Will the PDI Manual Stretching Technique help a congenital penis curvature?

My penis has a bend in it which is approximately 45 degrees to the left and upward. Its been this way as long as I can remember, Im now 50 years old. I have had no problems with sex and have two children. My wife is starting to have some issues, so I want to know if its Peyronies or something that Im born with. Will the stretching techniques be good for me or is there something else I should try?


There are a few things I do not understand in your question.

It is not fair to either of us to ask if you have Peyronie's disease based on the information you have presented.  Besides, I really do not understand what you mean when you say you have had a 45° bend for as long as you can remember.  Are you saying you believe you were born that way or are you saying that you have had a curved penis for a very long time?  

When you say your wife is starting to have some issues, what do you mean?   Are you having sexual difficulty because of reduced ability to achieve an erection?   Difficulty making penetration?   Reduced size issues that often are a part of Peyronie's disease?  You will have to be more specific.

The PDI gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique was first tested on men with PD, not congenital curvature issues.  However, I have now hard back from men with congenital curvatures who have reported positive responses; some small and some great.    TRH   


3 thoughts on “Will the PDI Manual Stretching Technique help a congenital penis curvature?

  1. michael says:

    I have a congenital downcurve, not a peyronie’s disease situation i am doing the manual stretches as well has taking daily doses of neprinol and vitamin, so far its still to early to see any results because its only been a few days, but i hope im on a good course to see some improvement. Dr. Herazy does this seem like it could be a good ruitine? im doing the stretches that require placing finger on shaft and folding

  2. Dr.Herazy says:


    You do not mention what vitamin you are using, and you do not mention what direction you are curved in relation to the direction you are working to reduce that curve, so I do not have a full picture of what you are actually doing to help yourself. On this basis I do not know how to respond to you. Taking Neprinol and working correctly with the manual penis stretching technique could be helpful to you, but I cannot say if you are doing any of that in the correct way. TRH

  3. Michael says:

    Hey Doc, sorry for not clarifying, my penis is curve down like a banana , not severly, but seems to bend about halfway through the shaft, so I am stretching my penis by bending it back (up) towards my stomach. Do I need to be semi erect but not full? or is it ok to be completely flaccid? I am taking neprinol and vitamin E pills. Ive been doing this for about a week but still no results, but am not giving up. Thank you, and I have a congenital curve and am going to buy the medium plan soon.

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