Can’t Find Peyronie’s Plaque or Scar

Help to locate the Peyronies plaque

It is not uncommon for the Peyronie’s plaque to be difficult to locate. Sometimes it even happens that the examining urologist is not able to definitely locate a mass of foreign tissue that he/she is certain is the offending Peyronie’s plaque that is causing the bent penis to develop. First of all, it must be mentioned that if you are expecting to see the scar or plaque on the surface of the skin, you will not. And Peyronie’s disease seldom causes a lump that raises the skin of the shaft. The “scar” of PD is internal, not external – it is never seen, only felt. It is a poor term to use, but the lesion of PD is also called a plaque (which is also a poor term). Generally, you do not have to examine the entire shaft looking for something that feels like a foreign mass of tissue. Your examination should be centered in the immediate area of the concavity of your distortion. By concavity I mean the condition of being curved like the inner surface of a sphere or the depressed area of an indentation. You can also think of a concavity as being the lower bent area on the underside of a rainbow. As far as the Peyronie’s disease is concerned, the concavity if that part of the bent penis that is the inner part of the arch that is formed.

Some men do not have a curved penis, but instead their distortion is that the shaft has small depressions, that look like dents or dings or areas where the surface has been pushed inward. All of these are caused by one or more Peyronie’s plaques immediately below the lowest portion of each depressed area on the shaft. In fact there could easily be one, two or three or more internal plaque formations that are responsible for

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causing a single curve of the penis. For this reason, as one of these scars responds to treatment faster than the others, it can cause the distortion to temporarily appear worse as the scar actually improves. Once you know where to find the scar it is a simple matter to carefully and thoroughly examine all the tissue directly at the lowest area of the concavity of the distortion to find the foreign plaque material that is preventing complete expansion of the shaft.

Peyronie’s plaque easier to find if you have an open mind about it

If your internal scar or plaque is not easy to find, forget about finding a “scar.” Just try to find something – anything – within the mass of erectile tissue of the shaft that feels unlike the other tissue. Find something that is unlike the rest of the tissue. When you find it, mark its location with a marker pen or something that will stay on the tissue for a day or two. Go back each day to that area and re-think what you are feeling. You are trying to see if it becomes easier to make sense of it. It could be that you have an unreasonable expectation of what a “scar” should feel like, and you are missing what is really rather obvious only because your expectation is wrong. Really, how could you know what a PD scar feels like if you have never had to do this before? It is a common problem. “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” is available from PDI and presents great information about finding the PD scar and valuable information about Peyronie’s Disease treatment. If you have any trouble finding your Peyronie’s scar, please write an email to Dr. Herazy at


Peyronie’s Disease and Phimosis

Phimosis treatment and Peyronie’s disease

There is a lot of discussion these days about how the sellers of the mechanical penis stretchers say they can be used for treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Any reader of this forum knows that PDI has taken a position against these awkward mechanical devices because of countless conversations and emails from men who report to PDI that these stretchers have actually caused their PD or worsened the PD problem if it was already present.

There is another way to that is better and safer to correct the distortion and bent penis of PD. It is to use the PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique © instruction CD to actually make significant improvement in the curved penis that is caused by the Peyronie’s plaque. For confirmation how this might work for Peyronies disease, one has only to look at how the medical profession advises a man to help himself when he has a condition of the penis called phimosis.

Phimosis is a fairly common condition of the penis in which the prepuce or foreskin is too tight or small for it to be completely pulled back or retracted over the head of the penis. Most of the time this condition is detected in early childhood, but sometimes persists into adulthood. In the adult with phimosis, since the foreskin cannot be easily pulled back over the head, oil and dead tissue cells collect between the head and foreskin and results in the collection of a smelly white cheese-like accumulation called smegma. During sexual activity the skin can become irritated and painful because of the forced friction and movement of the otherwise tigh

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t skin. To correct this problem the medical profession has a simple solution that should be kept in mind by anyone with Peyronie’s disease.

Phimosis treatment shows how to manage Peyronie’s disease

There are two basic ways to stretch the foreskin or prepuce when phimosis is present:

  1. Gently pull back on the foreskin when erect, so that its opening feels tight around the head without feeling real pain. Hold this position for a few minutes, and repeat a few times at one session. Do a few sessions per day. This stretching can be made easier if you first soak in a warm bath.
  2. Gently pull the foreskin forward over the head to create extra tissue in front of the head. Then, with the foreskin forward and the two little fingertips inserted into the foreskin opening, hold each side of the foreskin further open and gently pull out and away on each side of the opening you have created so that the opening is larger than usual. Continue stretching the opening with the tips of the little finger until it feels like you have stretched it to a comfortable limit and is never painful. Hold for a few minutes and repeat a few times during a session. This is also done best after soaking in a warm bath for a few minutes.

Continue stretching the prepuce or foreskin for a while longer once you develop to the diameter foreskin opening you want.

Peyronie’s treatment can also be done by stretching that should be easy, gentle and done in a relatively short time. Heavy weights, tight clamps that abuse the tissue, and months of treatment are not necessary. All of this is best accomplished with the PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique ©.


How to Change Peyronie’s Treatment If Not Effective

In 2002 I started working exclusively with men who have Peyronie’s disease. Since that time I have noticed a common pattern with men about 6-8 weeks after the start of their treatment with Alternative Medicine. This pattern occurs no matter the size of the PD treatment plan a man uses, or even with some personalized modification of a standard PDI plan based on personal needs.

It seems that after seeing some initial changes in the size, shape, density or surface quality of their scars at about 6-8 weeks of Peyronie's treatment, improvement and progress will often level off or plateau. It seems that most men assume that all recovery and progress remains on a level and constant course, like putting your foot on the accelerator of a car. When they begin to notice their improvement has slowed down or stopped, they are stumped about what to do next. They will not know what to do with their current plan to improve it or modify it to assure continuation of those early positive changes.

Time and again I have seen this pattern: Start care, make progress, slow down or stoppage of progress. What must be done is some modification of the initial treatment (usually increase of treatment in some way) to again stimulate the healing capability of the tissue. This can be expressed as: Increase care by increasing current therapy or adding new therapy, re-stimulate immune response, make additional progress, monitor for next slow down. What happens after the next slow down or stoppage can be expressed in the same way: Increase care again in a same or different way, re-stimulate immune response, monitor for next slow down, and so on.

This process of exactly how to slowly modify Peyronie’s treatment to increase activity of the immune response against the PD scar is where the day-today challenge is found – and it is not easy.

Peyronie’s treatment plateau of progress

It is common for a man who experiences his first plateau of progress to think only in terms

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of adding more therapies to his treatment lineup to re-energize his recovery. If he has gotten good results from a medium size PD plan, he will assume he must add one or more therapies that are not part of his current plan – like PABA, or the Genesen pointers, or acetyl-L-carnitine, or Unique-E vitamin E oil as an external application or the gentle manual penis stretching technique, etc. However, this is usually not necessary and not the best course of action.

From my experience, to help you get off your plateau and begin progressing again toward additional recovery it is best to work within the same group of therapies that was good enough to create your initial improvement. This is usually accomplished by slowly and carefully increasing the dosage of one of those therapy items a little at a time. If you develop any unusual problem/symptom while increasing your dosage, simply stop taking the product for 48 hours, and restart from the next lower dose. When you reach the highest dose where you had no problem or symptom, stay at that dosage level for a few weeks. After 2-3 weeks without problems, then slowly increase the dosage until you are at the desired level. You will know you are taking the correct effective dose when you begin to see improvement in your scar size, shape, density or surface texture.

Modify slowly and deliberately

If no improvement or change occurs in the features of your scar after being on the increased dosage for about 14 days, then increase the dosage again. Repeat this process until you begin to note improvement in your scar size, shape, density or surface texture.

Only after you have attempted to increase all therapies singly, and have attempted to increase several therapies together as a group, and all have shown to be unsuccessful should you then consider expanding the number of different therapies you use – like adding in PABA, or the Genesen pointers, or acetyl-L-carnitine, or Unique-E oil as an external application or the gentle manual penis stretching technique, etc. to your Peyronie’s treatment plan.


Peyronies Treatment and Attitude

Peyronies care improved with right attitude

When someone starts Peyronies disease treatment using Alternative Medicine there is always a sense of heightened anticipation about how fast results might occur, and how quickly sexual function and lost size might be restored. Often this attitude of expectation is so intense that an unreasonable anticipation develops that can only lead to disappointment, frustration, and ultimate failure. This is unfortunate since so much of this self-inflicted problem is totally avoidable.

The best attitude to have while starting Peyronie’s treatment is a simple combination of determination, honest curiosity and low expectations. Your determination should stem from the fact that there is no known Peyronies cure, other than the fact that 50% of men get over their PD solely because of natural healing and repair of their immune system. This should serve to make you determined to be one of those 50% of men who corrects his own PD problem. Honest curiosity should arise from learning about your particular case of Peyronie’s disease in terms of the size, shape, consistency or hardness, and surface features of your plaque or scar formation. You should also be curious to learn what you use and what you can do to make your scar go away on its own. Keep

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your expectations low and allow yourself to the surprised and delighted by whatever progress you can achieve on your own. Reasonable expectations reduce your stress, and stress slows and inhibits your progress. Contribute to your recovery with the right mindset that leads to the success you are looking to earn.

Contributing to your ultimate success is to keep in mind that Peyronie’s disease follows almost no pattern of behavior or similar findings or reaction from man to man for comparison. It seems that each case of Peyronies is different in small and large ways. And for this reason it is also difficult to anticipate the course of recovery for anyone. You must be willing to accept the uniqueness of your situation, including how long it will take to begin to see improvement and the eventual elimination of the Peyronie’s plaque that plagues you. Peyronie’s disease us unlike any other health problem you have ever dealt with, so do not make the mistake of using past experiences to anticipate PD progress.

Lastly, you should not expect to gain good results against your Peyronie’s disease with a half-hearted or minimal effort. Over and over again I see that men who do little, gain little, and men who do their best, achieve the best. Stay focused and work hard to eliminate your Peyronie’s plaque and you stand the best change of ridding yourself of this terrible problem.

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Vitamin E as Peyronie’s Treatment

About once a month we receive an order from a new customer who purchases only vitamin E. Often these are one-time orders; these people order their vitamin E only once and we never hear from that person again. When these orders appear I always assume it is from someone who has not taken the time to learn about correct Alternative Medicine treatment, and is simply following his MD’s suggestion to “try some vitamin E.”

Using vitamin E as a single therapy with no other support therapies to develop synergy, from my experience in over 10 years of work with Peyronie’s disease, is never effective. For this reason it is the policy of PDI to always include a note with that order to explain the limitation and problem of using vitamin E by itself.

I have talked to many of these men who order only vitamin E to learn a bit more about their thinking, and how they come to believe this is all they have to do to recover from Peyronie’s disease. Usually these men tend to take their health for granted, they do not use Alternative Medicine fo

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r their health problems and generally are not interested in knowing about this kind of treatment. They place their vitamin E order simply because they were told to do it.

During this conversation I will also learn that they are reluctant about taking vitamin E because they say “I recall that taking vitamin E can be dangerous.” This is usually a minor objection that can be explained easily with the information from the PDI blog post, “Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Vitamin E.” Once the facts are presented there is no real reason to be fearful about using vitamin E in general or in a well designed treatment plan for PD.

To be really successful using an Alternative Medicine to reverse the tissue changes of Peyronie's disease requires that a man use multiple therapies to develop a synergistic effort to improve the ability of the body to heal and repair the Peyronie's scar. to learn how to do this, see Start Peyronie's Disease Treatment.