How do I start my Peyronie’s disease treatment naturally?

Each of our therapy products has been used with success to treat Peyronie’s disease. Learn more about Peyronie’s disease and how you can help to treat it naturally.

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Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment

In 2002, I got Peyronie’s disease.  At the time, I was working in a holistic clinic with three MDs with 90 years combined experience.  Lucky for me, I was in the right place at the right time.  It was the perfect place to develop a new idea for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment, and we did.

In the past, none of the doctors had much success treating PD in the usual way with holistic medicine. With me as a guinea pig, we approached my PD more aggressively than usual.  The idea was to attack the problem from different directions with a heavy supply of many therapies, both internally and externally.  Basically, we “ganged up” on my Peyronie’s disease with many different therapies.

For two years, I moved heaven and earth to return to normal.  Over time, we designed a system of Peyronie’s disease natural treatment that worked for me. After worsening for two years, my Peyronie’s disease finally self-cured.  Today, after almost 20 years it has not returned.

Success with Peyronie’s disease natural treatment

PDI has worked with 16,000 men with Peyronie’s disease from around the globe.  From them, we average 8-10 reports of moderate to marked success with Peyronie’s disease for every one report of failure.

Problem/Solution in a nutshell

Up to half of men with Peyronie’s disease self-heal or naturally cure their own problem.  It happens without treatment because the body always heals to the best of its ability.  Even so, if up to half of men heal their PD, what about those who do not heal?  Why do they fail?  Medical research looks at many nutritional issues related to Peyronie’s disease.  They look in this area because of the many connections in this area of health.

Medical research shows the therapies used in our plans (vitamin E, PABA, coenzyme Q10, etc.) can help PD a little, when used alone.  The flaw of medical research in this area is that they test vitamins as though they are drugs.  However, PDI does not use them alone.  Our experience is that treatment results multiply greatly by combining these same therapies in large groups. That is why we suggest large size plans for best results.

Helping Peyronie’s disease should not be difficult.  After all, up to half of men self-correct their Peyronie’s disease without any help at all.  This makes it a reasonable goal. Using a wide variety of  nutritional and physical help should improve the outcome for those men who failed to heal their PD.  It makes sense. All you have to do is try. If it works, great, look what you gained. If it does not work, you can always go the medical route.

Get started

Order a PDI Peyronie’s disease natural treatment plan.  Detailed notes for use come with each plan.

See if you can do a better job of self-healing your Peyronie’s disease.  PDI knows how to help.  It all starts with Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.

Welcome to the Peyronie’s Disease Institute.

Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PDI natural Peyronie's disease treatment method?

Simply put, we attack Peyronie’s disease from both the inside and outside at the same time – to overwhelm it.  This is a serious and well-designed approach of Peyronie’s disease natural treatment. No one else does it like PDI. The Peyronie’s Disease Institute natural treatment combines a large variety of both internal and external natural therapies. This combination of natural therapies “gangs up” on the fibrous PD scar or lump. This highly diversified approach provides vitamin E, l-arginine, fibrin-digesting enzymes, PABA etc. that are important for soft tissue healing, especially Peyronie’s disease. In short, it fills the gaps and deficiencies that might be contributing to your current inability to heal your Peyronie’s disease.

Conservative natural treatment first, before more radical steps taken

Self-treatment starts with all nutrients taken at a low dosage.  Then slowly increase each dosage until reduction of the scar tissue begins.  Continue at that dosage level for as long as the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar tissue continues to decrease.  Over time, the body absorbs the scar material thus eliminating the cause of the bent penis. Above all, this conservative natural treatment is an option for those who do not want to “wait and see how bad your curved penis will get, and then do surgery.” If you have been looking for a serious and well-designed natural healing system specifically for Peyronie’s disease, this is it.

Peyronie’s disease treatment noes in detail

You will be impressed with the helpful notes you receive that explain exactly how to use the PDI treatment method. 

With 12-22 pages of detailed notes, depending on the plan size, you will know exactly what to do at each step of the way.   There is no guessing with the PDI method.  You will be able to say organized and in control of your treatment plan.  Also, you will know how to increase treatment dosages safely and effectively.

PDI tells you how to change your treatment dosages and strategy if your progress stalls. This is critical.  You will be able to evaluate your scar and curved penis for evidence of progress. This information is a baseline for comparison to guide your treatment dosages from beginning to end

PDI encourages you to share this Peyronie’s disease treatment information with your local physician. Your doctor will know what you are doing, and can participate with you, although it is not required.

What results can I expect from my Peyronie's disease treatment?

Peyronie’s Disease Institute gets 8-10 reports about moderate to great improvement of the PD lumps and curved penis for every one report of failure.  Men report one or more of the following:

  • Curved penis or distortion improvement, partial or complete
  • Erectile dysfunction improvement, partial or complete
  • Pain reduction, partial or complete
  • Return of lost size, partial or complete

Men who follow our instructions closely usually earn at least some degree of small improvement of their Peyronie’s disease, and oftentimes more than that. Of course, the results people get are variable.  Peyronie’s disease natural treatment results depend on many factors:

  • Size, diversity and balance of the therapy plan
  • Staying true and consistent to the instructions provided
  • Enough time allowed for tissue response
  • Personal health history

How to get better results

Most importantly, they are committed to recovery.  They tend to more aggressive and exact in following suggestions.  Men who do best with their Peyronie’s disease natural treatment use larger plans. They use them faithfully and aggressively for at least several months. Partial, brief and irregular treatment does not get good results.  Poorest results occur for those who use only a small part of the standard plans. In addition, they do not follow the instructions they are given.  Like most things in life, those who do more get better results.

Penis surgery limits results

Those who have had prior Peyronie’s surgery can see improvement after natural treatment.  However, the improvement is not as good as when there has been no penis surgery.  To clarify, increased scar formation and tissue loss after penis surgery complicates – but does not eliminate – the ability to heal.

How do I get started with my PDI natural treatment?

Peyronie’s disease treatment is not difficult, but it does take commitment:

Look at the different plans 

Read through the PDI website.  If you wish, share this information about natural Peyronie’s disease treatment with your local treating physician. Decide which of the three Peyronie’s disease natural treatment plans meets your needs.

LARGE PDI treatment plan 

MEDIUM PDI treatment plan 

SMALL PDI treatment plan 

However, we usually recommend that a person use the largest plan he can afford to use for at least three months. Larger plans work better than smaller plans.

Use your plan faithfully and exactly 

Carefully follow your plan for at least 3-4 months, taking the internal and external therapies 2-3 times a day. This allows enough time and opportunity to get your dosage levels up to therapeutic levels, and for your tissue to respond to therapy. If you cannot self-treat your Peyronie’s disease as we suggest, then perhaps it might be better to wait until you can.

Understand what you are doing

Remember these are not drugs. These are natural therapies taken to assist a natural process.  In other words, they can not make your body do anything.  They allow certain natural processes to happen because of improved nutrition. Natural therapies only assist your body to do the important work of healing to the best of its ability.  Be patient with yourself and the healing process.  It takes time. Lastly, ask for help and ask questions as needed. Our help and information will impress you.  Email all questions to

How long have you used your natural system to treat Peyronie's disease, and how many men have you helped?

Early success

Dr. Herazy developed Peyronie’s disease in 2002.  At that time, he was working with three MDs in a holistic clinic.  They all worked together for two years to help him.  After much trial-and-error, he eventually eliminated his PD.  

They all began using this new treatment approach in their clinic for Peyronie’s disease.  Early results were moderate to marked success in 70-80% of men treated.

Current success rate

Currently, PDI receives 8-10 reports of moderate to marked improvement of Peyronie’s disease, for every one report of failure.  17 years later, Dr. Herazy’s Peyronie’s disease never returned.  In fact, no man has reported a recurrence of PD after using this form of treatment.  This is a huge success, considering how commonly PD returns after surgery.

Numbers tell the story

PDI has worked with 18,000 men from around the globe.

Length of time men had PD before starting Peyronie’s disease natural treatment with PDI

   80-85% PD cases

   2-5 years

   10-12% PD cases

   6-12+ years

     5-10% PD cases

   1 year or less

Surgical cases

Peyronie’s disease surgery is seldom a final answer to this problem.  PD frequently returns in less than five years after surgery.  Recurrence in one year happens often.  Most of these cases of PD are worse the second time than the first.

Five to 15% of men start with PDI after having one or more penis surgeries.  These men benefit from natural treatment, but to a lesser degree, and with greater effort.

How long does it take to start seeing results from this natural Dupuytren's treatment?

There is no direct answer to this question. It is best to explain what happens in most cases, showing the wide range of responses that happen. First, it is important to understand that the Peyronie’s disease healing process is variable for many reasons. 

  • Age of the individual
  • Age and severity of the Peyronie’s disease 
  • Genetic factors
  • General health history
  • History of penis surgery and trauma 
  • Use of Xiaflex (collagenase)
  • Use and abuse of PDE5 inhibitor drugs (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis)
  • Sexual activity levels and practices while having Peyronie’s disease
  • Size and balance of natural treatment plan
  • How correctly the natural treatment plan is used
  • Time allowed for treatment with natural treatment plan

Evaluate improvement in two ways

Men who respond (70-80%) will notice a variable amount of improvement after 1-3 months of correctly applied natural Peyronie’s treatment.  These early changes are reduction of the size, shape, density and surface features of the fibrous PD scar tissue, reduced pain, and/or improved erection quality.  Later, after these early internal tissue changes start there will then be improvement of the penis distortion. Once the fibrous tissue begins to soften and shrink, it can take up to an additional 6-12 months to reach the final level of improvement of the penis curvature; healing takes time.  This final point of maximum healing is also variable; positive changes in penis curvature range from minor to complete improvement.

Who can tell

Old severe cases of Peyronie’s disease sometimes respond surprisingly well, and recent mild cases sometimes do not respond well.  There are always surprises with Peyronie’s disease.

How much does you natural Peyronie's disease treatment cost?

Cost for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment depends on how you do it.  For example, people who use lower dosages will have lower costs than the prices shown below. Those who use higher dosages will have higher costs.

LARGE PDI treatment plan – Starting cost is $383.04.  On average, the cost is $85-110 per month to keep this plan going.

MEDIUM PDI treatment plan – Starting cost is $219.24.  On average, the cost is $75-95 per month to keep this plan going.

SMALL PDI treatment plan – Starting cost is $163.00.  On average, the cost is $70-90 per month to keep this plan going.

Bottom line 

Cost is always important.  However, getting rid of Peyronie’s disease is also important.  Above all, treat your Peyronie’s disease as best you can.  Use the largest plan you can afford to use for at least three months.  This gives your best chance for success.

My doctor wants to wait for my PD scars and curved penis to get worse before he does penis surgery. Should I wait before trying your Peyronie's disease natural treatment?

Natural Peyronie’s disease treatment is different from surgery.  There is no reason to wait as far as natural therapy is concerned. The sooner natural treatment is started, the smaller the problem. Simply, it is easier to heal a smaller bend in the penis than a larger bend.

Reasons for wait-and-see approach

Two reasons medical doctors suggest waiting 12-18 months after Peyronie’s disease starts, before doing penis surgery:

  1. Give the Peyronie’s disease a chance to go away by itself. You see, half of all cases of PD self-cure. Medical standards say to allow time for natural recovery, before doing surgery. This is why PDI uses all these different therapies.  It is a serious effort to help the body self-heal.
  2. The doctor is waiting for the Peyronie’s disease to get bad enough to justify the risks and side effects of penis surgery.  Delay of penis surgery is not about helping your Peyronie’s disease.  It helps the surgeon for the Peyronie’s disease to be worse.  This way the doctor can defend himself if a bad outcome results in a lawsuit.  In other words, the worse the problem before surgery, the worse the problem can be after surgery.

Lastly, it makes sense to keep a small problem small.

My Peyronie's disease returned and my bent penis got worse after surgery. Can I still try your natural treatment method?

Yes, you can use Peyronie’s disease natural treatment after failed Peyronie’s disease surgery.  There is no reason to avoid natural self-treatment. Since 2002, PDI has not received a complaint about side effects or any complications.

After penis surgery

However, there is something else to consider.  Self-healing becomes more difficult after any penis surgery. After all, the penis is not the same after Peyronie’s disease surgery:

  • Thicker layers of Peyronie’s disease inside
  • Scarring outside
  • Less normal tissue
  • Nerve damage
  • Reduced blood flow

For these reasons, Peyronie’s surgery limits what natural treatment can do for you.  However, for those who are desperate for relief, any small improvement feels huge.  PDI treatment can help make small tissue changes resulting in big improvement after bad surgery.

Help nature heal

The body always heals to the best of its ability.  Nature works that way.  Give Peyronie’s disease natural treatment a good honest effort.  See what can happen.

Is this natural therapy program a cure for Peyronie's disease?

The PDI natural treatment method does not cure Peyronie’s disease. However, no drug or surgery can claim to be a cure, either.  Only you, your natural ability to heal and repair, can cure your Peyronie’s disease. As explained below, the body is not completely helpless against Peyronie’s disease.

Variable reaction to Peyronie’s disease

Three things happen in the bent penis when Peyronie’s disease starts.  The body can…

  1. cure the Peyronie’s disease naturally without treatment. It happens without fanfare. The penis lump and curved penis just slowly fade away.  It is difficult to determine how often Peyronie’s disease is naturally self-cured.  Estimates range from 10-50% cases of self-healing.
  2. have difficulty curing the Peyronie’s disease for some reason. After starting to heal, the effort weakens and stalls.  Subsequently, the penis lump and curved penis can stay small and variable for years. That is to say, a partial or incomplete cure happens. In these cases, the PD does not cause too many personal issues.
  3. not cure the Peyronie’s disease for some reason. This happens in half or more cases. As the penis lump enlarges, more pain, ED, penis curvature and complications can develop. Gradually PD becomes a larger personal problem.

If you are in this last group, you have a decision to make.  You can try to help yourself heal the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue, or you can have surgery.

Peyronie’s disease natural treatment

Remember, for a large number of men the Peyronie’s disease will self-heal. This suggests a direction for treatment. You can try to do a better job of getting rid of it naturally. If half of the men do it, why not you?  All you have to do is try to help yourself heal better than you are now.

We receive 8-10 reports of moderate to great success in reducing Peyronie’s disease, for every one report of failure.  Of course, it is necessary to use a good treatment plan and use it correctly.  The PDI approach is not a cure for Peyronie’s disease.  It only helps you do better what you should have done in the first place.  

How do I get started?

Before starting, take a moment to learn about PDI’s Peyronie’s disease treatment ideas.    

After that, select one of these plans. Each one is a well-balanced way to start your Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.  Please click here for more information about each PDI plan:

LARGE PDI treatment plan 

MEDIUM PDI treatment plan 

SMALL PDI treatment plan 

Which one should you use?  That is your decision.  However, like many things in life, the more you do the more you get.  Applying this logic to Peyronie’s treatment, the larger the plan you use the more likely you will get the results you want for your bent penis.

Modify your Peyronie’s treatment

You can modify any of the following Peyronie’s treatment plans. You can add, subtract or modify any plan. Just order the items separately. Regardless, each of these Peyronie’s treatment plans is a good starting point that can be custom tailored to suit your thinking. You do not have to use each item available.

Work hard on this problem.  There is no way to predict how much you can help yourself.  You have to try.

Are there any side effects or bad reactions from using this natural Peyronie’s treatment?

No side effects

PDI started in 2002. Since then, no one has reported any serious side effect or reaction.  We simply do not get complaints about new problems after starting PDI care.    

Men with a history of prior GI complaints and stomach sensitivity might develop mild gas or temporary diarrhea.  This happens in 1-5% of customers.  To control it, they just lower their enzyme intake for a few days.  Afterward, the colon settles down and symptoms stop.  Then then slowly increase the enzymes very slowly.  This gives the gut time to adjust to the enzymes. Later, no more gas or diarrhea.  

Even so, men with no history of prior stomach or intestinal illness do not have complaints.  Not even diarrhea or gas.

I took vitamin E for my Peyronie’s disease and it did not help. Why should I take all these other vitamins and things?

Vitamin E deficiency does not cause Peyronie’s disease.  In other words, taking vitamin E by itself will not cure Peyronie’s disease.  When taken alone, it does not boost the healing process of the body.

Vitamin E combined with others

Vitamin E is not a drug.  However, you took it by itself as if it is a drug.  Drugs work best when taken alone.  Vitamin E is an important nutrient.  Nutrients work as part of a series of other nutrients, like an assembly line.  Nutrients work best when taken together.  

No wonder nothing happened.  No food in nature contains only one vitamin, one mineral, or one enzyme. Nutrients work together in groups. Taking just one type of nutrient at a time, any nutrient, is far from ideal.

Many nutrients for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment

Many nutrients are involved in normal soft tissue metabolism. Vitamin E is only one of them.  Acetyl-L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, PABA, vitamins E and C, L-arginine, etc., and many amino acids are used to build and repair collagen and fibrin. They are what you need to heal Peyronie’s disease. Therefore, there is a greater chance of success when all nutrients work together in a balanced and aggressive Peyronie’s Disease natural treatment plan.

Lastly, PDI gives you all the information you need to use all your therapy products correctly.  No one guesses about PDI natural therapy.

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