Peyronie’s Disease Institute Survey

PDI has conducted an online survey asking many questions concerning various aspects of health and habits of men who have Peyronie’s disease. This survey has changed slightly over the five years it has been conducted. These changes and additions have been in response to emerging trends of information about Peyronie’s disease treatment and the men who have this problem.

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Many of you blog readers have completed the Peyronie’s Disease Institute’s symptom survey, and for that I thank you. For those who have not answered that survey, I encourage you to do so at Peyronie's survey.

The value of contributing to the survey has been proven in many ways. In fact, it was the strong trend of digestive symptoms that many men with Peyronie’s disease indicated in the survey, that prompted interest in looking at this as a possible direction of additional care. As a result, the inclusions of the dietary therapy concepts were developed that are now a part of the PDI treatment format. For complete details of those dietary suggestions to reduce stress upon the digestive tract in men with Peyronies, please refer to the large chapter in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” that is available at Peyronie's Disease Handbook

I continue to monitor and assess the answers from the PDI survey daily. There are several different trends (low back flexibility, circulation of the hands, cold sores and production of stomach hydrochloric acid) that I continue to monitor. In addition, there are a few larger patterns taking shape as the numbers of survey responses continues to grow with each passing day.

As a side note concerning the PDI survey, if there is anyone out in the large audience of this blog, who has some insight or nagging question about the cause or treatment of Peyronie’s disease and would like to submit a question for possible inclusion in the Peyronies survey, please submit it here to the Peyronie's forum blog.


Peyronie’s Disease Time to Heal

Healing Peyronie's disease requires special patience

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Making progress and wanting to see improvement with Peyronie’s disease is on every man’s mind as soon as he starts his treatment plan. To understand how this works, you really need to understand Peyronie's disease treatment philosophy. Allow me to share a metaphor that describes what I think about this “progress” issue.

Suppose you wake up one morning and your house is really cold — it's 50 degrees inside. You quickly turn on the heat. Ten minutes later you notice that your house doesn't feel any warmer. You check the thermostat again, and son of a gun, it still shows 50 degrees.

Two things are happening at this early stage of heating your home: First, you are trying to remember what the temperature felt like ten minutes earlier, and realistically you cannot do it. This is difficult because you are not trained or experienced in that kind of thing, and your body is not built – neither you nor I have a nerve system – that can detect any kind of small incremental change in temperature that would possibly take place in three minutes. Second, the thermostat on your wall is not sensitive enough to pick up such a small temperature rise that would take place in ten minutes. A scientific thermostat could pick up a fractional rise in temperature, but your standard home thermostat is not built to detect these small changes.

But, you know the furnace is on; you hear the furnace and you see the drapes moving, so you know that something is going on. You know things are going on even though you cannot detect change at this early stage. Further, you realize you are being impatient because you are uncomfortable. When you stop to consider what needs to be done to raise the temperature 15-20 degrees in order for you to be comfortable again, you realize you just have not given the furnace enough time to do the job.

Well, how much time do you have to give that furnace to do the job? A good question. The amount of time to raise the temperature one degree will be not only different from house to house, but also different from day to day in the same house. If it is really windy outside one day, or below zero one day, or if it is nighttime as compared to daytime, or if you left the back door open, all of these things make a difference in how long it will take to warm up your house. No two houses are the same, after all. So, who can predict? Does that mean you turn off the thermostat after ten minutes because the house is still cold and you are impatient? No, you just hunker down and try to be patient while things slowly and gradually happen around you.

The real problem is not that the furnace is not working, or that the house is not actually warming up ever so slightly, the real problem, my friend, is that you do not possess a good way to measure the progress you are hoping you are making from minute to minute. The problem with the reality of life is that the colder it is, the more important it is to heat up the house, the more impatient we get with that furnace, even if it is doing as good a job as it can do.

Getting back to PD, what you need to do is to accurately determine and document the size, shape, density and surface quality of your scar tissue. That can be a real challenge to do well. I examine people all day long, and I still sometimes have a difficult time grading and evaluating the condition of your Peyronie's plaque or scars. Read the section from my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” that describes in detail how to monitor the small changes in your scar and curvature as you undergo your therapy plan. It is vital that you do this. The correct way to monitor the progress is via the condition of your Peyronie's plaque, not your curved penis.

Believe me, I fully understand your impatience and urgency in wanting to get your sex life back to normal. When I was treating my own PD, it was a constant struggle to not expect too much too soon.

I am always concerned that the men I work with do not allow themselves enough time to respond to their therapy programs. Many men tell me they will wait to judge their progress after the first 30 days of care. In most cases this time horizon is way too short to be fair to anyone. When someone tells me they will give it until the end of their first supply of therapy products, I know I am dealing with someone who is not being realistic with himself or his situation.

In my work with Peyronie’s disease, I came to an interesting and logical theory about how this whole problem gets started for a lot of men. You know that trauma, a large or small injury directly to the male organ, is the usual way that Peyronie’s disease is said to get started. That makes sense, except that a lot of men swear up and down that they do not recall any injury happening.

What I think very often happens is this: A man injures himself, but there is so much time that passes between the injury and the time that he first notices any change down there that he does not put the two events together. It is because of the length of time between one thing and the other thing, that the two events are never connected. Almost like having sex and then nine months later, a baby comes out. If this is true, what this should say to you is that it takes time for the scar to develop and it will take an even longer time for the scar to heal, if it is going to.

How about another metaphor? It takes a second to break a bone, and 6-8 weeks for it to heal. I hope you get the point.

Be patient with yourself. Try to keep in mind the immense job you have undertaken and the true complexity of what you are attempting to do. Stay focused to your success.


Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Philosophy – General Comments

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment philosophy for dealing with Peyronie’s disease is not accepted within the medical community. You should know the PDI opinions and Peyronie's disease treatment philosophy are not current mainstream medical thinking, although PDI has assisted a dozen or more MDs with their Peyronies problem in the last few years.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute philosophy for Peyronie’s treatment is different from standard medical thinking in two fundamental ways.

1. PDI recommends using mainstream Alternative Medicine therapy products (vitamin E, copper copper, DMSO, enzymes, etc.), and procedures like a special gentle manual penis stretching technique we have developed, and acupuncture). These are recommended even though they have not fulfilled the testing standards usually required of medication.

2. PDI has found after seven years of review and research that taking multiple therapies, all at the same time, in sufficient quantities as described on its website that it often stimulates or supports some degree of improved ability to heal and repair the famous Peyronie’s plaque or scar. The scientific term for this phenomenon is "synergy".

The specific therapy products used by PDI are well known and generally accepted as important, and often essential, for health and well being, such as vitamin E, MSM, acetyl-L-carnitine, etc. However, what is unique is that PDI advocates these therapy products are used in combination and in significant number for maximum potential effect and benefit. This synergistic concept of therapy used by PDI to treat PD takes advantage of the affect of synergy – a concept that is very well known in medical practice. Synergy is the ability of two or more substances to work together to produce a total effect greater than what each individual therapy could produce by itself. 

This Peyronie’s disease treatment concept is based on simple observations about this problem:

· Why do some men completely recover from Peyronie’s disease without treatment? You know, this happens in about half of the case.

· Why do some men get worse and need surgery, no matter what treatment they try?

· If the Peyronie’s plaque is similar to scars like I have on other parts of my body, why does it seem to change so much – not only the size, shape, and density of the scar, but also the location?

· If it’s actually the same problem among all the men who have it, why does Peyronies vary so much from one man to the next?

· What’s the difference between the two groups of men whose Peyronie’s disease goes away on its own, and the other in which it only gets worse no matter what they do for it?

· What is the fundamental difference between these two groups of different responses?

· How can I join the group that repairs and eliminates the Peyronie’s plaque and reverses the bent penis of PD?

Certainly , no one has complete or easy answers to this questions – yet. However, I think it makes perfect sense that the man whose Peyronie’s disease simply goes away on its own has a better healing capacity, than another man whose PD never improves. It cannot be a mater of luck; nature is just not that way. It is my opinion that you can increase your healing capacity and become healthier in some yet undetermined way so you are able to heal your Peyronie’s scar and reverse your Peyronie’s bend to the best of your ability.

The fact that some men are able to recover better than others, must mean there is variable − not static − capacity to healing and repair among men. Common sense and generally accepted knowledge about health, nutrition, and the healing process offers you and I the foundation for a treatment concept and philosophy that should improve your chances to recover from Peyronie’s disease better than if you did nothing to enhance your ability to heal. It is really as simple and direct as that.  The Peyronie’s plaque found within and on the tunica albuginea can be seen as an expression or extension of the overall health and healing potential of the body in which it occurs. Similar to an ulcer, a Peyronie’s plaque or scar can be thought of as the result of abnormal body chemistry and physiology. As such, treatment of Peyronie’s disease should attempt to improve that distressed or abnormal chemistry and physiology of the penile tissue in which the plaque is found.




All therapy products, nutrients, techniques and ideas presented by PDI are all directly or indirectly intended to improve the chemistry and physiology of the body in general and plaque elimination in the tunica specifically. The end result of this effort should be a healthier person with healthier tissue that can heal better. That is the reason all Peyronie’s therapy items are selected on the basis of their potential to improve or normalize the chemistry and physiology of the tunica of the penis and the foreign plaque material.



This Peyronie's treatment philosophy is not offered as though we have an absolute Peyronie's cure, not at all.   While we have a high success rate, it is not an absolute cure in that sense. It is merely presented as a way to treat the man who has Peyronie's disease, because  we all know this happens in 50% of the cases – so it can be done, and it is being done.  PDI is merely offering a way to increase your potential to join the ranks of the men whose Peyronie's plaque is healed naturally.  The only difference is that you are doing specific things in a deliberate and methodical manner to heal yourself better than you did the first time around.


Peyronie’s Disease Institute adopts the judgment of Mayo Clinic concerning Peyronie’s disease when it stated. ”early stage disease [of Peyronie’s disease] is reputed to respond better than well-established plaques, an early trial of inexpensive, safe and well-tolerated oral therapy is often initially recommended. … With advances in the molecular biology of inflammation and wound healing, the management and understanding of this frustrating disease will no doubt improve.”

With this statement in mind, I strongly recommend that any man, in any stage of Peyronie’s disease – no matter how chronic or advanced – should at least investigate the use of synergy created by the combination of several simultaneous non-invasive treatment measures selected on the basis of the best understanding of your problem and the information that is available to you. Peyronie's disease treatment is variable from one man to the next. Because the Alternative Medicine therapies used in Peyronie's disease treatment are intended not to treat the disease but to support and strengthen the man who has the problem, so he can heal and repair it to the best of his ability.  Since we are all different, each man must approach his own search for a Peyronies cure on an individual basis.

When you look at the different therapy products on PDI website, realize that they are intended to increase your ability to heal and repair PD, just as it naturally and spontaneously happens in 50% of the men who develop this condition.   Keeping this in mind should change the way you look not only at Peyronie's disease, but also the way that you consider your relationship to the problem and how you hope to eventually overcome it.

Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method for Penile Curvature

Curved penis manual stretching method

A few days ago a man asked me about Peyronie's treatment using the Peyronie's Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method for penile curvature.  He is one of those who has been using a Peyronie's treatment plan from PDI for a few months, with only slight success at this point, and added the stretching program to his plan in early October so he could get faster results.   He said he thinks there has been some small change in his Peyronie's plaque and curvature, but wants to do more with the stretching concept. So he described how he is doing his Peyronies stretching, and asked my advice.

What disturbed me was that, because he spends many hours a day at his computer, he said he stretches his penis curvature while working on his computer.  I advised him not to do this.  If you carefully listen and watch the penis stretching video you will see that light touch and gentle stretching are continuously emphasized throughout the video program.  It is necessary to constantly think and pay attention to what you are doing so that this is done correctly.  You must pay attention to the immediate response of the tissue to the gentle stretching that is being applied.  In order to be really effective as every man would want it to be, this kind of Peyronies treatment is not something you do while multitasking.

For successful Peyronie's treatment, and to reduce the Peyronie's disease plaque with manual stretching, you must have your mind on what you are doing.  Set some time aside a few times a day, at least 15 minutes each time, to stretch the plaque or scar material.  If you can find more time than 15 minutes, great.  Some men tell me they spend over an hour at a time while watching TV – now that is the kind of multitasking that will work in a Peyronies treatment plan.

To learn the PDI manual penis stretching method, it must be demonstrated; it does not lend itself well to written or oral instructions.  If you want to know more about this process, and see some still pictures of what this stretching Peyronies treatment looks like, and a 30 second YouTube video that shows some clips from the actual penis stretching CD, go to Peyronie's manual penis stretching

Of course, men with Peyronie's disease know about the dangers of mechanical penis stretchers, since this site has written about this many times.