Peyronie’s treatment breakthrough

Non-drug Peyronie’s breakthrough

When someone thinks of a Peyronie’s breakthrough most commonly a miracle drug, like Xiaflex for  Peyronie’s disease treatment might come to mind.  Yet, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute has brought several key ideas and therapies to the Peyronies community in the last few years, any one of which could be called a Peyronie’s breakthrough.

Peyronies breakthrough treatment concepts

Several different and new Peyronies treatment ideas and products developed by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute since 2002, in addition to improvements over existing concepts known to the medical community.

A genuine Peyronies breakthrough is the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© The basic idea of stretching the Peyronie’s scar to straighten the bent and contracted tissue is not new. Because there is considerable profit in this devices, the idea has been overrun by copycats who use a mechanical penis stretching device to make the penis straighter in spite of the Peyronie’s plaque. After talking to many men who were injured by these ineffective and dangerous mechanical penis stretching devices, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute investigated the subject. After a two year research project, PDI developed a safe, effective and affordable technique that is very effective when combined with a traditional aggressively designed PD therapy plan.

The CD for this new Peyronies breakthrough treatment clearly demonstrates how to gently stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis – something totally new in the world of Peyronie’s disease treatment – to improve the six basic types of PD deformities:
1. Twist
2. Curve
3. Bend
4. Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
5. Hourglass
6. Bottleneck
Further, additional information is included that explains how to successfully stretch a combination of distortions, since very often two or more penis distortions appear together.

Peyronie’s breakthrough research

The PDI research group to develop the idea of a safe and effective manual stretching technique consisted of 10 men, all of whom:

1. Were 40 to 72 years of age,

2. Had PD four to eight years,

3. Had penile curvature from 40° to100°, that had not changed in over six months,

4. Stayed under medical supervision during the project,

5. Failed with at least two different medical therapies without help (POTABA, verapamil, cholchicine, cortisone, etc.),

Within six months, of the 10 research participants:
8 – saw moderate to significant improvement of curvature,
2 – saw no progress with their curvature, and
10 – (100%) saw moderate to marked improvement of sexual ability.

Those eight participants who earned moderate to significant correction of their Peyronies distortion, also used an aggressive PD therapy plan of vitamins, minerals, herbs, PDI Massage and Exercise program or Genesen Acutouch Pointers during the penis stretching research. None just stretched the penis; that would only result in penis enlargement, and that is not the PDI goal. All men added the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© into an already large and actively pursued Alternative Medicine therapy plan designed to reverse and eliminate their PD scar. As a result, eight of 10 men noticed an abrupt and significant objective and subjective improvement of their symptoms.

For those interested in learning about a true Peyronie’s breakthrough treatment, go to Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©

Peyronie’s disease self treatment for a curved penis

PDI – the leader in Peyronies disease self treatment

Every now and then I get an email from someone wanting to know if I know anything about self treatment to reduce the curved penis of Peyronie's disease.

This is always surprising since it is so obvious to me that the major topic of the entire Peyronie’s Disease Institute web site is all about using Peyronies natural treatments that every man can manage for himself.

The way that PDI helps someone learn about and work with Peyronies disease self treatment is by first explaining about the different therapies, then offering detailed information about putting together an effective Peyronies treatment plan, and lastly by being available to answer questions and make suggestions if problems arise during care.

The general topics of discussion and product availability that are part of a larger Peyronies disease self treatment plan include:

1. Natural supplements taken internally (vitamin E, vitamin C, PABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, enzymes, herbs, etc.)

2. Homeopathic medicine (Scar-X)

3. Natural supplements taken externally (vitamin E, copper peptides, DMSO)

4. Energetic medicine (professional grade non-invasive acupuncture therapy equipment, a video about gentle manual stretching of the PD scar, or an additional educational program that is a video about a gentle massage and exercise program)

5. Books (“Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” and “Peyronie’s Disease & Sex”)

For anyone who is interested in Peyronies disease self treatment, it is safe to think that PDI has what you need. PDI has provided help to those who want to help themselves get over their Peyronies since 2002.  If you have any questions about the topic of Peyronie's disease self treatment, please contact Dr. Herazy at

New Peyronies Treatment

Many New Peyronie's Treatment Available

There are several totally different and new Peyronies treatment concepts recently developed by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. These Peyronie’s disease treatment concepts are improvements over existing ideas and information known within the medical community.

The first new Peyronies treatment is the most exciting, and this has to do with the professionally produced CD video that presents the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©. After talking to so many men who were injured by those ineffective and dangerous mechanical penis stretching devices, I decided to investigate the subject. The basic idea of stretching the Peyronie’s scar to reduce the tight and contracted tissue is interesting. So much so, that after a two year research project, PDI developed a safe, sensible, effective and affordable method that actually works and is safe. With this new Peyronies treatment it is possible to manually stretch the scar material because it goes about it in a way that is different from the mechanical penis stretchers.

The CD for this new Peyronies treatment clearly demonstrates how to gently stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis – something totally new in the world of Peyronie’s disease – to improve the six basic types of PD deformities:
1. Twist
2. Curve
3. Bend
4. Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
5. Hourglass
6. Bottleneck
Further, additional information is included that explains how to successfully stretch a combination of distortions, since very often two or more penis distortions appear together.

Synergy as a new Peyronie's treatment

Another new Peyronies treatment concept first presented by PDI is the concept of using a combination of several Alternative Medicine therapies together at the same time to increase the effectiveness of each one. This is a concept called synergy. This new treatment approach to Peyronie’s treatment is the foundation of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute therapy approach. To read more about this concept, go to synergy.

Diet as a new Peyronie's treatment

Next in the way of a new Peyronies treatment is the idea of using diet in the management of PD, that developed from the ongoing research project conducted for almost eight years by Peyronie’s Disease Institute. The dietary treatment approach for Peyronies treatment centers on the idea of closely reducing wide swings of the acid and alkaline balance of the blood. This diet is explained in some detail in the book written by Dr. Theodore Herazy, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Actually, most of the information presented on the website of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute falls into the category of a new Peyronies treatment because in the past, before PDI came into being, only drugs and surgery were considered a serious Peyronie’s disease treatment. Now, many areas of Alternative Medicine are being successfully applied.  PDI has opened wide horizons for new Peyronies treatment.

Peyronie’s Disease Research

Peyronie’s research using Alternative Medicine

The type of Peyronie’s disease research conducted by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute (PDI) is not like the Peyronie’s research performed by the government, universities or large multibillion dollar drug companies.

To begin with, the Peyronie’s disease research of PDI is conducted exclusively in areas of therapeutic interest that do not have great profitability. The Peyronie’s Disease Institute works in the area of Alternative Medicine, meaning the use of vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes and non-invasive procedures that are intended increase the ability of the body to heal and repair the Peyronie’s disease plaque material. The goal of our Peyronie’s disease research is not to cure the body from the outside-in as a drug or surgery attempts –- so far unsuccessfully –- to do. Our goal and our research efforts are intended to work from the inside-out as a way to increase the body’s ability to self-correct the basic injury of Peyronie’s disease.

The body heals and self-corrects itself of a wide variety of conditions. Broken bones heal.  Some cancer will heal without outside help. many kinds of infections and disease processes come and go in a natural process of self-repair if the body is given adequate time and support to allow the normal immune response to occur as it should. What is the old saying? “God heals the body, and the surgeon takes the fee.”

Peyronie’s research projects at Peyronie’s Disease Institute

Peyronie’s disease research activity at the Peyronie’s Disease Institute for the last eight years has involved a few select projects of special interest:

1. Ongoing voluntary and anonymous Peyronie's survey research using online multiple questionnaire, consists of 48 questions, with scores tabulated and recorded for individual assessment and trend development.

As a result of the trend score tabulated, work was done to develop a specialized diet to assist balance of the blood pH more toward the alkaline side of normal. This information is available in the book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”

2. Private individual Peyronie’s disease research with 10 volunteers to develop a gentle manual penis stretching technique that would reduce penile distortion commonly associated with Peyronie’s disease.

As a result of this 12 month Peyronie’s research effort the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© was developed as a totally new and effective way to change the penile distortion associated with Peyronie’s disease.

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Additional Peyronie’s research projects are being considered for investigation into self-treatment with non-invasive self-administered acupuncture point stimulation, massage, and vitamin E therapy.


Peyronies Treatment and the Penis Stretcher

Peyronie's Curved Penis and the Penis Stretcher

This blog report is about the hot Peyronie’s disease treatment topic of penis stretchers, or as they sometimes call an extender, and the long awaited announcement of our new, one-hour PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© CD video.

All of this work and the discovery of yet another way to use Alternative Medicine to treat Peyronie’s disease started because I receive so many questions about the penis stretching devices, and the sad fact that I hear so many bad stories about them. I got tired of telling people why these penis stretcher devices cannot work, describing the common potential dangers they create, their mechanical limitations of use, and the many horror stories I hear from men whose PD started after using a penis stretcher. So, I started with a goal to learn if I could safely and effectively stretch the Peyronies penis, and I did.

A few months ago I wrote in the PD Institute Newsletters that I would soon offer a process that would revolutionize the concept of penis stretching as an improved form of Peyronies treatment. Now, the brand new PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© CD is complete and ready for your review on the PDI website.

There are several very good reasons I looked into, and then developed, this entirely new concept in Peyronie’s disease treatment. Most of these reasons are well known to a large percent of men who have Peyronies treatment and have tried and failed with the commonly advertised mechanical penis stretcher devices, and should be well known to the rest of you for your personal benefit and safety.

From my experience, those over-priced penis stretcher devices you see advertised so heavily as a Peyronies treatment are not effective, and are potentially dangerous to all men with PD.

One aspect of the problem is the inability to wear the stretcher. Makers of these manual devices do not mention on their websites that you should not wear the device for more than two hours at a time – yet they want you to wear it for eight to nine hours a day to achieve results. If you could actually wear the stretcher for the full two hours, this would mean that you would put it on and take it off four or five times a day, with perhaps an hour or two rest periods between each wearing cycle. Most of your day would be spent tending to the stretcher, and you would have to do this for perhaps a year or more!

However, after talking to many hundreds of men over the years I know that most men cannot wear one for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time because of the pain and injury they cause. The pain is not so much caused by actual stretching of the penis, but by the pinching and compression to the head of the penis (glans) that is needed to forcefully hold the penis while it is stretched. Now, I don’t know about you, but my penis does not have a handle on it, so there is no good or easy way for a mechanical stretcher to grab the penis in order to stretch it. Thus, it is necessary to apply a strong and constant pressure directly around and below the glans while the traction force is applied.

I have met a few men who could wear a manual stretcher for up to an hour at a time, but not much more than that. If you are one of the men tough enough to wear one for up to an hour, this would mean most of your waking hours would be spent waiting in pain to either put the stretcher on or take it off. I have met men who had so much pain, tissue erosion and broken blood vessels that they never tried to wear it more than once. I have met men whose Peyronies started after a single use of a manual penis stretcher.

The danger of bruising, blisters and tissue erosion are so common that the instructions that come with the stretcher devices discuss what you should do when – not if – these problems occur. If this level of injury happens to the outside of the penis, it can do similar injury to the delicate tunica albuginea where the real injury of Peyronie’s disease occurs. This is how men get into trouble.

There are other practical problems with the stretchers. These involve common issues of daily living like wearing clothes, sitting down, working or urinating that make using a stretcher rather difficult or impossible. I guess these would not be a problem to men who do not wear clothes, do not sit down, do not work, and urinate wherever and whenever they wish. For the rest of us, the mechanical stretchers pose a real problem in the real world.

There are other considerations about the stretcher devices. Have you ever wondered why most of the penis stretcher companies that advertise so heavily are located outside the U.S.? It could be that it is better for them to be located outside the bounds of U.S. law when it comes to customer complaints, product returns and refunds.

Over the years I have been approached by many major manufacturers of these stretching devices, asking me to sell their products on the PDI website. When I ask a few specific questions of these people, something interesting always happens. I find that the person I am speaking to suddenly is not the correct person to answer my kind of question, and I am told that someone else will get back to me with an answer. When I do not get called back by the second person, for fun and curiosity, I call back to speak to the second person. The second person is never available, or is never in the office, and never calls me back. Never, in all the times and all the situations this has happened over the years, has anyone ever answered one of my questions. Remember, these are the people who want me to sell their product, yet this is the kind of help and service I receive. Can you imagine the help and service you would receive if you called with a problem after you spent your money?

Did you ever wonder, if the stretchers worked as quickly and easily as the advertising says they do, why do they have to advertise constantly everywhere you go when you read about PD? There is a reason they are advertised so heavily, and it is not because of effectiveness.

Yet, the concept of stretching soft tissue is interesting since Peyronie’s disease is a soft tissue problem.

So, I recently completed this experimental trial that lasted a little less than two years, in which I worked with 10 men who were customers of PDI and NCMP. From this effort I was able to devise a totally new concept in manually stretching the Peyronies plaque or scar. Our results showed that 80% had moderate to marked reduction of curvature and/or scar formation, with each and every man experiencing an improvement of sexual function.

I encourage you to visit the PDI website to learn more about this method to safely, painlessly, comfortably, and effectively reduce your PD scar, reduce your PD curvature, and improve your sexual ability in 80% of the cases. I ask that you understand that the same concepts of Alternative Medicine, logic and common sense you see throughout the PDI website also applies to the strategy and methods taught in the new PDI one-hour stretching CD.

If, after watching the brief demonstration video, you still have questions about the procedure then just send me an email at You know I will answer your questions.

Bear in mind that the primary principle behind all PDI treatment concepts has always been synergy, and it always will be. Therefore, you need to understand that the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© is not a stand alone method.

Manual penis stretching was used in our tests in conjunction with standard Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment plans as an additional method to increase synergy of care. No one used just this gentle manual penis stretching technique. In each case, greater progress occurred after using the Peyronie’s Disease Manual Penis Stretching Method© than without it; each man who followed the system saw better progress from his PDI therapy plan after adding the stretching technique. It seems that the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© increased effectiveness of our current treatment concept in eight out of 10 in our little study group.

Yes, Peyronies is a lousy problem and I wish I could tell you that this is a magical cure – just like the people who make the mechanical penis stretchers or the herbal products, but I can’t. Effectively treating Peyronie’s disease is still work.

While I can report that 80% of the group saw improvement, that means that 20% did not. I came to learn that those who did not do well with the manual stretching method were those who used very small therapy plans or did not follow their plans faithfully. So, there is room for improvement with this manual Peyronies treatment method. I would hope so. We are just learning how to apply this concept, so it will be necessary to share our insights, experiences and ideas with each other.

Please check it out. I believe you will be impressed and intrigued with the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©.