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Gentle penis stretching that makes sense – is totally safe – and it works!

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Here is a gentle and safe way to manually stretch the Peyronie’s plaque that not not require equipment or and expensive mechanical stretcher.   It is an excellent addition to your Peyronie’s disease natural treatment plan.

Since 2005, an increasing number of mechanical penis stretcher products have appeared on the internet, claiming they can eliminate the bent penis of Peyronie’s disease, as well as serve as a penis enlargement device. This is very disturbing to those of us in the health care field, because these penis enlargement devices can be dangerous to anyone with PD, and generally does not help the disabling distortion of Peyronies, nor can they do anything to address the real issue of improving the penis health of the man with PD. Actually, it would be better to concentrate on Peyronie’s stretching more than on penis stretching, since that would be far more accurate and beneficial to the disturbing situation of reduced penis health that results in a bent penis.

In my work with Peyronies disease treatment I communicate with countless men who cannot use penis stretching devices because they cause pain, bruising and tissue erosion – and many have told me their PD actually started with use of these penis enlargement devices. But, not having any other option – until now – these men were forced to use a questionable and expensive penis enlargement product that can be quite brutal and damaging to the delicate tissue of the tunica albuginea. They would be helped better if they could use a specific method of gentle Peyronie’s stretching rather than a device that was actually designed for an entirely different purpose.

Manual Stretching of the Peyronie’s Curved Penis Review a few scenes from the revolutionary instructional video, “PDI Manual Stretching Technique.”

Mechanical penis stretching is dangerous

For proof of how much serious trouble can arise with the use of a mechanical penis enlargement product, you only have to read the instruction manual that describes what to do when bacterial infection, fungus disease or tissue erosion occurs after penis stretching; it lists the names of preferred over-the-counter medication to use when such a problem starts.

Every penis enlargement stretcher comes with a generous supply of special padding material, designed to prevent bruises and sores from developing; one penis stretching manufacturer states that wearing padding material on the penis is “mandatory.” This same source even suggests placing a bandage on the penis BEFORE using the stretcher. Men are told to stretch for nine hours a day, but only use the penis enlargement product two hours at a time and then massage the penis for five minutes after each two hours of use to prevent blisters, erosion and bruising.

All of this suggests just a small part of the difficulty and problems men encounter. Besides the serious injury that men develop while doing mechanical penis stretching, an even larger basic problem is that these penis enlargement devices can only stretch normal tissue, not scar tissue.

Allow me to explain:  In PD, the internal PD scar material is connected to and contained within normal tissue inside the penis, similar to having a scab on the skin – but on the inside. If you stretch skin that has a scab on it, would the scab stretch also because the skin was stretched? No, of course not. The normal skin would stretch, while the scab would remain unchanged. The same thing happens if you try to stretch the PD scar forcefully with a mechanical device.

Still, the basic idea of penis stretching to reduce the tight and contracted tissue of the Peyronie’s disease is interesting. So interesting, that after applying medical knowledge, common sense, experience of ancient cultures that stretch different body parts without pain or significant injury, and a two year research project, PDI has developed a sensible and safe method that actually is able to stretch the scar material because it does about it in a way that is different from the mechanical penis stretchers.

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PDI penis stretching research

The PDI research group consisted of 10 men, all of whom:
1. Had PD four to eight years
2. Were 40 to 72 years of age
3. Were under medical supervision during the research project
4. Used at least two different medical therapies without help (POTABA, verapamil, cholchicine, cortisone, etc.), and,
5. Had penile curvature from 40° to 100°.

In other words, these men were not young, their chronic problems were stable and were non-responsive to previous treatment, and the degree of distortion was considerable – these were all tough cases of PD.

Of the 10 men participating in our research project: 8 – saw moderate to significant improvement of curvature, 2 – saw no progress with their curvature, and 10 – (100%) saw moderate to marked improvement of sexual ability. Of the eight men who saw moderate to significant correction of their Peyronies bent penis, all used a large and diversified therapy plan of vitamins, minerals, herbs and related energy therapies, (PDI Massage and Exercise program or Genesen Acutouch Pointers) while participating in the penis stretching research, as suggested by PDI. None of them just stretched the penis; that would only result in penis enlargement, and that is not the PDI goal. All men added the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© into an already active plan of Alternative Medicine therapy designed to reverse and eliminate their PD scar. Of the two men who did not make change in their penis distortion, one was on a small PDI style therapy plan, while the other was taking only vitamin E. As a result of the favorable experience of these men, I have attempted to explain the PDI penis stretching method to men in emails and over the telephone.

However, this simple method is difficult to explain in writing or verbally, but it is easy to understand and perform once it has been demonstrated. Therefore, PDI has a one-hour professionally produced CD video that gives detailed and accurate demonstration of the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© for the basic six deformities, as well as how to help complex combinations of these same deformities.

The PDI penis stretching CD video will guide you through the inventive process of stretching your scar to reduce its size and density, and in so doing you will eliminate the scar’s ability to cause distortion and pain. You will learn an effective, safe and easy way to stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis – something totally new in the world of Peyronie’s disease.

This video presents detailed instructions to stretch and improve the six basic types of PD deformities:
1. Twist
2. Curve
3. Bend
4. Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
5. Hourglass
6. Bottleneck

Further, additional information is included that explains how to successfully stretch a combination of distortions, since very often two or more penis distortions appear together. Now, all you have to do is sit and watch the one-hour video presentation. You will learn a gentle, effective, and simple system to treat the PD plaque and scar to reverse the curved penis or other distortion in to reverse the distortion of the penis that it causes.

Although the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© is not a penis enlargement technique you will probably regain length and girth. This is often a side benefit of reducing the PD scar with this method.

Manual penis stretching is actually easy to do once you have been shown the specific penis stretching techniques needed for the variety of distortions that exist. It is a specific process that must be done correctly for best results. You will be delighted with the logic and ease of the penis stretching process, which will often bring about small early changes in two to six weeks.

PDI research results shows an improvement of sexual ability, improvement of bent penis distortion and other distortions, reduction of the PD scar, and reduction of pain. This Peyronie’s stretching video should make a huge difference to the countless men who suffer with the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease.

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