Will this surgery work to correct my Peyronie’s disease?

I have peyronies a year and a half now with a 45 degree bend when erect.i have consulted my doctor.i have seen a surgeon and I am not satisfied with his straightening method.he just wants to put a slit in it and sew it back.i don't believe this would would work.i need a second opinion.i am on medical card and live in county roscommon in the west region of Ireland. i need a surgeon who is prepared to carry out the full and proper treatment I would be very thankful for your assistance doctor and advice.i am only 39 and this is ruining my relationships and I am depressed. please help me.


Are you sure you heard and understood everything that was told to you about this penis surgery?

I cannot directly comment about what your surgeon explained about the Peyronie's surgery he or she proposed because I was not there to hear the explanation you were given, and you were. However, as I understand penis surgery to correct a penile curvature caused by PD, the typical procedure is much more complex than simply putting a slit in the shaft and closing it up.  

If you are positive you were given this exact explanation, I suggest you contact another urology surgeon who will take your case more seriously for a second opinion.  Using the information that follows I propose that this next time around you be prepared to ask many questions and demand answers.  You should fully understand what is being proposed to you so you can make an intelligent and informed decision.  I also suggest that you spend some time on the Peyronie's Disease Institute website to learn about the possibility of using non-drug and non-surgical treatment to increase your ability to eliminate the Peyronie's plaque naturally.

I am sensitive to what you are asking and I understand your concern about penis surgery.  However, I have no way to know what is the full and proper surgical treatment for your particular problem, and frankly neither do you.  Something as vitally important and final as surgery requires a great deal of trust in the skill and competence of the surgeon in an area that a layperson does not have enough knowledge or skill to judge what needs to be done. Having said that, I think you might be correct to want to talk to another surgeon if only because it is not correct or proper that you were allowed to leave that office without a better understanding of the proposed surgery.  In my opinion, a half-hearted explanation is no explanation, and does not bode well for the kind of surgery that a doctor like that would provide.

There is always the possibility you misunderstood what was explained to you, but it is still the responsibility of the doctor to make sure you do fully understand so you can give informed consent to a surgical procedure.  There is also the possibility the doctor did not want to give you all the (somewhat gruesome) details of the surgery, since it might scare off someone with a squeamish stomach. Another possibility is that the doctor simply did not want to take the time from a busy office schedule to explain what would happen in the proposed surgery.  It has been my observation that many times a surgeon will greatly limit or modify the truth about some aspect of a proposed surgery (risks, chances for recurrence, changes for failure, degree or frequency of complications or side effects) so that the patient is more inclined to accept the idea of the surgery, and agree to have the surgery done.  It is somewhat of a "selling job" that is done.  It is not appropriate, it is not correct, and it is not legal, but it is done.  Perhaps something like this happened in your case.  Whatever was the reason that you thought the doctor was going to "put a slit in it and sew it back," it is the fault of the doctor for that notion and possible misunderstanding to remain.

More than likely, and I could be completely wrong since I was not there, the doctor proposed to do a Nesbit procedure for your curved penis.

For the most men the Nesbit procedure is the most common, easiest and most direct way that a surgeon can address the penile curvature of  Peyronie’s disease. However, it causes shortening of the erect penis by 2.5 to 6 cm (one to two and a half inches), and this is the greatest drawback of it.  The operation is performed under a general anesthetic and takes 40 to 60 minutes.  Men usually go home the day after surgery, or even the same day.

Basically, in the Nesbit operation the main idea is to make an elliptical incision to remove some of the shaft tissue and tunica albuginea from the long side of the bent penis (on the side opposite the inner curve of the bend), in an effort to straighten the curvature.  This tissue removal is responsible for the overall effect of penis shortening when the long side is reduced. The rule of thumb is that for every 25-30 degree of curvature that is present, a loss of approximately 1 to 1.5cm penis (about half to one inch) length at erection will occur.

An incision is made all the way around the shaft, a few millimeters behind the edge of the head (glans) of the penis.  The cut skin of the penis is rolled back down (like rolling or peeling your socks down off your leg), exposing the two corpora cavernosae so the one corpora cavernosa that is opposite the bend and the Peyronie's plaque can be shortened.  This is done by either removing tissue of the corpora with removal using an elliptical incision or simply by drawing it tighter with internal stitches.  After this is done the foreskin usually has to be shortened also so that it matches the new shorter length of the penis.  As in any operation, infection of the incision lines can be a problem and the foreskin, if left behind, sometimes becomes swollen after surgery; for this reason many surgeons will also perform a complete circumcision to prevent this complication. Otherwise direct surgical complications are not common, but occasional to infrequent side effects after surgery of erectile dysfunction, permanent numbness and penile pain can occur.

Hopefully, this explanation of the Nesbit procedure is helpful.  Keep in mind that this is the simplest Peyronie's surgery.  You can see Peyronie's surgery is a lot more complex than what you thought.  TRH

I am wondering can my erectile dysfunction be fixed?

I have an erectile dysfunction that I have since teenager and now I am 46 years old. year of 2001 and I went to see the urologist in Framingham, Mass when I used to work in Framingham, Massachusetts and he got me on x-ray and ultrasounds he found that I have a very good blood flows in my penis, good blood vessels but the blood vessels do not hold the blood in and that is why i have problem of getting of erection, and that is why I have an impotence. also I noticed I have an inability keep an erection premature.

I am very healthy I do not smoke, good heart beat, and that does not make any difference. during that time the doctor suggest me to take Viagra. but it causes me headaches and it works. then years later to use Calais that is even better and no headaches. But they cost me lot of money. I am wondering can my erectile dysfunction can be fixed? I am tired of this problem. I am not in depression or anything so I hope you could make some suggestion of what I shall do to fix my an impotence problem.

I am frustrated because many women left me due of this problems and wondering if you could help me with this?
Now I live in Ontario, Canada. I am a Canadian. I worked in USA with NAFTA Visa at that time. Many thanks for your help.



Since this website is focused on Peyronie's disease, I only get involved in the erectile dysfunction that is related to Peyronie's disease; it is a very special and unusual kind of ED because of the way that the Peyronie's plaque or scar interferes with how an erection occurs.    It would appear that your erectile dysfunction is related to a blood vessel problem.  What I do would not help your kind of ED.

I suggest you contact a urologist either in Canada or the US who works specifically in this area as a specialty.  You would call the office you are interested in visiting, and ask to speak to the doctor's nurse.  Explain to her what you mentioned in your email about the blood vessels not holding the blood in to create an erection.  She will know if that doctor works with men with this kind of problem.  Don't be satisfied talking only to the receptionist who answers the phone; you want to talk to the nurse who works directly with the doctor.   If she says her doctor does not do this kind of work, then ask her for the name of someone who does do this kind of work, so you can get the kind of help you need.    

However, if I missed something and you also have Peyronies, we can discuss how you might want to try to help both problems.

Please let me know how it goes for you.  TRH

Can I get relief from fibrosis of the corpus spongiosum with Super CP Serum?

I've been diagnosed with fibrosis of the Corpus spongiosum. Have you heard of any relief of this with the topical Super CP Serum and/or Vitamin E spray? Any other possibilities?


Spencer G.

Greetings Spenser,

The corpus spongiosum is cylindrical mass of tissue in the penis through which the urethra passes, located in the bottom half of the penis below the two corpora cavernosae. There are irregular cases of Peyronie's disease that start as fibrosis in the corpus spongiosum and later extend toward and into the tunica albuginea layer that surrounds the corpora cavernosae. At this point the fibrosis becomes Peyronie's disease.

When you ask about using topical Super CP Serum and Vitamin E oil you are forgetting about the most important component of the topical applications, and that is PMD DMSO. Using Super CP Serum and Vitamin E oil by themselves is fairly useless since they lack the ability to penetrate the tissue to get down to where the fibrosis problem is located. So please be sure to include DMSO in this topical treatment, always applying the DMSO last. When you order from PDI you will be instructed how to use all of these products for greatest effectiveness.

How To Cure Hidradenitis Suppurativa With

Why am I urinating more frequently since I started to take Nattokinase and Fibrozym?

For about a month and a half I have been taking 2 tabs of nattokinase 3xdaily and 3 tabs of fibrozym 3x daily. In this time I have to urinate more frequently including getting up 2x at night from sleeping.(not experienced before) Coincidence or do these pills cause more frequent urination? No extra liquid has been consumed. Thank you


This observation is made from time to time with men who use any of the systemic enzymes (Nattokinase, Fibrozym, Neprinol) when they have a large quantity of internal fibrosis.

full text here

The explanation for the increased urination is that your body is pulling out additional fluid from your tissue to dilute the toxins that are being produced as the Nattokinase and Fibrozym breaks down the fibrous tissue in your system, especially the Peyronies scar. Some men have more fibrous tissue than others, hence they experience more frequent urination. This can be seen as a good thing since it shows you that the systemic enzymes you are taking are working for you.

Please keep me informed of your progress. TRH


What is the best way to get rid of Peyronie’s disease?

Hello Dr. H,

What is the best way to get rid of Peyronie's disease?

Wendell from Ohio

Greetings Wendell,

The very best way to eliminate your Peyronie's disease is to do it exactly the way that half the men with PD get over theirs.  It goes away by itself.  With the PDI method we attempt to increase your natural ability to heal and correct PD like it should have happened in the first place. Peyronies heals naturally and spontaneously in about half the cases, the same way that a broken bone or a throat infection heals. 

We tend to forget that the body can and does correct the problem of Peyronie's disease in a high percent of cases.   There is a very good reason that the standard medical approach to managing a case of Peyronie's disease is to do nothing for the first 12-18 months after the condition starts.  The idea to initially do nothing is based on the absence of any actual medical treatment that works to correct PD.  During this  waiting period the body is given time to heal or eliminate the problem naturally.  In this way the medical profession admits that a natural healing process for recovery from PD does exist and that it actively happens in a high percent of cases. 

When I developed Peyronie's disease in 2001 I immediately understood the great potential for my body to cure itself of this problem if I could determine what therapies might support or improve my natural healing ability. After doing considerable research I found a large group of natural therapy items (vitamin E, acetyl-L-carnitine, etc.) that were abandoned after initial getting positive research findings as a potential Peyronies treatment. I have always assumed that they were not subjected to additional research because the large pharmaceutical companies did not want to advance the idea that inexpensive and readily available nutritional products might be helpful against PD.  Regardless, I started to use all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes I read good things about, and started to take them together and in slowly greater and greater dosages. Eventually over time I began to see my four PD scars slowly get smaller, softer and more difficult to find.

There is much that medical science knows about the healing process of the body in general what cells are involved, what hormones and chemical messengers are produced, the different chemical equations that must happen,  the minerals and enzymes that must be present for certain reactions to occur.  However, there there is still much that remains unknown about what the body does to recover from illness and disease.   This is especially true in the case of Peyronie's disease where far more remains unknown than known. However, it is still possible to work to improve the odds for recovery from Peyronie's disease.  All that must be done is to present to the body a wide list of known vitamins, minerals and enzymes that

Promoting the natural healing of Peyronie's disease is not a simple or even easy thing to do, but by taking this route to recovery it is possible to eliminate the Peyronie's plaque and the curved penis it causes without exposing yourself to the risk of drug side effects or surgical failure.

I suggest that anyone with Peyronie's disease should go to the Peyronie's Disease Institute website to learn more about what needs to be done to stimulate and support the natural healing process against Peyronie's disease.  TRH

Is my curved penis since 10 years of age a congenital curved penis?

Good Day! I really don't what to do with my problem I have a curved penis and it really embarrass me for myself. My penis started to curved when I was in grade 5(10 yrs old) and years passes by my penis curved so badly, it curved to the left side about 35 degrees. This causes me big problems. I lost my confidence to continue my life. I always think about it how am i suppose to do to solve this problem. I've read lots of comments from different blog sites about curved penis but not like them, the curve of their penis are upward and downward. I always exercise my penis hoping to make it straight but sadly nothing change.

Our family are not fortune to give me money for a checkup. They don't know about this. I really don't want them to know, no one knows that I have a curved penis except my 2 ex-girlfriend. It's so embarrassing. I don't want to be like this forever. I send this message to this website hoping for a help. I am dying for help if there someone could help me please I'm begging.

Thank you. I apologize for my English grammar, I'm not that good in English.

God bless.


You use very good English. You should be proud of your ability.

There is a good possibility that your penis curvature is how you were born, meaning it is normal and natural for you to have a curved penis. It could be the way you were made. The term for this natural development is that the problem is a congenital penis curvature, meaning it is from birth. I suggest that you should go to a doctor to learn if you have Peyronie's disease in case this is what is wrong with you. It is your decision. If it is a natural curve you were born with there could be limited ability to make any change. I have no way to know ahead of time how you might respond.
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However, I have heard from men who also had a congenital curve of the penis and were able to make small to medium changes in it using the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique. This method was designed and researched as a way to assist reversal of different penis deformities associated with Peyronie's disease, and was not intended to be used to correct natural penis variations. Even so, it seems to work in some cases, depending on how it is done and if supporting therapy is used to stretch the soft tissue of the shaft.

The men how have used the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique, also used Neprinol three times a day to assist this process. I would suggest you consider a brief trial of treatment for three months to see if you might respond. If you are interested in experimenting a bit in this way I can assist you. Please contact me again and I can give you the necessary information to get started. TRH


Should I take Neprinol instead of Fibrozym, or with it, for my Peyronie's disease?

I ordered the medium package and in it was a sample for Neprinol. I noticed it has a lot of the same things Fibrozym has. Is this something that would be used instead of other products, or on top of? If in place of do you like it better and which products would it replace.

adobe creative suite student

Thanks a million.


Neprinol has many of the same ingredients as the Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500 therapy products PDI sells, but Neprinol also has additional ingredients and all ingredients are in higher concentration.

Some men use Neprinol as a substitute for Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500, meaning once they start taking Neprinol they do not use the other two enzymes products. And other men use all three enzyme therapy products, but they use more of the Neprinol and only lesser amounts of the Fibrozym or Nattokinase. Using these different combinations, and all the possible different dosages of each, provides a wide variety of treatment options to get the best possible response from your PD treatment plan.

The changes and modifications in how you take these different enzymes should be done while experimenting and watching for changes in the size, shape, density and as surface features of your Peyronie's scar. Taking Neprinol as the only enzyme or taking with the other two is not just a whim or something you THINK would be good to do, but it is something that you actively experiment with to see how the therapy change affects your scar structure. Any change in your therapy plan like this must be evaluated to determine if it causes a desirable and beneficial change in the scar you are monitoring. So you can ask me what I think you should do, but I will only answer, “Try doing several different combinations with the enzymes and see what happens to the scars. That is the best way to know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of your Peyronie's disease.” You will see that your scar will show you exactly what needs to be done to get the best response.


How much total loss of size can happen as a result of Peyronie's disease?

HI Doc,

I think my injury was about 2 years ago. I did not notice anything right away except for black and blue on the lower part of my shaft. After about 1 and 1/2 years i noticed i was having a harder time getting and maintaining erections. I thought it was because i was a diabetic. About a month ago i noticed that i had a dent on the lower left side of my penis causing it to bend slightly to the left. I also have pain while erect and soft. my urologist appointment is not for 2 more months. I was wondering if this was early stages or later? I have also lost some length and girth. I am very scared and nervous. I want to start your best plan as soon as possible, i don't want to waist 2 months of your treatments if i don't have to. Do you know what the total loss of size could happen as a result of having Peyronie's disease? When i order your large plan should i add anything else to it to get the best results? Thank you in advance.

Scared 50 year old

Greetings Scared,

We are all scared when we first come to realize how bad Peyronie's disease can be. Try to take some of that energy you now waste on feeling scared and put it to positive use by reading and learning how to help yourself with this problem so you can instead feel confident and in control of yourself.

A dent (also called a ding, nick, divot or hinge deformity) such as you describe is common. Sometimes there is only one, and other times they are numerous. Sometimes these persist, and other times they slowly or rapidly evolve into other deformities such as a bottleneck, hourglass or simple curve or bend.

Pain can and does occur in Peyronie's disease while both erect and flaccid; however, some men experience pain only while erect, or only during sexual activity; I only had pain while flaccid. As you will soon learn there are very few things about Peyronies that are not variable.

A common and consistent finding of PD is loss of penis size. It seems that the larger the penis, the more size that can be lost. While most men speak in general terms of getting smaller, not too often will actual numbers be mentioned; just like you most men do not give a number. It seems like admitting to the actual reduced size is too embarrassing or uncomfortable to reveal that kind of detail. When the actual size loss is mentioned it seems that 1 to 1 3/4 inches of lost length, and about the same for lost girth or circumference is what I am told commonly. Occasionally I am told the loss will go up to 2 inches or more. One poor devil told me that his 8 inch erection was now just slightly more than 4 inches. I have never heard of anyone losing only length or only girth, but always both; I suppose it could happen, but I have not heard of it.

I always encourage men to start Peyronies treatment proactively when there is strong evidence of the diagnosis, as in your case. It seems logical that treatment should start the sooner the better, while the fibrous tissue changes are less well developed.

The large plan is a smart way to start. Do not add anything to it initially although you could if you feel compelled to do so. A good therapy to consider adding, if that is your intention, is the gentle manual penis stretching program since it is so unique compared to the rest of the items in that plan. It is also comparatively inexpensive and it never has to be replenished, making it a good buy for a whole new range of treatment that you are able to use.

The best results come from two separate factors: 1. Being faithful and aggressively applying whatever plan you select to start with. 2. Spending the time and effort to learn the exact size, shape, density and surface features of each of the internal scars that are present in the shaft. This information is critical to use as a valuable referencer point to determine if your plan is or is not working. If you cannot accurately and in detail the physical structure of your internal scars you will not know if and when change occurs. Without this valuable knowledge you are forced to guess about your plan, and this is obviously to be avoided. Go to different parts of the PDI website to learn more about how to do this. You can also read about it in chapter 4 of the “Peyronie's Disease Handbook.”

Let me know if I can help you in any way as you work toward your eventual recovery. TRH



Am I using my Peyronie’s treatment plan properly? – Continued

Hi.  This is a continuation and answer to an earlier I sent when I asked if I was using the things I using to build me up so I can get rid of my Peyronie's disease.

I take the Neprinol when I first get up and between meals. I take the vitamin E and C and Bromelain supplements just before or just after a light meal. As instructed I put a few.drops of Co serum,then a few drops of the DMSO to the scar area right after showering(morning and night).

The scar is approximately 3/8 in. wide and 1in long. Its on top and I have about a 35 degree bend to the left and down. It seems to have a substantial 'dent's on the bottom. at times the scar seems smaller and not as hard but then seems to get harder again. I hope this helps as I really want this therapy to work and need to know if I am doing it properly.


Greetings again,

OK, now we are getting somewhere.

You are doing alright with everything you are doing in your Peyronies treatment except the Bromelain 5000 which should be taken with the Neprinol, on an empty stomach, not with meals.  You are doing alright with the DMSO and Super CP Serum.

Overall I think your plan might be a little small and restricted.  The real test if your plan is being done correctly and effectively is when you begin to see positive changes in your PD scar.  What you or I think is a good plan or a plan large enough to help you will only be known for sure when you can definitely see desirable scar changes that are permanent.   Anything before that point is speculation and testing to see what your scar requires to respond in a way that is favorable.

You must define your scar better.   When you write your scar is approximately 3/8 X 1 inch and that it is sometimes hard and sometimes small you show you do not have a good idea of the scar structure.

  1. When it is soft, it is soft like what?
  2. When it is hard, it is hard like what?
  3. What is the shape of your scar?
  4. How does it feel when you slide your finger along the 1 inch length of it?  What does it remind you of when you slide your finger back and forth over it?

You must know how to answer these questions so that when the day comes that you think there is a difference in one or more of the structural qualities you will know it for sure, and not be guessing.  

Every 10-14 days you should increase some element of your current plan by either taking a greater quantity of what you are now taking or adding a new therapy item.  You should consider doing this until you notice a definite change (smaller, softer, weaker, more ragged feeling when you slide your finger along the scar) in your scar and at that time you maintain your plan unchanged until either the scar is gone or the positive changes stop.

You see, you need to know your scar better than you do right now so that you will be positive how to respond to your scar behavior.  If your scar is a stranger to you, you will never have confidence to know how to manage your self-directed treatment. 

By the way, you have one or more scars than you are aware, located on the bottom of shaft.  You need to examine yourself and isolate them, identify their characteristics and monitor them like you do the others. Watch them all. 

Please keep me informed of your progress.  TRH    

Am I using my Peyronie's treatment plan properly?

I recently started treating my Peyronies. I currently take 3 Neprinol 3x a day. In the morning I take 4 Unique E, 3000mg of vitamin C and 1 Bromelain 5000. I also use DMSO and Super CP Serum. Am I taking the supplements properly and am I on the right track? There has been little or no change in the 2 weeks since I started treatment.


First of all, you did not give me a lot of detail about how you are using your plan. For example, you did not mention if you are taking the Neprinol with your meals or between meals. And you did not mention if you are taking the vitamin E and vitamin C with your meals or between meals. Saying that you “use” DMSO and Super CP Serum does not give me any idea how you are applying it. Lastly, you did not mention if are taking the Bromelain 5000 with your meals or between meals. All of these details are very important to know if you are actually using your therapies correctly and what kind of results you will earn as a consequence.


Also, when you write that in two weeks “(t)here has been little to no change” I would like to know what it is that you are basing that statement on. No change in curvature of your penis, or no change in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD plaque? What you are using to gauge your success and the effectiveness of your treatment plan is of critical importance. Please let me know the answers to the above questions and I will be able to reply with a much more helpful response to you. TRH


Is it really possible to cure Peyronie's disease?

Hi. My name is Laurynas .  i'm 49 years old from country named croatia in eastern europe, now living in the U.S.A

i have crooked penis, i've slept with four women so far, with first i felt discomfort( soft pain )

and with the last two i even couldn't put my penis into their vagina s( because of curvature).

this desease touched my self esteem , and my potency, too. i have neuroses called anhedonia( unability to feel pleasure).

my questions are – is it really possible to cure Peyronies disease or somehow reduce it and are these non traditional treatments work?

and what is your opinion about penis extenders?

thanks for answers in advance.

Greetings Laurynas,

First, while you have mentioned your bent penis, you did not say that you know you have Peyronie's disease.  Just because your penis is curved does not mean you have Peyronies.  Has your penis, more specifically your erection, always been crooked?  Some men are born with a penis that is not straight when erect.   If this is your situation then you need to approach your distortion from a different direction.

Assuming you know you have Peyronie's disease, I will give you my thoughts and experiences.  When I developed Peyronie's disease at age 54, in 2002, I was confronted by the same problems and fears as you, as well as every other man who has this problem. I had no good direction to take, and so I used the most common and logical medical treatment used at that time.  I knew it did not have a good record of success to cure Peyronie's disease but there was not much else that was available that made sense to me.  This was a topical Verapamil cream that I used faithfully for six months during which time my condition worsened and it caused a multitude of side effects that affected my health.  I quit using Verapamil and decided to seek the assistance of three MDs I was working with at that time.  We put our heads together (don't you just love American idioms?) while I did all of the research on any current Peyronie's information I could find. 

Over time we developed the treatment protocol that is now found on the Peyronie's Disease Institute website.  Our thinking was directed by the fact that in about 50% of cases, within the first 12-18 months of developing Peyronie's disease the condition will self-heal or you can say that the body will cure the problem on its own.  In this sense there is a very real and very obvious method to cure Peyronie's disease, and the body does it pretty well in about half of the cases. Please read an article I wrote about this, Spontaneous remission and natural cure for Peyronie's disease.

Peyronie's disease is not incurable; it is just incurable using the current medical knowledge and drugs available.  The body does a fairly good job of eliminating PD about half of the time, but the medical profession seems to ignore this. When your medical doctor tells you there is no cure for PD, what he means is that he has no drug to give to you. 

What I did under the watchful eyes of my medical colleagues was to provide to myself a wide group of natural therapies that are helpful to support and supply the nutritional needs of the body so it can do a better job of healing and eliminating the Peyronie's plaque tissue that is at the heart of the curved penis that is so disturbing you right now.   I was able to eliminate my internal PD fibrous scar and reverse the curvature it caused.  I now have no Peyronie's disease because i worked to help my body eliminate it like it should have in the first place.  It is really not a very complicated idea. 

Getting back to a few things you mentioned in your email, I would like to remind you that all men have a problem with Peyronie's disease reducing their self-esteem.  I did.  Then I realized that I am more than a penis.  If lost my right arm, would I still be a man?  If I was blind, would I still be a man?  What makes a man a man?  It is much more than his penis – it is part of it for sure, but it is still only a part of the whole man.  

If you have a woman who thinks less of you because your penis is curved, find another woman.  Find a woman who appreciates the fact that unique.  Find a woman whose vagina perfectly fits your curved penis because when you do you will find that you will be able to give her sexual pleasure that no other man can do.  Find a woman who does not judge you like you are a dog in a dog show who must be perfect according to a set of rules that someone else has written.  Find a woman who loves you and appreciates you because you are one great Lithuanian guy.

Your potency was bothered because you allowed yourself to become embarrassed.  That problem occurred because of how you felt about yourself at that moment, and was for the most part your fault for not judging yourself correctly.   You were being immature and too rough on yourself.  Stop it.

Penis extenders are dangerous, they do not make sense, and I can find no evidence that they actually work.  Many men come to me after they use a penis extender to get larger, and only injure themselves so badly that they develop PD after using the device.  There are many articles I have written about these mechanical penis stretchers on the PDI website; look them up, please.

click here

I suggest that you spend a little time reading some of ideas and information about natural Peyronie's treatment found on this website.  Let me know if I can help you in any way.   TRH


Can Peyronie's disease have a psychological cause?

I'm young (20) and last week i was diagnosed Peyronie. It's at the really early phases. It's possible to stop right now?
Another question; the cause of my Peyronie's is unknown. no trauma, no hit. I'm healthy, i do sport, no problem of circulation or what else. It's possible that my Peyronie's have a psychological cause? I've already heard about this before now, and i have some psychological disease. It can be psychosomatic?
Thank you

Greetings E,

I have never heard of Peyronie's disease happening from a completely psychological cause. Peyronie's disease can greatly affect men in a psychological way, and can add more psychological stress onto someone who already has an emotional problem. I suggest you go back to the doctor who diagnosed your condition and talk to this doctor about your concerns. TRH

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Are changes in sexual performance related to age or Peyronie's disease?

hi doctor, i am from india, aged 40+. the problem with my penis is that its tip (glan) is thick and the base is thin, the ratio between the ends is about 60:40, i noticed the problem develop since age 15 when i started and resorted to masturbation and unnatural sex .back then it caused me no considerable problem having sexual penetration and ejaculation but after 35 i have been experiencing poor erection(my foreskin used to fully unfold when the penis got rock hard which is not the case presently)and labored insertion problem like the penis getting curved upward or downward at the base when thrust for penetrating vagina.my ejaculation volume also got moderated or poor sometime which was very good previously,this also goes for climax feeling; i do not experience the thrill of climax during ejaculation the way i used to years ago.can suggest some cure if any?


Your description does not at all sound like you have Peyronie's disease.

Several of the changes you mention in your sexual performance could be related to the reduction of the hormone testosterone. This change, among many others, occurs as a part of the aging process. Since you mention you are over 40 years of age I would first suspect this as the reason for the things that concern you now. I suggest you go to a doctor, preferably a urologist, for a complete examination to diagnose what your problem might be. TRH

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What is the starting dosage for the therapies in the medium Peyronies treatment plan?

Hi Doc,

I just ordered the medium plan, however I am trying to lay things out ahead. Is there a place (perhaps that I have not found yet) on the website that lists a good starting point for the dosages for the medium plan? Perhaps its in the ordered package, but I wasn't sure. I obviously want to be as aggressive as possible. I even ordered the supplemental E-Book, but again nothing I have seen yet tells me, as an example, how much Vitamin E to start with. Is there a maximum? Same goes for Fibrozym, etc. I know its a unique thing to each person, however a starting dosage and maximum (IE this could kill you) dosage would be helpful. If its on the site and I didn't see it can you just post the link to the page? If you post this to the site maybe it will help others too.

Also – Everything I read says increasing blood flow is a good idea (massage, supplements, etc)… I know you warn about Cialis and Viagra as causes, however if you already have PD would starting one of them help increase the blood flow and help heal it? Just a thought. I do not have any other ED issue.

Thank for maintaining such a great site. Wish I didn't have to be on it!


Greetings Ryan,

Your order will arrive with all the information you need for the medium Peyronies treatment plan, meaning when and how much to take of each product in your plan. No one complains that they do not know what to do or how to use the products they receive from PDI.

There is no great need to do extraordinary things to increase penile blood flow if there is no evidence that you actually have a problem with circulation in that area. Peyronie's disease is not typically associated with reduced circulation. For this reason the purpose of adding a moist heat pack to your therapy routine makes sense only if you are doing Genesen Acutouch therapy or applying DMSO to the shaft, since it makes those therapies work better, not because of an assumed circulatory problem. For this reason it seems that men who take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra are taking an unnecessary risk for no good reason. TRH


How do I use the Honso herbs to treat Peyronie's disease?

I have Peyronie's and I'm interested in trying the Honso herbs. How are these herbs used ? Are they used as a tea or just consumed ? I've had Peyronie's for several years now and want to try these.

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The Honso herbal supplements are taken as a tea, with complete instructions included with each order telling you the best way to use this ancient product. TRH


What can I do to get over my Peyronie's disease?

I am 59 years old male and suffering from diabetes for the last 26 years now. When I was healthy and young I had 8″ inches long penis with quite good girth. My penis was in very much in demand among ladies. Some 10 years ago my penis started to change. The appearance and my knob tilted to the right with a slight pain in the middle when pressed by hand. I went to a doctor who did not help me at this stage. I still remember that doctor said that my pain would go away in 6/7 weeks. It did not go away at all, and I noticed it became thin in middle. During that time I lost my size and girth and now it is only 3 to 4 inches long. When fully erect I can feel hard tissues or blood vessels and some kind of hard tissue (ring) in the middle. Its not any more like it was in the past. I know that it is Peyronie's disease. What can I do? I am on Insulin, Simvastatin and Lisinopril tablets. Is there any cure without operation? Please guide me.


Our entire Peyronie's Disease Institute website is designed to guide you. If by guiding you, you actually mean you want me to tell you what to do, I cannot do that. I can only make suggestions and offer opinions and ideas, but it us you who must decide what you want to do to try to get over your Peyronie's disease.

The PDI website is full of information that will help you to understand how to go about the process of increasing and supporting your ability to eliminate and heal the internal scar tissue that in your case is shaped like a ring of dense fibrous tissue. In your case it is causing a problem called an hourglass deformity. Your entire problem of lost size and the hourglass deformity is caused by the fibrous ring of tissue in the middle of your shaft. If you can help your body remove that Peyronie's scar after all these years you should notice an improvement of your lost size and hourglass shape. I do not know if it can be done in your case, but I do know that other men whose problems are just as old as yours have made improvement in their conditions. It requires hard work, persistence, determination and enough time to get the job done; you will not know if you can make it happen unless you try. If you do not try you will be stuck right where you are right now feeling like a defeated and frustrated victim.

I suggest you begin at “Start Peyronie's Treatment' found near the top of the PDI home page. Do some reading and see what you think about increasing your ability to recover from Peyronie's disease. Let me know if you have any questions. TRH



My husband has Peyronie’s disease, how can I help him?

How women can help men deal with Peyronies disease

There is a wide range of unique problems that can develop based on the dynamics of special situations within a relationship, especially concerning sex. Even so, there unfortunately also tends to be a list of common problems and pitfalls that most couples must deal with in order to keep their relationship strong and working together well for his eventual recovery.  From this reason the Peyronie’s Disease Institute has a special program in which our staff nurse will consult with and advise any woman who needs help in a program called “Woman to Woman.”  Women can speak to our nurse to ask questions of any sort that deal Peyronie’s disease, from the anatomy, physiology and pathology of PD, to personal relations questions, as well as help in dealing with sexual difficulties.

There are many ways, obvious and not so obvious, a woman can help a man deal with his Peyronie’s disease on a personal basis, in addition to helping with those issues that threaten their life together as a social and sexual couple.  Here are a few ideas that will get you started in the right direction.

It is not just the man with the obvious physical problem that is affected, but Peyronie’s disease and women who deal these men on a daily basis are also distressed and are an integral part of any solution he might need. To really help him requires that his partner does her best to try to understand the strange and stressful thing he is going through with Peyronie’s disease, and forgive him if his behavior and personality have deteriorated under the weight of his burden. More than anything else, much of what is required to help him right now is in the form of emotional support and great acts of kindness by letting go of the hurt feelings that will probably arise.

If a woman really wants to help her man deal with his problem, and wants to protect the bonds of their family unit, she can:

  1. Make a special effort to understand and forgive his moodiness and embarrassment since he has been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease.  Women commonly notice that a man who previously was confident and eager for sexual contact will suddenly refuse sexual activity, and even hide his body rather than exposing himself to his mate. These temperament changes are usually based on a powerful sense of low self-esteem and deep lack of self-confidence that arises from his lost sense of masculinity.  Many women comment that their husband’s personality has changed so much that he is like a different man.For many men this change is a reflection of how he thinks of himself since the most masculine part of his body has been so flawed that he thinks of it as being taken away from him. He might easily act out in fits of child-like anger.  It is valuable that his mate attempts to be as tolerant of these outbursts, just as she would a child; at these times he is functioning at very primitive and instinctive level of emotional development as a child would.Above all else, he will require more patience and understanding than ever before. This is not to say a man with PD should be given license to be abusive and use ugly behavior, but only that any tolerance that can be afforded to him should be used since it will help to prove to him that he is not being rejected by his mate.  As discussed below, fear of rejection and fear of loss are two of the primary driving forces that most deeply trouble the man with Peyronies.His thinking about the subject of PD is often overridden by his strong emotions, so do not count on him to be logical or mature about this subject.  Think of him as a scared child having a temper tantrum and you will not be too far off; treat him with that same compassion and forgiveness as you would a child when necessary.  You can help him deal with his Peyronie’s disease, but it will most especially help you to understand and deal with him effectively.
  2. Be prepared for him to be down on himself, and to not accept or believe you when you say that his Peyronie’s disease, curved penis and reduced sexual ability are something that you can learn to live with. Be prepared to be rejected when you say that you still love him in spite of his distorted penis.Many men cannot make themselves believe it is true no matter how many times they are told that their physical distortion does not matter, regardless of the sincerity and emotion that is used.  They see themselves as so pathetic and unworthy that they cannot believe any woman could accept them in their reduced state.  Men will push women away in anger when she only reaffirms her love and acceptance.  The more she insists she is not affected by his loss, the more aggravated and lost in denial he can become.  It makes for some very emotionally charged moments.Do not take his anger personally; it is delivered to you because you are standing in front of him, but is really a reflection of his despair and anger with himself.
  3. Over and over, in small and large ways, offer direct and indirect assurance he is still acceptable and attractive to you. His confidence and self-worth can easily be taken to at an all-time low because of the humiliating effects of Peyronie’s disease.  His reduced penis size, erectile dysfunction and penile curvature can cause a man to think less of himself, and he will assume you do the same.  While the physical change of his genitals can be shocking, do your best to respond to him in a way that is as positive and normal as before his Peyronie’s disease started.  The majority of men disbelieve that their spouse is willing to stand by  during his difficult time.  Calm repetition of your acceptance and love is your best ally.

In my work helping men who have Peyronie’s disease I frequently encounter those whose lives have been ruined not just by the emotional effects of a curved penis, but by the women who abandoned them.  Often these problems are avoidable if someone would explain to these women why their men behave in such a bad way, and how little it takes to not only help these men but also help the women to protect what is an otherwise good relationship and keep their families together.

In the case of the women who deal with Peyronie’s disease, trying to understand he is just a scared little boy who is behaving badly because he is scared of losing you.  Treating him with a little compassion can go a long way toward protecting your little boy and your relationship with him.


Do I start with the penis stretching CD to treat my Peyronie's disease?

Hi Doctor.

I am Abduallah Adi from Palestine, I am 20 yrs old. Six months ago I had Peyronie’s disease because I was wearing a very tight underwear and I went to a urologist and told me it is PD. He gave me vitamin E and Antibiotic only.

My penis hurts me and it almost 30 degrees upward.

Now I visit your site and I don't know what to buy. Do I start with the stretching or what please help me.

I am waiting your response.

Greetings Abduallah,

Over the years I have encountered several men whose Peyronie's disease started with the prolonged compression caused by wearing tight clothes of any type. It is not the most common way to get injured and develop Peyronies disease, but it does happen.

Vitamin E is an important Peyronie's treatment but it must be a very high quality natural vitamin E product; you cannot use just any kind of vitamin E. Also, when used by itself vitamin E tends to not have enough affect on the body to promote tissue repair; it must be combined with other therapies for greatest effectiveness.

The gentle PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method CD is not intended to be used by itself; all PDI products are intended to be used together for greatest benefit. You cannot play the piano and call yourself an orchestra – you need violins, drums, trumpets and many other instruments to complete the sound of an orchestra. It is the same with PD treatment. It is necessary to supply everything needed for tissue repair and healing – delivered to the body all at the same time – to provide the boost and support needed for successful recovery from Peyronie's disease. The gentle PDI Manual Penis Stretching technique is only one part of what you might need to eliminate the Peyronie's plaque and reverse your curved penis. Some men who try using only the PDI stretching method have made small changes in their bent penis problem, but only after adding in the necessary other elements do they begin to get the large improvement they need.

Instead of using only the manual penis stretching technique, I suggest you use the largest Peyronies treatment plan you can afford to stay on for 2-3 months. During this time you will work to give your body the opportunity to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your bent penis.

Please go to the Peyronies treatment ordering page, found by clicking on the blue button at the top of the right sidebar. Any of the treatment plans you will find on this page can be effective, but we find that the larger and more aggressively applied plans work better than those that are smaller and only casually used. TRH


What should be the natural Peyronie's disease treatment?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

This is Arbind from India. I am 65 year old.

My penis bends about 30 degree lowered and lean towards left, may be 10 degree. It happens during erection or sex. I am still sexually active. No other problem.

What should be the natural treatment?

Best regards,


Greetings Arbind,

Assuming you have been to a doctor and you were formally diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, I suggest you attempt to use the largest Peyronies treatment plan you can afford to stay on for 2-3 months. During this time you will work to give your body the opportunity to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your bent penis.

Please go to the Peyronies treatment ordering page found by clicking on the large blue button that says “Click here for store” found at the top of the right sidebar. Any of the treatment plans you will find on this page can be effective, but we find that the larger and more aggressively applied plans work better than those that are smaller and only casually used. TRH


Another case of Propecia and Peyronie's disease

Hello. I recently was diagnosed with Peyronies. I'm a 33 year old and if i had to guess i acquired my Peyronies from taking Propecia since i was 17. I am pretty sure my only ED issue is that the scar tissue is on both sides and as such i do not have any curvature yet, however it does appear to make a bottle shaped erection with very little blood to the glands. Freakish to look at.

I have three questions.
1.My urologist said don't do anything. Just wait and see. In the meantime take aspirin and Cialis. Is this really a treatment plan? I have a second opinion in October with someone who is supposed to be more of an expert at the Cleveland Clinic, but i am worried following the first protocol could make things worse. Should i stop this treatment until then?
2. The Propecia also caused lower testosterone, per my primary care doctor. They have put me on testosterone and a substance called sermorelin, a growth hormone booster. Will either of these impact Peyronies negatively or positively?
3. Should i avoid intercourse and masturbation to help things heal? Does massage make sense?

Thank you.Turns out Propecia's side effects are nastier and more permanent than expected.


You are right: Propecia is nasty stuff. It seems that every week I discover a few more men whose Peyronie's disease seems to have started with use of Propecia. If you would take the time to research this topic you would see that Propecia is the focus of many lawsuits, several of which involve Peyronie's disease.

For many years it was maintained that Peyronie's disease is a condition that starts in the mid-50s for most men. Sadly, I am seeing a trend that PD affects men much earlier in life because of things like Propecia and Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, as well as many of the statin cholesterol lowering drugs, as well as the insane use of mechanical penis stretching devices that abuse the delicate penis tissues.

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You do not ask any questions about Peyronie's treatment, perhaps because you mention that you do not have a curved penis. Many men take the short-sighted view that if their PD does not cause a bent penis and intercourse is still possible, no treatment is necessary since they assume their problem will stay that way. They do not realize that Peyronies is not a static problem; that it can and often does change, sometimes dramatically. I caution you to take your problem seriously even though you are not currently curved.

Your urologist is giving you the standard wait and see line about Peyronies treatment. Basically he wants to see if your problem will clear up on its own, or if he can convince you to have surgery. In my opinion it is a waste of valuable time and opportunity to not treat Peyronie's disease as early as possible. All we are doing with the treatment approach you see on this website is to promote and support the natural healing process that your urologist acknowledges takes place in half of the cases of PD. I predict that the second opinion you will receive from the Cleveland Clinic will not differ greatly, present a better treatment option or offer deeper insight than what you learned locally.

There is nothing wrong with engaging in sexual activity even though you have Peyronie's disease if you are careful to not re-injure yourself. I have written extensively on this subject elsewhere on this website. Massage is not a viable treatment option in the way I think you have in mind; I have not seen standard massage to assist this problem except where applied to increase lymphatic drainage of the pelvic area. The technique for this is described in the PDI CD, “Peyronie's Disease Massage and Exercise.” TRH


Is the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method CD available in electronic format?

Dear Dr Herazy,

My name is Greg and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you for your informative web site.

I was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease by a urologist earlier this year. As neither he nor my GP or family (friend) doctor were able to offer anything other than a "wait and see" approach leading to possible surgery I decided to look further afield.

Since then I have studied your web site and many others. I have spoken at length to my aunt who is an experienced naturopath and dietician and who has provided me with advice and a number of dietary supplements.

I am consequently slowly achieving a realistic understanding of what my Peyronies disease actually is and the various options that I have to manage and treat it.

I am emailing you to acknowledge your excellent web site and also to ask if your Manual Penis Stretching Method CD is available in electronic format – whilst I am very happy to attend to payment for it, the postage costs to Australia effectively double the cost which seems unnecessarily wasteful. I would like the opportunity to use the CD method as part of my (ever evolving) PD fight back strategy.

Thank you again for providing a valuable resource.


Greetings Greg,

Our gentle manual penis stretching method is only available as a disc, not in electronic format.

Good luck with your effort to increase your ability to heal and eliminate your Peyronie's disease.  I caution you about following the advice of people with good nutrition knowledge but no direct experience working with PD.  This is not the time to be experimenting with what might or might not work to eliminate your Peyronie's plaque.   TRH  

Does Scar-X contain alcohol?

Does Scar X contain alcohol? I would like to use it as a Peyronies treatment, but I no longer consume alcohol and I know from experience many homeopathic remedies in drop form do contain alcohol.



Greetings Andrew,

Yes, all homeopathic liquid formulations contain alcohol. A one ounce bottle of Scar-X, which is an important element in all Peyronie's disease treatment plans, contains 20% alcohol by volume. TRH
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