What do I start doing to prevent my Peyronie’s disease from getting worse?

I was just told last week that I have pd..I have some pain that is light, no curving, but my erections are weak on the left side at the base with some mild ED. What do I start doing to prevent it from getting worse?  I saw my urologist who told me to take vitamin E 1000 IU daily.  Please advise me to help it not get any worse…thanks

Larry Baldwin

Greetings Larry,

I have never seen vitamin E by itself help anyone with Peyronie's disease.  Vitamin E is a great therapy but it must be combined with a variety of other therapies to make a positive and helpful impact on a difficult problem like PD.  Besides that, you cannot just take a general or lesser grade of vitamin E and expect it to work for you;  a pharmaceutical grade is required.  PDI has two great therapeutic grades of vitamin E available on the website.

You should by reading about Peyronie's disease on the PDI website, especially starting with the page "Start Peyronie's Treatment."  

When you have a specific question about treatment of Peyronie's disease please let me know.   TRH

Can I take all my Neprinol capsules at one time?

I am taking 6 Neprinol capsules per day, along with 3,000 mg of vitamin C and 800 mg. of Vitamin E. Question: Can I take all Neprinol capsules at one time? I have been taking 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon on an empty stomach.



There is nothing basically wrong with taking six Neprinol at a time; many people do this without a problem.  The question is whether you, in particular, can or should be taking that many at a time.   For some people taking six Neprinol daily is excessive, while others can do it easily.  Most men who make progress eliminating and controlling their PD scars take around 10-16 Neprinol per day always with a wide variety of other internal and external therapies.   But as far as Neprinol is concerned, the real question is if this is a good dose that you can tolerate while you attempt to eliminate your Peyronie’s plaque.   I suggest that you attempt to slowly work your way up to six Neprinol at a time, since you are only taking three at a time now.  How this is done has been explained to you in the instructions you were given when you placed your order for your PD supplies.

When you ask if you can take all six Neprinol capsules at the same time, I must ask you why you want to do take your entire daily dose at one time.  If you want to do this merely for reasons for convenience (getting it over with and not having to bother with them for the rest of the day), then I must tell you I do not think it is a good idea.  The problem is that by cramming all your Neprinol into one small part of your day then you are leaving a larger part of the day when you have no Neprinol in your blood stream; you want to always keep some Neprinol working for you all day long by taking it often throughout the day.   The question is how much that should be.   For this reason if you are going to be taking only 6/day, then I suggest you continue to take them as you are now doing it.    TRH

Will a combination of Neprinol and vitamin E be effective for my Peyronie’s disease?

Do you think that a combination of Neprinol and vitamin E will be effective in helping my Peyronie's disease?


There is no way to tell ahead of time if any Peyronie's treatment plan will be effective.   No matter what plan you start with, it is always a guess to know at the start of care if it will help.   The eventual treatment plan a man uses to eliminate his PD is determined by its ability to influence the PD scar.  Each person has different needs, and this prevents one treatment idea from being the solution for everyone.    It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of any plan by looking for changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your scars while you following your treatment.   You can start with any type of plan you believe might help you, but it is the response of the  scar tissue that guides and determines type of therapy that is used and at what dosage.

Your question tells me you have not spent much time on the PDI website.   You really should go over the PDI home page and follow the links you will find there.  If you are interested in recovering from your PD it is a great way to get an education how Alternative Medicine can be used to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your bent penis.

Using Neprinol and vitamin E is a small combination that is far too limited to reach into the problem of Peyronie's disease.  I have never heard of anyone who used this combination and got results.   As an example, if you look at the PDI small plan you will see there are seven different ingredients in that plan – and it is called small.   I am fully aware that many men can have financial problems that limit the amount of therapy they use, yet these same men also want a Peyronie's treatment plan that gets results.

You see, it is not really what I think about using Neprinol and vitamin E that is important.   All I can tell you is that no one has ever told me that taking only these two therapies has helped his PD.    Usually, the plan must be larger to be effective.   How large does your plan have to be?   I don't know.   You have to figure that out for yourself while you are working with your problem.  I suggest you start here reading this website of the Peyronie's Disease Institute to  learn how this is done.   TRH

Would my doctor recommend your treatment for Peyronie’s disease?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

I've been all over your web site and read all the amazing testimonials. I'm 54 and I've been suffering with Peyronie's disease for years. I have not been regularly intimate with my wife for years now, and she recently told me intercourse was too frustrating for her due to the challenges we deal with due to my condition. That was hurtful, as if I haven't already lost all self confidence. Anyway, you may have heard of my doctor, Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh.

I have already been through three rounds of penis injections with little or no results. Dr.Shabsigh has told me to consider surgery.  I need to do something as I can't continue to live this way, and my marriage is just about shot.

Dr. Shabsigh is considered to be knowledgeable in the area of PD & ED.  Do you know him?  Would he recommend I try your treatments? I really need help. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks very much,


Greetings Tom,

No, I have never heard of your doctor.  I have no idea what he would think of using Alternative Medicine.  However, if it is his idea to think that sticking multiple injections into a penis that already has Peyronie's disease is a good way to treat this problem, then he is likely to follow the standard medical line of thought about treatment.  

If you want to really get some help beyond the standard medical concept of risking additional scar formation after surgery on a penis that has already demonstrated the tendency to create excessive scar formation , then I suggest you spend some time reading the PDI website.    The PDI website is full of useful information if you take the time to read it.  When you have a specific question about Peyronie's disease treatment please  let me know.  TRH

Are there supplements to prevent me from contracting Peyronie’s disease?

Hi Dr. Herazy.

I don't have PD, but do have a slight curvature to the left. I had a multitude of sexual problems at one time (needed penile revascularization operation for ED)  and as a result am very paranoid of developing a condition like Peyronie's disease.

The testimonials on your website were very encouraging to read to say the least! I am wondering if there are any supplements I could purchase that would help prevent me from ever contracting the disease?

Best of luck to you in your continuing work to battle this terrible condition.

Thank you kindly,


Greetings Ian,

Prevention is an area that is not only completely untested, but next to impossible to prove.  As a suggestion I would consider trying Neprinol for a few months to determine if you can realize some indirect health benefits like improved circulation, increased stamina, reduced blood pressure, etc.   TRH   

Can my urologist prescribe PDI Peyronies treatment so my insurance covers it?

Can my urologist prescribe products from your catalog so my insurance covers it?


While your idea makes a lot of sense, you must realize that insurance companies do not make decisions based on what makes sense; they decide based on popular medical thinking; insurance company policy is dictated by standard medical ideas.   Your urologist can prescribe anything he/she wants to do, however that does not mean your insurance company will have to pay for it.  Insurance coverage does not work that way.

Using nutritional therapy products to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque might make a lot of sense to you and me, it is not standard medical thinking.   Standard medical thinking is to allow the curved penis caused by the Peyronie's plaque to get so bad that it is treated by a $30-40,0000 Peyronie's surgery.  Rather than attempt a brief therapeutic trial of natural vitamins and enzymes over 3-4 months that might cost less than a $1000, the insurance company would rather spend a lot of money to cut on a man's penis and run the risk that it could make his problem worse.

I suggest you talk to your urologist to see if he would be receptive to your idea.  Who knows?   It might happen that you get lucky with your insurance company, and you get your Peyronie's disease treatment reimbursed.   Strange things happen.   Let me know how it turns out.  TRH

Would Neprinol work on my Peyronie’s disease?


I've had Peyronies now for roughly 10 years. I passed a kidney stone in my 30's and it jammed at the end of my urethra, I squeezed it ,and it passed. But for a month my penis killed me. It eventually shrunk to about 3 inches, from 7  1/4 inches . Ive tried everything. I went all natural. vitamin c, 1000mg , omega 3 1200mg, vitamin e 1000 mg, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto 1000mg, and flax seed oil, 1000mg gotu kola.  All have helped get at least 6 inches in length back after 10 years.

My love life suffered at first, but we overcame things. I would like to get the other 1 1/4 inches back. Right at the tip, just behind, it curves up around 30 to 35 deg. I can feel the hard plaque still. It just won't soften up any more.

Would Neprinol work, or do you have any suggestions on how to finally rid my self of this man destroying dilemma?  I'm 45 now, I would like to keep going if you know what I mean.

Thanks.  Any suggestions would be a great help.


While I realize you have probably just discovered the Peyronie's Disease Institute website on the internet, my first suggestion is that you stop playing around using different herbs and supplements that have not been shown to be helpful for treating PD.

"Going natural" is not the key to successful Peyronie's treatment; you have to use the right products and use them in the right way.  It looks to me like you just started using anything that might have had some positive things written about it, and hoped it would help your problem.   You have not "used everything."   You have only scratched the surface.   You have approached your problem from the wrong direction and gotten lucky that some of the things you did  might have helped you.   Had you spent that same time, effort and money using the products from the PDI lineup for your Peyronie's treatment I believe you would have been far better off today.

I suggest you get on at least the PDI medium plan along with the PDI gentle Manual Penis Stretching CD video and use them faithfully for a few months.  It is important to use the exact therapies from PDI because not all brands of Alternative Medicine therapies are of the same quality or potency.   You cannot walk into the average vitamin store and expect to get good quality products that will do the job for you.  It is amazing and appalling that many vitamin shops sell such low quality items.

Your question about Neprinol shows that you do not understand how to use Neprinol and that you are again approaching your therapy from the wrong direction.   You need to spend more time reading what is on the PDI website to learn how to go about successful Peyronies treatment. 

When you order from PDI you will receive specific instructions how to use everything that you order for the best possible treatment of Peyronies disease.   Let me know if you have specific questions about helping your problem.   Good luck to you.   TRH   

What is the best Peyronie’s treatment?


I am from Dubai.  My problem is like this:   Peyronie's disease with left lateral (side) penile curvature and constrictive ring deformity causing hourglass close to body. No pain up to now during sex.  I find that my penis  is now shorter by more than one inch.   I took vitamin A & E but it did not help.  What is the best Peyronie's treatment?   Thank you.

Greetings to you in Dubai,

I am sorry to learn about your problem.   

Taking only vitamin A and E is seldom effective because it is much too limited or narrow in its attempt to help you heal the PD scar.  The best Peyronie's treatment is not any one therapy, but a combination of several – sometimes many therapies that work to assist your ability to remove the foreign Peyronie's plaque or  scar tissue from your body.

Please do not think my answer is silly or insensitive.  Allow me to give you an answer that will tell you exactly what you need to do create the most effective therapy plan for your condition:  The best plan to treat your Peyronie's disease is the one that you create that causes your body to break down and absorb the foreign scar material.   The best Peyronie's treatment plan appears to be different for each man.   I do not know what you need to do to make this happen, but I can tell you how to figure this out for yourself. 

If you follow these steps you will do as much as you possibly can to be successful over your Peyronie's problem:

1. Learn as much as you can about the natural treatment of Peyronie's disease from the PDI website.  The more you understand the better your treatment and your results will be.

2.  Go to "Start Peyronie's treatment" to see the basic outline of getting started with care.  Follow those instructions your read about.  

3.  Determine the size, shape, density and surface features of each PD scar you can find.  If you do not know how to locate your PD scar(s) send me an email and I will give you special help to determine where it is located and how to evaluate it.  This information is critical since you will use it to measure the progress and effectiveness of your Peyronie's treatment plan.  Without this information you are only guessing about your treatment. 

4.   Monitor your PD plaque for changes as you follow your treatment plan.   If your scar or plaque changes size, shape, density or surface features while you are using your treatment plan, there is no need to change it; you simply continue to use that plan for as long as your scars continue to reduce. If your  scar DOES NOT CHANGE size, shape, density or surface features while you are using your treatment plan, you must increase the plan by either increasing your dosage of therapy products or increasing the variety of treatments you are using.  When you get to that point I will offer you ideas and information so you will know how you wish to proceed. 

Please let me know if you have an questions about how you wish to proceed.   TRH

How long until I see any improvement with my Peyronies problem?

I'm 18 years old and I have PD. I think I had it for 2-3 years, really not sure. It curves up from my pelvic bone to the middle and curves down from the middle to tip. So it kind of looks like an arch or rainbow. It also looks really dark, I'm white Italian and it shouldn't be really dark like that.

I really don't want to go to the doctors, I asked to go to the urologist but kept getting questioned why. I came to the conclusion that I'm probably not going to go so I want to help myself.  I want to buy "Vitamin E: Unique-Oil – 1 oz pump bottle", "DMSO – PMD DMSO Gel", and "Super CP Serum".  I been using vitamin e capsule gels and using the gel inside as a moisturizer with baby oil for the past few days.

I want to know how to use the vitamin e properly for your mixture. Do I mix them all together and put it on? Do I use them one at a time? Do I have to be flaccid? Do I use after shower I get out of shower and leave on overnight? Also, how do you rub it in and for how long? Will the box definitely be "Discreet Shipping" even if I don't buy a plan and just those 3 bottles?

I live with my parents and my brothers, sister and my friends are constantly over so I don't want anyone to see the box if I don't get it first. I can just tell my mom the stuff is for my scar and my face because I used to use the capsule gels for that.

Also, how long do you think until it fixes it and how long until I see any improvement? I want to get with a girl and embarrassed to get close to her because of it.

Thank you


Greetings young man,

You need to get over your embarrassment and seek out a medical opinion and have your condition formally diagnosed. 

Why are you mixing vitamin E with baby oil?   Please use the products as instructed when you receive your order from PDI; all products come with complete and correct instructions for use to treat Peyronie's disease. 

Using only DMSO, vitamin E oil (Unique E) and copper peptides  (Super CP Serum) is a very limited and lopsided approach to good Alternative Medicine treatment; good treatment usually demands both internal (PABA, vitamin C and E, systemic enzymes), as well as external therapies.

Yes, all products received from PDI come discreetly boxed, with no outside identification that would embarrass you.  However, inside the box we freely identify and discuss Peyronies disease.

There is no way ahead of time to tell you how long it will take to recover from your PD, or even if you will do so.  It is a very difficult problem to remedy. Get your parents involved in your treatment so you are not doing this alone and you are able to mount the kind of aggressive treatment that is usually most effective. TRH 

Did my Dupuytrens and Peyronies start from hand trauma?

hello –

at 43 yrs old, i had no Peyronies symptoms. i injured my hand, and it required surgery to insert a couple of screws. when the cast was removed, i noticed a bump in the palm of my hand. about a month later, i noticed Peyronies plaques/scarring.

my primary care physician diagnosed me with Dupuytrens and Peyronies.  have you ever heard of this being triggered this way? i don't think it was a coincidence – not sexually active – no trauma occurred in that area. i had extensive swelling in my arm immediately after surgery from a nerve block that was used, and i can't help but think that might have played a role. my primary care doctor thinks the surgery triggered some sort of systemic fibromatosis condition.

wondering what your thoughts are on this. this occurred 3+ yrs ago, and there really has been no change.

thank you



Yes, I have heard of this sudden and widespread type of onset in which both Dupuytren contracture and Peyronies disease start at the same time from trauma.  In a few cases the trauma was to the upper extremity and once to the penis.  You might also have developed these two problems due to drug side-effects.  Since you did not mention your drug intake history I can only speculate, but there are certain medications that are know to cause both DC and PD; certain blood pressure, tranquilizer and a few other categories of medication can trigger a similar systemic fibromatosis.

If you have not noticed any change in three years with either problem you probably will within a short time since both conditions are progressive, although the rate might be slow.

Your real concern at this time should be directed toward elimination of these problems.  Please review the DCI and PDI sites for Alternative Medicine treatment options to increase your  ability to heal and repair these tissue changes.   TRH