“Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” – eBook version

This eBook will arrive in an electronic format from a link in an email that will be sent to you, to print on your home printer; you will not receive a hard copy version in the mail, but you will have immediate electronic access via email to print your own copy of this important book.

162 pages – This is the first and only book of its kind written about Peyronie’s disease. Authored by a man who had PD for over two years before curing it himself, using Alternative Medicine therapy as described on the PDI website. Contains the kind of practical information doctors should give to men when they are first told they have PD. Presents exciting ideas about using Alternative Medicine to treat PD, and many tested strategies and common sense ways of approaching every day PD problems. The information found in this book is not repeated or found on the PDI website; the two do not overlap their information. This book will give you a new and totally unique standpoint than anything found on the PDI website.  Within one business day, you will receive an email from Online Natural Healthcare LLC with a link and instructions to download the eBook you just purchased.


WARNING:  Limit of three downloads of the eBook.  Please immediately save to your hard drive or print the eBook out.

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