going in the right direction.  But it can be done.  You have previously not been using the PDI concept correctly. First things first:  What is the size, shape, density and surface features of each of your scars?   With this information I will have an idea in which direction to increase your current plan.  It is currently very weak and needs to be increased.  TRH

Do you know a urologist in my area to diagnose a possible case of Peyronie’s disease?

I live in Portland, Oregon. I would like to get a medical diagnosis of my (possible) Peyronie's disease.   Do you have a recommended urologist in my area?


Sorry, I do not know of anyone in your area I have confidence in.    I suggest you call around to find a urologist who has been in practice for at least 25 years.  I also suggest you speak to any nurses you know for a recommendation; they always know who is good and who is to be avoided.    TRH

Should I use Neprinol as part of my Peyronie’s disease treatment?

Dear Dr. Herazy:

I hope this message finds you and yours in good health.

It has been only three months that I “found” the PDI website after being suffering Peyronie’s disease for more than four years. I was diagnosed back in 2008 approximately when I went for pain on erections (reflected mostly on the front of the penis) to the current curvature of approximately 25 degrees upwards bending a bit to the right as well.

Due to the initial treatment in my country (Cuba) I got initially Vitamin E and then even direct injections on the plaque of Interferon and sessions of laser.  None stopped the bending process after pain with erection disappeared.  Then I stopped using Vitamin E, suspended laser and the injections and changed to an urologist that has been working on using natural pills made from bee’s propoleo.  I have been taking these pills for more than two years before going to bed (and at least three hours after my last meal).  This Dr. also used as a method the measurement of the curvature and sporadic ultra-sounds to keep track of the degrees of the curvature.  I must say that in more than two years the curvature seems to keep being of the same degree (not healing but not bending either).  Unfortunately for me and others this Dr. emigrated.  He was substituted by another urologist who seems to have more faith in continuous ultra-sounds to compare the process of growth of the plaque.  I skipped going to consultation like a year ago.  It must be pessimism or lack of faith that I will solve this disease.

I have gone through serious stress in my own marriage and I feel somehow ashamed that I would not be able to find a woman that will cope with this disease in my country if I decide to divorce my wife. I have had all the reasons to divorce my wife but I feel stuck with her. You know, being from a Latino country and culture machismo is a big thing.  I am 52 BTW.

Since I found about PDI I designed my own plan which is currently as follows:
1- I am taking daily at breakfasts:
a- PABA (500 Mg)
b- Acetyl L-Carnitine (500 mg)
c- Glucosamine with MSM (500 mg)

2- I also take daily around 3 PM: MSM (500 mg)

3- I take as well a pill daily 3 hours after dinner of Propoleo

I do not have enough resources but I am ready to pay for whatever even if I have to sell my belongings.  So my question to you is what you would suggest someone in my stage of Peyronie’s disease to buy?  I know I should buy your books (re: “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex and Peyronie’s Disease Handbook) but what else, please?

Should I use Neprinol?  Should I go back to Vitamin E being added to everything I am using already?

Being in the Caribbean (and subject to a US Embargo) the only way I would have to get all I need will be through friends living in the States visiting my country twice a year.  I will have to reveal my disease to one of them so to seek his help.  I am ready to do whatever it takes.

Best regards,

M. C.
Havana, Cuba


Greetings M.C.,

So sorry to learn of the difficulty you are having in finding and using a good Peyronie’s disease treatment.  You are to be commended for working so diligently to help yourself.

While I understand why you have been forced to try to duplicate a PDI-type treatment for Peyronie’s disease using substitute products since you cannot get them from PDI in the U.S., this is a great problem.   It is very likely that the quality and subsequent quantity of actual useable nutrients that are available to your body are not sufficient to help your tissue heal and eliminate the Peyronie’s plaque.    Just because the label might say there is 500 mg. of PABA or acetyl-L-carnitine in a product does not mean it is of sufficient quality to help your tissue heal, or that it is even present in the pill.   This is why I insist that men who are serious about eliminating their PD will only use those products that I have had good success with against Peyronies.   Correction of this problem is too important to take a chance that you could be using questionable or poor quality therapy. 

As a general comment concerning what you are currently doing,  a basic problem is that you are only using internal-type therapy items and no external therapies such as DMSO,topical copper and vitamin E, manual stretching or non-penetrating acupuncture treatments.

Another general comment is that you are apparently taking those therapies you currently have available but you have not tested or compared during use against the size, shape, density or surface features of the PD scars to determine the correct dosage.   In other words, you are swallowing a lot of pills hoping something good will happen to you.  But that is not how the PDI process works.   I want you to know the exactly correct dosage to make the best progress possible.

Yes, both books are a wealth of practical information; they will help you toward your recovery.  

Neprinol is a great Peyronie’s therapy, but by itself I have not seen it be very effective; it must be combined with other therapies for maximum benefits to occur.  Please refer to the PDI website for more information about this aspect of treatment.In addition, when you order Neprinol from PDI you will be given specific information about how to use it for maximum recovery benefit.  See Peyronie’s disease treatment with Neprinol.

Using vitamin E requires that it is the right kind of vitamin E and it is of excellent quality.   I cannot advise about using what you currently have been taking because I have no idea if it will be good enough to help you; it could be a waste of your time, effort and money.

Lastly, you are not the only person who we help receive PDI therapy products from visiting relatives.  Please send me an email to alert me when you are ready to place your order and I will see to it that we get this done as economically and effectively as possible for you.  Please keep me informed and I will do all I can to help you.  TRH     


What can I do get back on track from the ED of Peyronie’s disease?

I was prescribed Cialis from my urologist at was he believed was ED or at least my brain made me think. This came about after having sex with my girlfriend in the shower and something hurt real bad so we had to stop. Then symptoms started which I guess mirror ED where I could not get an erection and of course she thinks I'm not attracted to her then this makes the problem worse. I have been on Cialis one a day for the past month and a half.  Sure, I now get erections but lately I have noticed I have an hourglass shape to my penis that even seems to happen when flaccid.  Just recently I feel a slight burning near the head of the penis, definitely inside the penis. After going through your site I for sure believe that I was misdiagnosed and believe I have Peyronie's and the Cialis has made matters worse.

What can I get from your store that will hopefully get me back on track?

Thanks, Daryl


Greetings Daryl,

First o fall, yes, you are correct that many men with Peyronie's disease develop several symptoms similar to erectile dysfunction (ED), and sometimes exactly like ED.  Many of the physical problems and symptoms of Peyronies can create stress and misunderstanding between a sexual couple so that eventually their are also emotional reasons to cause ED in addition to those from PD.   Sexual ability and sexual activity can go downhill very fast.

Since you report your pain as a burning sensation in the head of the penis (glans) I suggest you have a different doctor check you out to assure you do not have a problem with your prostate or your urethra (urinary passage tube) since burning pain is not associated with Peyronie's disease.    Additionally, since you did not mention any penile curvature, you should not assume that you have PD.  This would be a smart move since you could be having two different problems at the same time, or you might not have Peyronie's at all.   You will not know for sure until you go to someone to be sure.

I have written many times about PDE5 drugs causing Peyronie's disease and aggravating an existing condition.   Please refer to "Viagra, Cialis, Levitra use with Peyronie's disease" and "Peyronie's treatment and Cialis.'

Once you are confident you have PD I suggest you do some good things for yourself to increase your ability to reduce the internal scar tissue.  I suggest you look at an aggressive PD treatment plan to get you back on track.  A good place is "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH

Is it true nothing can be done for penis shrinkage caused by Peyronie’s disease?

I hurt my penis during sex. At first it had a curve but that went away and instead the penis has shortened drastically.  Sex is no longer achievable and a simple act like urinating into a toilet bowl is a problem because the penis has shrunk so much that I cannot point it at the bowl.  I either have to drop my pants or sit on the toilet and push the penis down to prevent it from urinating at 90 degrees.

I live in South Africa and the urologist has said there is nothing that can be done.  Is this true?




Greetings Wally,

The statistics found in medical journals and the internet about penis shrinkage related to Peyronie's disease are variable and of questionable accuracy due to the natural of the problem.  As I remember, the published rate of reduction of Peyronies men who experience penile length and/or girth is said to be 25-50%.  However, based on my conversations and email from men with PD I would put that number easily in excess of 75%.   What you report is not at all uncommon.  It is  a consequence of the excess fibrous tissue build up that causes contraction of the deep soft tissue of the penile shaft, and also can cause distortion, such as a curved penis or an hourglass, bottle neck or dent deformity.

When your urologist told you noting can be done for this problem, he/she should have more accurately said there is nothing that medical practice can do to help you.   There is a lot you can do to help yourself.  If about half of the men who develop Peyronie's disease experience a spontaneous remission or self-cure of this problem, then it is obvious that these men are capable of curing their own problem.   PD is cured half of the time without any outside help by the natural healing process of the body.   The PDI concept for treatment of Peyronie's disease is simply to assist or support that same natural healing process by using a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes and other techniques that allow the body to heal better – to increase the odds that you too can care your PD like you should have in the first place.   Your urologist only says there is nothing that can be done to help you, only because he/she does not have a drug to use for that purpose.  "We do it my way, or no way."  What arrogance. 

Probably the best place for you to start looking for information about Peyronie's treatment using Alternative Medicine is from this link from the Peyronie's Disease Institute, "Start Peyronie's treatment."  

Believe me, you would be shocked to learn the number of MDs who contact me from around the world about using Alternative Medicine and the PDI approach to Peyronies treatment when one of them develops PD.    Drugs and surgery are for patients, and when one of them has a bent penis they they suddenly want to be very conservative with what they do.  TRH