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COVID-19 supply chain delays continue to cause back-order problems for natural supplement manufacturers. PLEASE NOTE: if a product you ordered is on back-order, PDI and DCI will substitute the best product we can find of equal or greater retail value, so you can continue treating your problem without interruption. 2-21-22

External Therapy
DMSO – PMD DMSO Gel -for Peyronie’s disease treatment
Topical or external application for Peyronie’s Disease treatment. DMSO has been long known for its own therapeutic ability to soften dense scar tissue, so it is a logical part of any treatment plan. Most all men use PMD-DMSO . . . Read more
Vitamin E: Unique-E Oil – 1 oz pump bottle
This is a hugely popular product that because it is effective and is one of the least expensive therapies. A bottle of Unique-E oil in the one ounce bottle will last about three months when used as directed . . . Read more
Super CP Serum
Almost everyone who uses DMSO in treatment of PD also uses Super CP Serum because of the wonderful healing effects of copper peptides on scar tissue. A bottle will easily last for 2-3 months, making it a good . . . Read more
Genesen Acutouch Pointers
Professional model non-needle acupuncture instrument is used following the specific directions that come with each unit for applying to the area of the PD scar tissue. Increase your results by providing yourself daily . . . Read more
3MHz Ultrasound Machine
3MHz Ultrasound therapy machine – complete instructions for treating Peyronie’s disease with each unit. This is the ideal ultrasound frequency for treating Peyronie’s disease . . . Read more


Support Therapy
Acetyl-L-carnitine is one of the all-star products that we use, based on how many men re-order this product in so many Peyronie’s disease treatment plans. Two large scientific studies show that the effects of using carnitine to . . . Read more
The use of L-arginine for Peyronie’s disease has been a relatively recent discovery.  More and more I hear from men whose doctors encourage the use of L-arginine use for PD because of the encouraging research . . . . Read more
CoEnzyme Q10 – Ubiquinol-QH
Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance and anti-oxidant stored throughout the body in all cell membranes.  Coenzyme Q10 for treatment of PD has gained popularity since . . . Read more
MSM + Vitamin C – Fundamental Sulfur
Very popular and used in almost all plans. Alters the cross-linking process in collagen, thus reducing scar tissue, and makes scar tissue more flexible and soft. The only product PDI has found to contain . . . Read more
Quell (EPA and DHA)
Combines the benefits of all natural omega-3 fatty acids, natural tocopherols plus tocotrienols and CoQ10 in their most bio-available form… . . . Read more
Consider adding this product because it is most popular because of its anti-fibrotic (anti-scar) effect in the body, and it is an economical addition to the therapy line-up. Many research studies support the use of PABA . . . Read more
Quercetin and Bromelain work together to support the structural integrity of the collagen (scar) network when it is weakened, leading to reduction of excess scar tissue. Another very popular therapy product, one . . . Read more
ScarStat is the primary homeopathic therapy used in all three PDI treatment plans. ScarStat is formulated to reduce scar tissue, especially old scars and keloids, as well as relieve scar tissue discomfort. . . . Read more
Scar Free
This is a special homeopathic formulation that is ideal for treatment of  Peyronie’s disease with the pain, distortion, loss of size and reduced sexual ability that can result, or for those men who are trying to prevent. . . . Read more

$15.50Read more

Scars-Adhesions — Do not order during hard freezing weather; glass bottle can break.   Order “Scar Free” instead, it comes in non-breakable plastic bottle.   
“Scars-Adhesions” is a non-alcohol based homeopathic product that is specifically formulated to give relief to scars and fibrous tissue build-up, hence its value in treatment of Peyronie’s disease.  Once or twice . . . Read more

$20.00Read more


Vitamin C
Ascorbplex 1000 (180 capsules)
Our most popular vitamin C and a useful choice in an intense PD therapy plan. If you know you are highly sensitive to vitamin C, you should consider taking a buffered vitamin C that will make it easier to take doses . . . Read more
Natural C

If you are taking vitamin E for your PD (and you should), then you should also be taking vitamin C to enhance the effect of vitamin E. This is a wonderful vitamin C at a great price; ideal for the man who has . . . Read more

Natural C 100 (100 capsules)

$19.30Add to cart

Natural C 250 (250 capsules)

$38.35Add to cart


Systemic enzymes
17 published studies in Japan and in the U.S. show that nattokinase has the potential to take care of the scar in its early stages of Peyronie’s disease development. Everyone wants a pure, potent source of nattokinase . . . Read more

Very popular and useful. Contains Serrapeptase, Bromelain and Papain – a powerful enzyme trio that is especially beneficial for reduction of fibrous scar tissue. Comprised of a hypo-allergenic, high-purity strain . . .Read more

Fibrozym 100 (100 capsules)

$38.00Add to cart

Fibrozym 200 (200 capsules)

$68.00Add to cart

Inflamazyme – contains nattokinase, serrapeptase and bromelain

This ONE product replaces TWO products – Nattokinase 1500 and Fibrozym – in the DCI lineup. This means greater economy and fewer pills to take. Inflamazyme contains high potency nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain and other proteolytic enzymes that eliminate fibrous Dupuytren’s contracture structures. . .Read more

NEPRINOL® AFD has it all (serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain, papain, and co-enzyme Q), in a convenient highly concentrated all vegetarian enzyme blend capsule. It is by far the most popular of the enzyme . . . Read more


Neprinol (90 capsules):

$79.99Add to cart

Neprinol (300 capsules):

$144.99Add to cart

Serretia – Serrapeptase concentrate (90)
Serretia is a powerhouse source of serrapeptase that supplies more of this fibrous tissue destroying enzyme ? 250,000 SPUs per capsule! ? than any other enzyme product made today. . . . Read more
Bromelain 5000 (60 capsules)
Of special interest to those with Peyronie’s disease, bromelain is sometimes used because it is very effective to debride (remove dead and damaged tissue) from third-degree burns and frostbite injuries. In this way it breaks . . . Read more


Vitamin E
Vitamin E: Unique-E (180 capsules)
Many consider this to be the best of all the vitamin E products available anywhere. Proven quality and integrity in countless research studies and clinical trials. There are only two vitamin E products to meet the high . . . Read more


For extra support during sexual activity


Peyronie’s Treatment Plans
Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Plan – Large (Best)
This is our most complete and well-balanced Peyronie’s disease treatment plan, the one that gets fastest results, because it is widely diversified. Ideal for those men with a more severe case of PD, or who have not responded to prior . . . . Read more
Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Plan – Medium (Better)
This is our most popular Peyronie’s disease treatment plan, and is appropriate for a man in any age group, especially for those who have had PD for 12-24 months. It is suited for all severity levels of PD because it has a wide variety . . . . Read more
Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Plan – Small (Good)
This is a great way to start Peyronie’s disease treatment if you feel that your condition is not severe, or if you have had PD for less than 12 months, or if you are under 25 years of age, and yet you want a well-designed plan. The small . . . . Read more
Alternate Large Plan – with Neprinol & Handbook
This is an aggressive starter treatment plan, designed by Dr. Herazy as the first new therapy plan to be added to the PDI lineup since 2004. It includes Neprinol for those who have had prior experience with it, and more external . . . . Read more


Educational Resources
Phone Consult with Dr. Herazy … $25/15 minutes
Ask questions about your Peyronie’s problem during a private one-on-one telephone discussion with Dr. Herazy – get his opinions about what you can do for better results . . . Read more
“Massage & Exercise” DVD
Specific to the problem of Peyronies disease treatment this DVD clearly demonstrates ways to improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage and what the Chinese would call the circulation of Chi. This DVD has a strong . . . Read more
“Manual Penis Stretching Method” DVD
“PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©.” is a revolutionary 60-minute instructional video created by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. In this professionally created DVD, you will discover how to safely reduce the scar . . . Read more
“Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”
First and only book of its kind, describing exciting ideas about using Alternative Medicine to treat Peyronie’s disease, and many tested strategies and common sense ways of approaching every day PD problems . . . Read more
Hardcopy – mailed to you

$44.95Add to cart

eBook – download to your computer

$34.95Add to cart

“Peyronie’s Disease and Sex”
This is the best and only book you will find to help yourself with the unique sexual problems of PD. “Peyronie’s Disease & Sex” is the first book ever written about effectively dealing with and improving . . . Read more
Hardcopy – mailed to you

$34.95Add to cart

eBook – download to your computer

$24.95Add to cart

4 thoughts on “PDI Store – existing customer

  1. Rick says:

    Hello Dr. Herazy,

    I am 53 and have had peyronie’s disease for about 6 years, tried the straight again supplements for about one year with no luck. I am getting ready to start my peyronie’s disease treatment with your large plan and am currently taking several supplements. Should I stop taking the supplements while taking the treatment plan? Your advise is greatly appreciated.

  2. Fred Bondesen says:

    HI Dr. Herazy, I’m a long time subscriber to your monthly Peyronie’s disease newsletter and have a request. How about a follow up to the ultrasound device which showed a lot of promise a while ago. You were still conducting trials the last I read. Am very interested in what your conclusions were for ultrasound treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Thanks.

  3. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Rick,

    I am not familiar with the “Straight Again” supplements for Peyronie’s disease you mention. Sorry.

    In my opinion you should probably not take the other supplements while taking the PDI large plan. If you were taking two different kinds of therapy products you would have a difficult time controlling or understanding your dosages. This might lead to a problem also of understanding how your Peyronie’s disease treatment needs to be limited or modified should that became necessary. TRH

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Fred,

    Thanks for your interest in ultrasound for treatment of Peyronie’s disease. You must be a reader for many years because it was at least 6-7 years ago that we did that research project.

    As you know, PDI does not advocate the use of any one single Alt Med therapy or even a few Alt Med therapies to treat a problem as tenacious and difficult as Peyronie’s disease; we advocate for the use of many combined Alt Med therapies to be used simultaneously against Peyronie’s disease if they are to be successful; no serious treatment should be done with solo therapies. For this reason we admit the futility of testing or researching any one Alt Med therapy – like ultrasound therapy – against Peyronie’s disease. This explains why most standard medical research testing of Alt Med therapy items (vitamin E, PABA, coenzyme Q10, L-arginine, etc.) will show them rather ineffective and pointless; because they are researched as solo treatments. Now, this is the correct way of testing and researching powerful drugs, but it is a futile way to test Alt Med therapies. And this is why our PDI research of ultrasound for Peyronie’s disease was not done in the usual solo manner to see how it helped Peyronie’s disease. We tested and researched it in a way that drives standard medical researchers crazy. We used the faulty method of having other therapies being used at the same time we had our research subjects also using other Peyronie’s disease therapies. This is bad research, we know, but I do not know of any other way to do it. We had a large group of men with Peyronie’s disease who were not getting good results add in the use of ultrasound into their plans to see if the addition improved their previously poor treatment results. Our results were that almost 60% of our participants noted improved results when ultrasound was added to their existing plans. For this reason we began to advocate for the inclusion of ultrasound into a treatment plan that was not producing good treatment results and we included ultrasound as a standard part of our standard large plan. Testing ultrasound as a solo therapy is against the concepts of PDI and would have doomed it to failure, even though when used in combination it has proven itself to be a very good performer (just as vitamin E, PABA, coenzyme Q10, L-arginine, etc.) that are in the Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment arsenal.

    Perhaps some day when the Peyronie’s Disease Institute is larger and has a budget to support larger projects we can test and prove the results that we see empirically. TRH

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