“Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” is the real deal

Hi Dr. Herazy,

I am writing this message to tell everyone how much helpful information I found in your book "Peyronie's Disease Handbook." I resisted buying it because I thought I could figure out a lot of the treatment ideas on my own. When I kept on reading you mention about how important it is to use the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scars to determine if my plan was actually working, I thought I also could figure that out by myself. And when I read what you said about diet and PD I thought you were just talking about losing weight. I was wrong about all that.

After wasting 8 months without making much progress at all I finally got your book. Your book is the real deal, no nonsense and has a load of useful information. It has made all the difference in the world and helped me finally get some measurable results, not only reducing my scars but regaining lost size and decreasing a bad 90 degree curvature.

Your book is worth every penny. It will help anyone who wants to get better results.

Thank you for all the work you.

E. Taylor
Dallas TX

How long to wait between using DMSO and intercourse?

Dr. Herazy,

Thank you for your time a moment ago when we spoke on the phone. If I may impose upon you for one last question: How long between application of DMSO to the shaft of the penis and sexual engagement should there be to avoid "sharing" the DMSO with your partner? Or, is this not something that one needs to be concerned with due to the benign nature of the substance?




Greetings Foster,

If you read on PDI website about DMSO you will learn that about 7-8 minutes after application for Peyronies disease treatment all DMSO is essentially gone from the surface of the skin and is being chemically taken deeper into the tissue; actually most is gone in 5 minutes or so.  Nonetheless, I suggest washing the shaft prior to intercourse because the penis shaft is covered with common skin as is the majority of the body, but inside the vagina is found a mucus membrane layer of tissue, similar to the inside of mouth or sinus passages.  This thin and delicate tissue might respond differently than the rest of the body – better safe than sorry.   TRH

Is hyperbaric treatment for my Peyronies worth doing?

I am considering hyperbaric treatment for my Peyronies. Is this something that would be worth the time and money?


Thank you for the interesting question.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or hyperbaric medicine is the medical use of oxygen when delivered to tissue a higher than normal atmospheric pressure.  To do this a flexible or rigid pressure chamber is used to deliver 100% oxygen (air typically has 21% oxygen to all or part of the body. 

Use of hyperbaric treatment is usually limited to those diseases that would benefit from greater than normal oxygen saturation in the tissue (stoke, air embolism, massive compression injury, bone marrow disease, etc.)  I do not see the possible association to Peyronie's disease treatment.   

Insurance reimbursement for this procedure would not be covered for Peyronie's disease, so the cost would have to be paid personally.  Since you did not say what the costs might be or time time involved in such treatment, i have no idea if it would be worth the time or money.

With so many various Peyronie's disease treatments around that have direct research behind them and a track record of success when used as PDI suggests, why would you want to experiment with this treatment?  

Will the PDI Manual Stretching Technique help a congenital penis curvature?

My penis has a bend in it which is approximately 45 degrees to the left and upward. Its been this way as long as I can remember, Im now 50 years old. I have had no problems with sex and have two children. My wife is starting to have some issues, so I want to know if its Peyronies or something that Im born with. Will the stretching techniques be good for me or is there something else I should try?


There are a few things I do not understand in your question.

It is not fair to either of us to ask if you have Peyronie's disease based on the information you have presented.  Besides, I really do not understand what you mean when you say you have had a 45° bend for as long as you can remember.  Are you saying you believe you were born that way or are you saying that you have had a curved penis for a very long time?  

When you say your wife is starting to have some issues, what do you mean?   Are you having sexual difficulty because of reduced ability to achieve an erection?   Difficulty making penetration?   Reduced size issues that often are a part of Peyronie's disease?  You will have to be more specific.

The PDI gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique was first tested on men with PD, not congenital curvature issues.  However, I have now hard back from men with congenital curvatures who have reported positive responses; some small and some great.    TRH   

Report of reduced double Peyronie’s curvature

Thanks for both the privacy of your followers and the knowledge of your experiences. It's been some time since I've both ordered the "Best" plan and have spoke with you.

I'm very pleased to say that my Peyronie's disease has improved to a point of encouragement. When this horrible thing of PD introduced it's self to me I had two points of Peyronie's curvature; one of approx 25* just below the head and a more severe, 90* curve at the base of shaft in which the 90* curve was to the left. Today after much work, when time is available, I'm very pleased to announce, the 25* curve below the head has completely corrected it's self with no sign of ever being scared and the 90* curve at the base has improved a little and is curved in an upward position when erect. This make relations more possible. Also the pinching pain of PD has all but go away. Therefore, I've ordered another plan today, together with both the positive experience and months of knowledge of dealing with this monster, "The PD I'm referring to" LOL,

I'm confident today more than ever that progress and healing will be in my future. Thank you so much for being the source of encouragement.


Thanks, LT

Greetings LT,

Thank you for the encouraging report of your success.   It is good to know you have reduced the double curve to some degree.  From the way you present your information it also appears that you have made this improvement while not being very faithful or aggressive with your therapy plan.

Please take this time as we begin the fall season to dedicate yourself to being more serious about doing what you know you should be doing.  If a partial effort got that kind of improvement, I can only assume you could have earned more progress by working more along the lines of our suggestions for your self-care. 

If you are having any questions or problems putting your plan together or following the plan you would like to use, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.  TRH 

What is the benefit of taking Neprinol rather than Nattokinase and Fibrozym?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

Thank you for the great site.

I am getting ready to place my first order with you and have a couple of questions:

1)  In your opinion what if any is the benefit of taking Neprinol over taking Nattokinase & Fibrozym. I understand your philosophy of overwhelming the problem but it seems like taking all 3 is overkill and from my limited understanding taking Nattokinase & Fibrozym sounds better than Neprinol?

2)  You do not mention the 15% Verapamil topical solution from PDLabs which seems to have had quite a few scientific studies done on it and the results seem to be very positive. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks–I look forward to placing my order and getting started on a treatment plan.


Greetings Richard,

1)  The benefit of taking the single product, Neprinol, rather than the two products, Nattokinase and Fibrozym, is that the Neprinol is more concentrated and should result in taking fewer systemic enzyme pills per day while having a higher dosage intake.   In addition, Neprinol contains the additional enzymes of papain and bromelain.   The cost is higher for Neprinol, but considering the higher level of enzyme in the product, it is less expensive in the long term.   Yes, taking three different forms of a systemic enzyme might be more than is necessary, but for some men it does make a difference.  There is no way to anticipate how anyone will respond to their therapy plan, so I encourage everyone to experiment with different combinations of therapy products to determine how their scars will respond as you go through different combinations of products.

2)  Most every medical treatment for PD is the same – one or two positive studies and a larger list of negative studies about it.  The same with topical verapamil from PDLabs of Texas. The different studies mentioned by PDLabs of Texas are intriguing, but are contradicted by other similar studies of topical verapamil.  When i first developed PD in late 2001 or early 2002 and found the PDLabs website on the internet and read those studies I also was impressed with their conclusions.  for this reason I used their topical verapamil product for about six months, during which time my PD worsened considerably and I developed overwhelming side-effects that caused me to stop using the product.  At that time I realized I would have to look outside traditional medical treatment for helping my PD and I began to intensely investigate Alternative Medicine options; eventually I came upon the concept and and treatment protocol that developed into the Peyronie's Disease Institute.   Over the years I have discovered more controversy about their findings – but this is typical of any kind of treatment for PD.  It seems PD is always tangled in controversy and exceptions.   TRH