Diagnosis of Peyronie’s Disease

Poor welcome to the world of Peyronie’s disease

It seems that most men cannot clearly or fully understand the scope of the problem when they are first given a diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease.

Obviously, when a man goes to the doctor for the first time it is because he is having a problem of some type with “his plumbing.”   It might be the sudden or gradual appearance of pain, a lump or nodule, curved penis or distortion of some type, or reduced sexual ability, that brings him to see his doctor or surf the Internet. While he knows he is having a few Peyronie's disease  symptoms that were not there until recently, he is surprised to learn there is actually a medical condition that causes his problem.

After being given the diagnosis, a common first mental question often is, “If there is this problem that can so cruelly affect a man, why on earth have I never heard of Peyronie’s disease before today?

It has been recently estimated that after the age of 40, there are about four to six cases of Peyronie’s disease for every 100 men around the world.  That is a lot of men and a lot of cases of Peyronie’s disease.  For such a common condition, why is it that no one seems to know about PD until it is too late?

There are a few answers to this question, and they are all important to any man dealing with Peyronie’s disease:

  1. No one likes to admit he has a problem, or is less than perfect, when it comes to his sexual apparatus and his sexual ability.
  2. No one wants to the subject of teasing or to be pitied.
  3. There is often such social restriction limiting discussion of sexual matters that prevents open and free information that limits the discussion of Peyronie’s disease or similar topics.

This is indeed unfortunate because if there was more knowledge of Peyronie’s disease there probably would be less of it. Additionally, if there was more knowledge and comfort  discussing this problem we would probably be a lot closer to a genuine Peyronie’s treatment than we are now.

If more young men were given more information, such as how trauma is associated with the start of Peyronie’s disease in over half of the cases, it is more likely that reasonable caution and defensive measures would be taken.  It is very difficult to avoid a problem if you do not know it exists. This is why in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” I spend a fair amount of time describing how men should talk to their sons about this problem.

To learn more about Peyronie’s disease, please go to the Peyronie’s Disease Institute website for information about cause, progression and Peyronie's natural treatment.

Medical Peyronie’s Cure is Lacking

Peyronie’s disease cure right under your nose

Everyone wants a medical Peyronie’s cure that is a fast, easy, economical – and, oh yes – guaranteed.  In short, the ideal cure for Peyronie's disease from the traditional medical viewpoint would be simply to pop a pill or two.  In this way everyone with a bent nail could go about with his life as before, with minimal inconvenience or effort.

Why would I say that this is the viewpoint of “everyone”?   Well, simply because we live in a medical society.  When people think of a “cure’ they think of medicine as it is currently being practiced.   All efforts on the medical industry drawing board are directed toward looking for a drug – oral or injectible – to be the great cure for Peyronie’s disease that has evaded us for over 425 years.   Currently, Peyronie’s disease surgery is the only treatment that organized medicine makes available to someone with this problem and it is beset by limitations and drawbacks.

Other than the Peyronie’s Disease Institute no other effort has been made to seriously investigate a treatment for Peyronie’s disease outside of the traditional medical model.

This limited viewpoint of looking only for a medication to treat Peyronie’s disease is typical of the medical and drug industries.   The business people who decide how to approach a particular health problem tend to look at these issues from a profit standpoint; they also only look in directions and for treatment approaches that are not only profitable, but which they can control so that their profit is protected.

Since the perfect Peyronie’s drug has eluded the medical establishment, they are quick to say there is no known cure for Peyronie’s disease.   What this statement really means is that there is no known cure for Peyronie’s disease using a drug or medical procedure they can profit from, control, and manipulate.

There is a Peyronie’s cure

What kind of medical quackery and heresy – nonsense – is it to say that there is a cure for Peyronie’s disease?  Actually none.  The body itself, in a fairly high percent of cases, will heal and correct – cure – the Peyronie’s plaque so that the problem does not advance.  Peyronie’s disease eventually leaves without a trace of deformity, pain, scar formation or limited sexual ability for about half of the men who get this problem.  It is said that about in half of the men who develop Peyronie’s disease, within the first 12-24 months the entire problem will just go away on its own.  Does that sound like a Peyronie’s cure to you?  It does to me.

How does the body go about doing this miraculous thing, to rid itself of the terrible curved penis that is the hallmark of Peyronie’s disease, and heal over the mass of fibrous material that is known as the Peyronie’s plaque?  I do not know; no one knows.  But then again, I do not know how my body does the thousands of miraculous and complex things it does every second of every day of my life.  I do not know, as a small example, how my body can take the breakfast I just ate and convert into living tissue.  We are all just wonderful that way, and part of this is demonstrated when a man heals his own Peyronie’s disease.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute is involved with the use of a wide variety of nutritional and supplemental products that are intended to increase and improve the ability of the body to heal the Peyronie’s scar.  It is really not so complicated or more mysterious than that.

For those who say it is quackery or nonsense to think that a person can improve his ability to heal and function better in life, I ask, “Why it is that a person eats?”

What is the purpose of eating?  To satisfy the taste buds?  No, that is just a side benefit.  We eat, we put nutrients into our body so it can function; the food we take in is fuel to enable life and repair to take place.   By following the ideas of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute about PD treatment, all we are doing is trying to increase the odds and opportunity for the body to heal and repair in a way that is better than what is happening now.  Call this a Peyronie’s cure if you want, but it is no more miraculous than anything else that your body does during the course of an average day.

Peyronie’s Disease Vitamin E Therapy

Peyronie’s disease vitamin E treatment and other nutrients

There are many important nutrients – vitamin, mineral and amino acids – that should be used to improve and support the ability of the body to heal and repair the Peyronie’s plaque and help reverse the curved penis it causes.  However, since starting this work in 2002, I have never heard of a medical doctor prescribe any supplement other than vitamin E.  I think this says a lot about what MDs know about Peyronie’s disease vitamin therapy; their knowledge is limited, focused only to the obvious, and tends to not go beyond what everyone else is prescribing.

Vitamin E and Peyronie’s disease

The standard Peyronie’s disease vitamin E recommendation of the medical profession is to “get some vitamin E, and take no more than 400 IU a day.”  Occasionally the dosage will be doubled to 800 IU daily of vitamin E by some doctors who think outside the box a bit.  This is important to remember because vitamin E is essentially the only non-drug Peyronie’s disease vitamin E treatment that is suggested to a man with Peyronie’s disease.

Vitamin E is available in both a synthetic form and a naturally occurring organic form.  Which form you decide to use ultimately determines how much can be taken safely.  There are eight different members of the vitamin E family.  Four are known as tocopherols and the other four are tocotrienols.  The most widely found vitamin E member is gamma tocopherol, which assists the elimination of nitrogen free radicals, as well as being an effective anti-inflammatory agent.  Tocotrienols are primarily found in the skin and subdermis where they protect against UV and free radical damage. Tocopherols are found in the major organs.  A balanced diet – very difficult to achieve these days – contains all eight members of the vitamin E family.

Because of costs and chemical stability,  and because early research proposed it was the only member of the family to have biologic benefit to man, most vitamin E supplements contain only alpha tocopherol.  This means most men on Peyronie’s disease vitamin therapy as prescribed by their medical doctor will receive only one of the eight members of the vitamin E family.  Since the early days of vitamin E research (not so long ago in the 1950s) it has been proven repeatedly that the complete vitamin E family, stressing gamma tocopherol and tocotrienols in their natural and unesterified form, accelerate wound healing and minimize scar formation.   For this reason I am most insistent that men using Peyronie’s disease vitamin E treatment use a high quality vitamin E product that is heavily slanted toward gamma tocopherol and all the tocotrienols, like Yasoo Health’s Factor 400/400.

If you are concerned about vitamin E safety issues, please read Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Vitamin E that answers all dosage and safety questions.

The body is like a house

In order to build a solid house and have it operate well, it is necessary to have a wide variety of components available during the construction phase and during the long maintenance phase when the house begins to need help in the form of repairs.

During the construction phase, many problems would develop if all the builder had to work with were roof shingles, or just windows, or just doors.  A wide variety of components are needed to make a good house – lumber of various widths, thicknesses and lengths, concrete, plywood, along with nails, dry wall, electric wire, and so many other hundreds of different things.

During the maintenance phase, many replacements and repair items are needed.  If the home owner only had nails, or furnace filters, or pale yellow paint to work with, it would not help a bit if the problem was a leaky roof, a squeaky door, or a leaky faucet.

It makes sense that a wide variety of replacement and repair parts are needed for all the parts of a house.  It also makes sense that a Peyronie’s disease vitamin therapy program has to also be broad and diverse.   How does it make sense that all the problems of Peyronie’s disease are solved with just vitamin E?

Peyronie’s disease vitamin, mineral, and amino acid treatment

Peyronie’s Disease Institute uses a variety of different nutrients to satisfy the many needs of the body to have all the needed supplies to heal and repair the scar tissue in the best way possible.

Look at the list of different products that are suggested for use in the large Peyronie’s treatment plan.  The list is long because the process is complicated.   Of course, even the large plan does not contain all the nutrients that could be recommended to heal and repair the Peyronie’s plaque; PABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, quercetin, bromelain and herbs to stimulate the process are just some of the additional therapies that can be used.

Your house is large and complicated, but it is nothing compared to the body. When the body develops Peyronie’s disease it just does not make sense to attempt to fix it with vitamin E only.  That would be like trying to fix a broken window with a screw driver.   The screw driver might be a useful to remove some glass from the window frame, but other tools – and glass – will be needed for the repair to be done correctly.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Via Direct Drug Injection

Injections can cause Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease treatment using drug injection into the delicate tunica albuginea of the penis is a medical therapy that is fast loosing favor for treatment of the Peyronie's penis.  One of the reasons is the lack of good results, the other is that it has been shown that injections can cause or aggravate Peyronie’s disease in many cases.

I have personally communicated with hundreds of men whose Peyronies started after a series of penile injections that were undertaken for a variety of reasons.  It appears the drug is not so much the issue that causes injury to the tunica membrane, but the repeated penetration and trauma that causes the scar material that eventually starts a Peyronies problem.   However, it has also been shown that the presence of certain drugs can cause a chemical irritation to the tunica albuginea.  So in this regard, drug injections could easily represent a double threat of injury to the tunica that results in Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie's treatment – "First, do no harm"

This blog post about Peyronie’s disease treatment using direct drug injections (Verapamil, cortisone, etc.) should hit home for a large number of you.  Many men have undergone painful drug injections into the penis because their medical doctor thought it was worth the effort, and only found themselves with a new problem or worsening of their original Peyronie's disease.

First I will simply copy an article, “Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy in the treatment of Peyronie's disease.”  This research discussion is essentially about Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, ESWT (or ESWLas they call it here).  

What is important to note in our particular discussion is the area I have highlighted for emphasis.  This form of therapy has been fairly well abandoned by a large percent of doctors who used it for many years since these injections seem to cause more problems than it helps. The reason this information about ESWT (or ESWL) is included in this article about penile injections is that these Russian physicians make a very interesting comment while discussing ESWT that underscores the damage created by injections (of any kind) into the tunica albuginea.

[Article in Russian]

Ne?mark AI, Astakhov IuI, Sidor MV.

The authors analyse the results of treatment of 28 patients with Peyronie's disease using extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ESWL) performed on Dornier U15 lithotriptor. A total of 2-6 sessions were made, maximal number–12. The efficacy was controlled by clinical indices and ultrasonic investigation (Doppler mapping of the blood flow). ESWL proved to be efficient in the treatment of Peyronie's disease (PD), primarily, in patients with early disease before appearance of severe fibroplastic alterations. Less plaque vascularization by energetic Doppler mapping due to ESWL is an important diagnostic criterion of PD treatment efficacy. Conservative treatment is not indicated in marked deformities and plaque calcification, erectile dysfunction. Moreover, any injection into the tunica albuginea, especially complicated by hematomas (deep tissue bruising) may be a damaging factor which triggers fibrous inflammation. Such patients should be treated surgically. If the patient is interested in immediate results or is not interested in continuation of sexual life, the treatment is ineffective. Thus, ESWL is an effective, safe method of PD treatment but requires further study and accumulation of clinical experience.

It seems that the problems penile injections can cause is not that necessarily about the drug that is injected into the tunica, but the needle itself that is used to deliver the drug. An injection to deliver any drug, or sterile water, can cause injury to this delicate membrane.  This sets off an inflammatory response that can result in significant Peyronie’s disease plaque or scar tissue formation for men who as so predisposed.   Doing this once can be risky.  Doing this up to a dozen times over a few months, as is often the recommended course of therapy, just multiples the opportunity for injury to mount on top of injury.

This Russian research team offers the opinion that the effects of such injection into the penile shaft causes such significant plaque development, that surgery is the best treatment option for the damage that it can cause.   Obviously, I do not agree with that, since surgery can also cause more scar development. Their conclusion is that they find men who receive these injections often eventually are rewarded with a disturbed and discontinued sexual life.

Growing concern about injections for Peyronie's disease treatment

This idea is brought to your attention to demonstrate there are many in the medical community who agree with the same position that I have taken for many years now.  These doctors and I contend it is inherently risky, in fact, dangerous, to stick needles repeatedly into the penis for Peyronie’s disease treatment. Their  logic concludes that any treatment that can start or aggravate the very problem it is attempting to treat, is not much of a treatment.

It is unfortunate that the medical community turns a blind eye to the direct observation of poor results, serious irritation of the tunica, and the solid logic that reputes injections as a form of Peyronie’s cure.  Those who continue to inject their Peyronie’s disease patients, and bring these men farther down the road toward greater plaque development, must be desperate to look useful or just ignorant of how Peyronie’s disease often develops.  It is so common for medical doctors to think only in terms of medicine and surgery, notwithstanding the tragedy that can often result from their limited thinking.

The Peyronie's treatment concept of using non-invasive methods to increase the healing response of the body is a safer and more trustworthy Peyronie’s disease treatment than some of the aggressive medial schemes being promoted today.

Links of Interest for Peyronie’s Disease

Links of Interest for Peyronie’s Disease

Here is a list of Peyronie’s disease resources for your convenience.

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* Victoria Baum, LCPC, NCC
Individual and Relationship Peyronies Counseling – Are you or your partner struggling with the many emotions of Peyronie’s Disease? I can help you learn to cope and to achieve the most positive outcomes with depression, frustration, insecurity, anxiety and resentment. It can be done, you can learn to live and enjoy life again, in spite of PD.
* Altpenis
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* Peyronie.co.uk
The purpose of the site is to share experiences and information with people who have Peyronie’s disease. The web site is aimed at all users who have a vested interest in the Peyronie condition, be it patients, doctors, students, relatives or partners.

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1. Dupuytren’s Contracture Institute Learn about Dupuytren’s contracture and related problems like Peyronie’s disease and treatment for both of this conditions

Pictures of Peyronie’s Disease – Curved Penis

What does Peyronie’s disease look like?  Pictures of Peyronie’s disease

Pictures of Peyronie’s disease and the classic curved penis appear at the bottom of this page.  They will educate anyone interested in this terrible problem. Peyronie’s pictures are graphic full male nudity, presented for educational purposes.

Few men ever learn about problem before developing it. Even fewer know the full details of it. Men do not understand the full consequences of PD and degree of penis curvature possible, until it is too late. Thus, there is a tendency to underestimate Peyronie’s disease. Seeing pictures of Peyronie’s disease will clarify the problem.

Without fully understanding Peyronie’s disease, it is easy enough to avoid the image of their bent penis. The uninformed quickly accept the standard medical treatment to do absolutely nothing for PD in its early stages. It is easy to do nothing. They falsely assume non-treatment means Peyronie’s disease is a minor health problem.  Consequently, they do not take Peyronie’s disease seriously enough. Unfortunately, this avoidance allows the PD to worsen.

Importance of pictures of Peyronie’s disease

Most cases of Peyronie’s disease start with a small penis curvature.  It is easy to assume a small problem will stay “just a little curve, hardly noticeable.”  For a lucky few, the distortion starts small and stays small. However, for most the curve starts small and slowly worsens, perhaps more painful, and a bigger problem in life.  For 10-20% of men with PD, the curve or distortion eventually results in total loss of sexual function. At this point, most men resort to surgical correction.  For a discussion, click Peyronie’s disease surgery.

If Peyronie’s disease is causing sexual problems for you, get helpful information.  To learn a better way, click here for “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.

Peyronie’s Pictures: an Education and Wake-Up Call

It is important to understand and verify the nature of the Peyronie’s disease problem.  Men are shocked to see actual pictures of Peyronie’s disease for the first time.  It can be a real wake-up call.

Do not use these Peyronie’s pictures to make a self-diagnosis. PD is more than a curved penis.  Moreover, pictures cannot guide Peyronie’s disease treatment. These pictures of Peyronie’s disease should encourage prompt medical attention about any recent penis changes that might be PD.  Bear in mind, every man is a unique individual with unique physical characteristics.  These differences even extend to the appearance of the penis in health and disease. For this reason, do not think your penis must look like any of these to qualify for Peyronie’s disease.

Sometimes a normal penis has a curve.  Not all curved penises indicate Peyronie’s disease.  Therefore, only a physician can accurately diagnose this problem.

Understand what you will see

Before viewing these pictures of Peyronie’s disease, please review what causes these dramatic penile curves and distortions.

Peyronie’s disease is an exaggeration of the wound healing process.  Thus, in PD it is common to find one or more flat benign (non-cancerous) fibrous plaques or scars anywhere along the shaft of the penis. Usually there are only one or two scars, but multiple scars do occur.

These scars stop full expansion of the penis during erection.  Consequently, various degrees and patterns of bending and distortion result. Depending on the number, size and location of scar tissue, the penis responds in different ways.As a result, the penis can be curved, distorted, shortened, twisted, and painful, or combinations of any or all of these.

Pictures of Peyronie’s disease showing the erect penis from 5°- 45° are common and sometimes 90º or more. Sexual difficulty and impotency also range from mild to severe, depending on the degree of curved penis deformity.

Sure, the bent penis of Peyronie’s disease gets your attention.  However, PD is really all about the scar below the surface. Without that scar, there is no Peyronie’s disease.  For this reason, PDI puts so much attention on knowing the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar.  It is far more important to know about your PD scar, than to take pictures of your curved penis.

Graphic pictures of  Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie's Disease downward penile curvature - unusual
Above, Peyronie’s Disease downward penile curvature. Rather uncommon.
Peyronie's Disease hourglass deformity in lower one-third
Hourglass deformity of Peyronie’s Disease, plus slight penile curvature.
Peyronie's Disease upward penile curvature - common
Upward penile curvature closer to glans (head) – rather common form of Peyronie’s disease.
Peyronie's Disease upward penile curvature closer to glans (head) -<br /> rather common
Above, Peyronie’s Disease upward penile curvature. Very common.
Peyronie's Disease bottleneck deformity with lateral penile<br /> curvature to left - common
Bottleneck deformity of Peyronie’s disease with lateral penile curvature to left.  Rather common.
Above, 90 degree Peyronie’s disease bend to right.

Hopefully, these pictures of Peyronie’s disease will help you to understand your situation.  They can motivate you to see your medical doctor.

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Thacker’s Formula – Other Peyronie’s Treatment Questions

Thacker's formula and other Peyronie’s disease treatment questions

Perhaps a few times a month someone emails a question to me about Thacker's formula.  This legendary Peyronie’s treatment – called Thacker’s formula because of the Dr. Thacker who is said to have created it – contains a specific ratio of Castor oil, DMSO and apple cider vinegar.  Although I know the exact proportions to make this Peyronie's treatment I will not disclose this information here because I can not provide in this space all the details for correct use that are necessary to use it correctly and safely.

Along a similar line, I am sometimes asked if I know anything about using various things like herbs for herbal Peyronie’s disease treatment (ginkgo biloba, echinacea), a micronutrient (Coenzyme Q, EPA), or some type of old home remedy (garlic, Castor oil, olive oil) that might be used as a Peyronie’s disease cure.   They want to know what I would think about using the Thacker's formula or other treatment, and why don't any of these types of treatment appear in the PDI lineup of therapies?

In order for any therapy or procedure to be included in the PDI lineup of 14 potential Peyronie’s treatments, it has to have either been applied specifically in treatment of PD in a series of scientific studies and proven at least 50% effective in several trials (even though it might have done poorly in others), or it must have demonstrated good success and acceptance within the scientific community for treatment of other unrelated health problems (acupuncture and homeopathy).  With this simple criterion we establish some level of scientific credibility for those therapies in our PDI lineup, and further increase the possible effectiveness of therapy when several of these are united in a synergistic program of care.

There are probably some really good Peyronie’s disease treatment ideas that could be actually very effective.  But who among us wants to spend his time, effort, money, and most importantly, his opportunity to get over his Peyronie’s disease by experimenting with theories that have absolutely no proven ability to influence the body to promote healing? I did not want to waste my time on theories of questionable merit, when I knew there were many available that had already achieved some level of success.  This last group seemed to be a better place to look for answers, than chasing unproven ideas.

Edgar Cayce’s castor oil pack might indeed be an effective Peyronies’ disease treatment, but for one reason or another it has not been subjected to even minimal scrutiny for PD.  The goal of recovering from Peyronies is too great to use an untried treatment, when there are so many others of higher credibility and logic to work with.

Thacker's formula does not meet Peyronie's treatment guidelines

PDI was started on the basis of using treatments of some level of known and proven merit, and uses this standard today to determine what additions will be recommended and used in future therapy plans.  Rumors, stories, and speculation you read about on a Peyronie’s forum are not enough.  Alternative Medicine employs early science to see through the maze of superstition and learn the truth of what may or may not work to regain health.  These are the principles used to formulate the current Peyronie’s disease treatment strategies you have learned about.  We are already working on the outer rim of established medical practice, but we must be careful to not go too far away from common sense and valuable scientific information that will help us achieve our health goals.

Usually, my suggestion for someone who wants to use such a new Peyronie’s treatment is to do it in combination with several other known and better proven therapies already in the Peyronie's Disease Institute lineup.  This way there is back-up treatment, and the total effort will create a therapeutic synergy.  Never is it suggested to use only the one therapy of any type, proven or unproven.

So, if you are just adding in an extra type of therapy because you read about it on a Peyronie’s forum, I say, all the more power to your curiosity and sense of adventure, but please do not use it exclusively as the treatment you provide for yourself.

While there is no reason to believe there is any potential harm in using Thacker's formula correctly, and perhaps great therapeutic benefit,  at this time I cannot endorse the use of Thacker's formula because it is essentially untested and unproven in any meaningful way.  There is a lot of good information about sensible Peyronie’s disease treatment, with reasonably good results in research testing, that should be used in a broad based  rehabilitation program.