Peyronie's Disease Acupuncture Treatment with Genesen Acutouch Pointers

Genesen Acutouch pens for Peyronie's treatment

So many readers of the Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Blog use the Genesen Acutouch therapy pens and report good tissue changes after Peyronie's treatment with them. For this reason this blog commentary will focus on basic techniques and concepts for their correct use. Please recall that these Genesen Acutouch pens are the same professional quality instruments used to deliver acupuncture treatment for Peyronie's disease.

Many people ask about treating the Peyronies plaque with them, wanting to know if it is better to use the holders that come with the pens or to just hold both pens manually.

The answer is that either methods will work for Peyronies treatment, depending upon each person’s particular response to the therapy. While there is a lot of research behind the development and use of the Genesen Acutouch Pointers by the Korean manufacturer, I would start out closely following their guidelines. Most men find using the Genesen pen holders is more comfortable and convenient, although some say the rigid distance that the holders mandate is not as effective for them as a slightly greater/lesser distance. Each user must feel free to experiment with the Genesen Acutouch instruments or pens – be creative – and use the approach that delivers the greatest “reaction” that is described on the PDI website.

Some men get confused about pen tip placement around the Peyronies scar. It is important to remember to keep the pen tips 1/8 to ¼” from the edges of scar. If a scar is ¼” in size, that means your pointers are rather close to each other, and if a scar is 3” in size your pointers are considerably farther apart. The idea is to get the pens to deliver the current through the substance of the scar – whatever its size. Since the manufacturer’s holder keeps them 1 1/2 inches apart, I would work with that distance too, especially if the scar is smaller than 1¼” in size. Even if it is pea-size, try keeping the pens in the holder and stay farther away than the 1/8 to ¼” distance from the edges that I just mentioned. You see, there are no rules, just guidelines that should eventually result in greater reactivity. Break most any rule I give you about the Genesen pens, to see if you can generate a stronger or more dependable reaction. Stand on your head in the corner, if it seems to give you the greatest response.

The Genesen pens are extremely popular for good reason; they are effective, easy to use, inexpensive compared to going to an acupuncturist at $90-$125 a visit, and very convenient to use in the privacy of your own home.

Each set of Genesen pens comes with my own 10 pages of notes that I created for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. These outline some very common and popular treatment protocols. Any of these could be used by an acupuncturist who might easily needle these for you. The big advantage of the Genesen pens is that you can treat yourself in this very same manner, any time of the day or night, and several times a week, as you wish. You can really concentrate your treatment with frequent care for best results, without going broke.

Consider adding the Genesen Acutouch pens to your therapy lineup if you are not seeing the kind of results you want.


Peyronie's Disease Treatment to Bring Back Lost Length and Girth

Here is a very brief but informative email exchange about Peyronie’s disease treatment I had just today with a man who I know has a fairly advanced case of PD.

From: XXXXX, XXXXXXXX [mailto:XXXXXXX@XXXX] Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 10:52 AM

Hi Dr. Herazy,

I have noticed decrease in length and girth. Can this be brought back to original size? Can the remedies you recommend help change this back?

What do you suggest in terms of remedies or therapies? I look forward to hearing from you.



Greetings XXXXXX,

Men note partial or complete recovery from lost dimensions when using:

1. General Peyronies treatment from the PDI when applied in an aggressive and faithful way often brings back a good part of lost dimensions, sometimes complete.

2. PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique© video. This is a very direct way to stretch the Peyronies plaque material and reduce the contraction that causes lost length especially.


Theodore Herazy, DC, LAc
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Peyronie’s Disease Plaque Fibrin Patterns

Peyronie’s plaque is the heart of the problem

Peyronie’s disease is an abnormal collection of fibrous pathological tissue in the deep tissue layers within the substance of the tunica albuginea and the Peyronies plaque; it is also characterized by excessive deposition of collagen within that same plaque material. Even thought the cause of Peyronie’s disease remains unknown, direct injury or repeated small trauma is most often thought to be the two most likely inciting events eventually resulting in Peyronie’s disease.

Materials and Methods

To understand the onset and cause of the Peyronie’s disease plaque or scar tissue that is always present in every case of PD, it is necessary to follow a simple approach that examines for the presence of collagen, elastic fiber, and fibrin content within the PD plaque material and evaluate its distribution.

Peyronies plaque or scar tissue specimens were taken from 33 Peyronie’s disease patient volunteers, and control penile tissue samples and nodular tissue samples were taken from eight patients with Dupuytren’s contracture (a related and similar problem of the hand). These samples were analyzed to determine collagen staining characteristics, and patterns of elastic tissue distribution. In addition, plaque tissue from another 19 Peyronie’s disease patients, control tissue and nodular tissue from Dupuytren’s disease were also analyzed for fibrin in these same samples.


Abnormally stained collagen was found in 32 of 33 plaque specimens (97%), disrupted elastic fibers in 31 of 33 plaque specimens (94%), and abnormal fibrin deposits were also found in plaque tissue from 18 of 19 patients (95%). None of these abnormalities were located in normal or scared tunica from control patients.


These findings of fibrin deposits in Peyronie’s plaque tissue is consistent with the concept that repetitive injury and disruption of the small blood vessels and capillaries of the area results in fibrin deposition in the tissue space and has served to provide insights into the pathophysiology of Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Results

Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine Peyronie’s disease treatment

Many people want to know about the effectiveness of this Alternative Medicine method for Peyronie’s disease treatment that is being used by the Peyronie's Disease Institute.

All day long I deal with men from around the world – like you – who do not have to report back to me. I have no control about how, if, and when anyone uses their various Peyronies therapy.  The information presented on the PDI website is available for people to use, and there is little to be done to assure the ideas and information is used correctly. In the casual relationship we both enter into, there is no guarantee you or anyone else will use any of these products as I suggest they be used.

You know how people can be.  I can only hope the suggestions I make are given fair consideration, and application of my suggestions and ideas are made in the correct way. PDI has no way of knowing how any of these procedures are being used.  This is a most important point to consider because how these products are used determines the results that are earned. PDI stresses the importance of multiple therapies to maximize the effectiveness of synergy, and this is where most of the discussion of treating PD seems to center: How to go about creating a synergistic effect and how much to develop for the best response possible.

I get back bits and pieces of information from men, here and there. But guys are guys, and so the feedback I receive back is limited in relation to the large amount of time, effort and information I put out to the PD community. But from the information I receive on an irregular basis, I can tell you candidly I see strong evidence that the more that a person does to knock that scar out of the tissue the greater the synergistic effect and the greater the likelihood for success.

Peyronie's treatment and synergy

From an Alternative Medicine perspective, success in treating Peyronie’s disease comes down to synergy. You recall that synergy (sin’-er-je) is the interaction of two or more substances or forces that when combined tends to produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. A short explanation of synergy is “1 + 1 +1 = 5”. Taber’s medical dictionary defines it as “the harmonious action of two agents such as drugs, or organs such as muscles, producing an effect which neither alone could produce, or an effect that may result which is greater than the total effects of each agent operating by itself”.

The Peyronie’s treatment philosophy of PDI  makes a lot of sense when you think about taking advantage of the power of synergy.  We are suggesting that you take advantage of a simple and frequently seen phenomenon that occurs all around us every day, just as in other applications commonly seen in medical practice, architecture, agriculture, or any other part of life. The synergistic effect applies in countless areas and situations, and treatment of Peyronie’s disease is no different. Therefore, the synergy of multiple therapies selected from successful PD research and studies should result in an improved ability of the body to heal and repair.

While most men agree that the concept of synergy can be used to their benefit, they seem reluctant to use it. Why this is so is a matter of speculation. For the most part their hesitance to employ synergy aggressively with multiple therapies is based on financial considerations (money problems) or skepticism and caution that this process is too good to be true (fear of being lied to). In response to both of these possible reasons, PDI has done as much as possible to clear the way to effective use of these synergy therapy principles.

For those who have money troubles we have placed prices that are the most competitive and discounted possible. For those who are skeptical and concerned about being given false hope, PDI has taken great lengths to document the research and effectiveness of the many therapies that are used. For the most part, personal opinions are avoided and research results are used to explain our choices. The rest is up to the reader. Either this form of therapy makes sense or it does not. It either is something that appeals to you or it does not. You either understand the concept of synergy or you don’t.  It is the reason that MDs have so much trouble with patients when they start putting them on more than one drug – when combined, the synergistic effect of multiple drugs begins to magnify, often causing drug reactions that most people have come to be concerned about.  In the area of Alternative Medicine the synergistic results tend to be beneficial because the substances are basically beneficial and desirable to the organism. When given in large measure the results earned from Alternative Medicine measures tend to be positive and enforce a positive response.

No guarantee for Peyronie's disease treatment

Peyronies is an extremely tough problem.  No one can promise results for ANY health care problem, let alone PD.  You know, some people never recover from a common cold, and some people can have a broken bone that does not heal.  No reasonable person can make guarantees of success.  So much is yet unknown about PD that we are still working on the treatment concepts.  You must do your best, do as much as you can, and do it for enough time for your tissue to respond.

How well you respond to this form of Peyronies treatment is dependent on your effort. Like the old saying goes, “You get out of it what you put into it.”  If you want to develop your own personal Peyronie's cure you must be ready to work for it. PDI will help you.

Tricks for Successful Peyronies Treatment

Hints for better results with Peyronie's treatment

Here are a few little tricks that I developed and discovered when I was actively treating my own Peyronie’s disease.  While none of these are earth-shaking or terribly ingenious, these ideas can make your life easier and your Peyronie's treatment plan just a little more effective in the long run.

See if these strategies fit into your way of doing things:

1.      Keep a bottle of enzymes on your bathroom sink.  When you get up to urinate in the middle of the night, it is a good time to take an extra 1 or 2 or 3 Neprinol pills or other enzymes.  This will keep your blood level  saturated while there is no additional food in your system for several more hours.  Night time is a good time for using Neprinol as a primary enzyme treatment.

2.      Get in the habit of watching TV at night with a hot water bottle on top of your scar.   Make your TV time productive so you can d some simple Peyronie's treatment while you are relaxing.

3.      Get in the habit of watching TV at night while you are doing some of the soft tissue massage you learned from the “Massage and Exercise” video.  Make your TV time productive.

4.      Keep your vitamins and enzymes away from heat and sunlight.  Don’t keep them in the car when it is warm outside.  Even a few hours of exposure can reduce potency.

5.      A large “X” written on top of the therapy bottles you take with food will help you to quickly pick them out from the others.  A large “O” written on top of the therapies you take on an empty stomach will do the same for your enzymes.

6.      Place your vitamin case or your bag of enzymes out in the open, on top of your desk at work, or in a place where you will easily see it, to keep you from forgetting to take them as you should.

7.      Sort and divide up all of your vitamins and enzymes once a day, in different containers or small plastic bags you can take with you.  It is more efficient than opening and closing all those bottles two or three times a day.

8.      If you find that you have a difficult time swallowing a large number of pills at a time, or that your throat is getting irritated by the frequent swallowing of pills over a period of time, try this. Instead of using cold water to wash the pills down, try using warm water. It seems to be more relaxing to the muscles of the throat and does not cause a tightening of the esophagus the way cold water does.  Try it.

9.      Incorporate the use of a water-based lubricant (like KY) into your sexual activity, even if you do not think it is absolutely necessary.  This will protect you from possible friction injury.

10. In the missionary position, place a pillow below her hips/pelvis to raise her up a little.  This changes the angle of entry if you have a curvature problem.  It can sometimes make a significant difference.  If you are having a lot of sexual problems, go "Peyronie's Disease and Sex"  to learn about improving your love life.

11. Go to the PDI website to learn about the Erektor external penile support device.  If you have ED or erectile dysfunction because of your Peyronie's disease, or if your curvature or distortion is so bad that you are afraid to try intercourse because it might injure your penis again if you penis bends or buckles during insertion, then you definitely need the help and support of an Erektor device.  These are wonderful custom-made supports that will open up a whole new world of sexual activity for you if you find yourself denied by the limits of Peyronie's disease.