How do I get Peyronies treatment products in India?

I read about the peyronie treatment plan on your website. Now the fact is that i am living in india. how can i get those medicine from here? please help me. 5p


Greetings 5p,

You can order whatever Peyronies treatment products you want from the PDI website and it will be shipped to you in India.   Follow this link to the Peyronie's Disease Institute store.  TRH

How should I change my penis stretching technique if my curved penis changes from day to day?

Dr. Herazy,

My curvature is downward at about 35º – 45º and in an arcing, banana like shape where the curvature becomes more severe closer to the head. I started the manual stretching in full force about two weeks ago. I do it for 30 minutes a day. I use one finger, my index, fold the penis over it in the opposite direction of the bend at the bend's most severe point, holding it in this position with my thumb. I generally feel a "cold" sensation and slight tingle on the left, underside of the shaft.

I do not know if my condition is congenital or Peyronie's disease.  I've had the curvature as long as I can recall but at the same time as a child I was very active with many falls. I was kicked squarely in the groin at about age 6 or so and around this time had an odd habit of resting my penis against my stomach with the aid of an underwear band because it felt more "comfortable" to me than simply letting it hang naturally. About 6 years ago I saw a prominent urologist who didn't say whether it was Peyronies or congenital. He took a brief look at me and suggested the "solution" was to operate. Made no mention of cause. Drive through care. So, I do not know if if my curvature is congenital or the result of an injury during childhood.

With that said…my question falls back on the manual stretching. I've noticed some change. The first is a more firm erection. That I'm thankful for. The second is more perplexing. The curvature seems to, for lack of a better word, "morph" seemingly every day or two. When I began the stretching, though my curvature is in a general arcing, banana like shape that does not have an incredibly "sharp", direct deviation, it does indeed have a visibly discernible, tangible point where the curve begins in full effect. When I began the stretching this point was about 1/3 of the way down from the head. As I've continued with the stretching the curve seems to change it's "starting point", so to speak. Some days the curve seems to begin in earnest midway down the shaft. Other days almost near the base of the shaft. Other days back toward the top, near the head. Is this normal when stretching and if so, should I continue to stretch at the original point of most deviation? Or should I adapt my stretch to where the curve seems to be on that particular day? Or should I stretch multiple areas of the penis during each individual stretching period to target all areas at the same time?

Currently the manual stretching is my only therapy. I will be adding a med or large plan soon.

Thank you for your response and all you're doing for men with this condition.

– A


Greetings A,

Congratulations on seeing good changes in your curved penis after just two weeks. 

I suggest that you use more than one finger to increase or broaden the size of the fulcrum over which you are gently stretching the shaft; you might even use your thumb as a broader base.  I am concerned that you did not mention that you experience the familiar and desirable deep dull ache that is associated with effective penis stretching while applying a very gentle and variable fulcrum of traction to the involved tissue.  For this reason I suspect there might be something you are doing incorrectly with the technique.  I suggest that you again carefully watch the penis stretching technique CD and pay special attention to the instructions how to design and apply the various stretches. 

Strange that the urologist would not give you a diagnosis, but would discuss surgery as your only option and do it so early in your relationship.  My unsolicited opinion is that this kind of conduct and focus on cutting would not bode well for you.  Not to say you might not need surgery – that could be, and who am I to say since I did not examine you? – but I would be at least a little suspect of such an overly eager and thoughtless surgeon. From my experience in this regard, good surgeons are very selective and tend to be reluctant to operate, but are gifted when they do; eager surgeons are that way because their lack of skill and experience makes them hungry.  Too bad for the patients who encounter them.  

Based on feedback I receive from the field of men I work with, I know that the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique definitely assists the process of Peyronies disease reversal and does help to some degree those men with a congenital curve.  In this latter case, persistence is needed and a light touch as well to make the tissue changes that are required.

Many men I work with who have Peyronie's disease after a month or two following a PDI treatment plan will notice improvement of the quality and duration of their erections.  This makes sense based on the improved vein closing that should take place when the scar material becomes smaller as a result of Peyronie's treatment.   So this particular comment you make in your report in some way suggestions you might have PD;  I do not know if this improved erection response would occur if your problem was purely congenital.

The variability of the curvature you report is interesting.  I hear back many stories like yours about slow but variable curve improvement over time, but not with as much detail as you have given me.  Thank you for that.  A even more common finding that is parallel to what you are reporting is the variability of the size, shape, density and surface features of the Peyronies plaque while undergoing PDI treatment.   I hear a lot of these reports, and this is always encouraging.  I suspect that certain common and mundane changes in your diet or activities of daily living cause your penis to display an increase or decrease of curvature.  By this I mean that there are many factors at play that influence the penis tissue as it is changing; it is not only the gentle manual stretching that affects these tissues of the body.  You probably should read chapter 5 of "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" to learn more about this.   Additionally, I suspect as your tissue responds to your stretching technique you will gradually notice that the curve pattern will smooth out into a flatter shape as you continue this work.  I suggest that you do a tracing of your curve every few days (and date each one) to see if you can detect a pattern of improvement.  Curves and angles are next to impossible to remember over time; having a tracing will document your progress and make it easy for you to note what you are working to accomplish when you might otherwise become discouraged.

I suggest that you use a fulcrum point based on the condition of curved penis each particular day; stretch as you find the curve each day, not how it was two weeks ago.

You are incorrect to use only the stretching work by itself.  You will get much better results when you incorporate other supporting therapies into a cohesive plan that supports healing and repair.   TRH

What is this string-like hard object under the skin?

There is a string like rather hard object just under the skin of my penis, and it is hindering me from having sex or anything that involves my penis too much movement. It is located under the head it hurts when I'm erect. I'm only 20 years old.


I suggest you go to a urologist to have that hard object examined.  Your condition does not completely sound like Peyronie's disease and you should receive a definite diagnosis to determine your problem.  TRH

Questions about penile injury due to drug injections

Dr. Herazy,

Thank you for your quick response. I believe I do not have a congenital curvature because my scar is located in the head of the penis. The new scar due to the injections forms a collar around the place where the head meets the shaft. If i start with these treatments (Neprinol) I am worried that it can move down the shaft and cause a curvature. I know that sounds paranoid but I have not had much luck with these type of things. My scars do seem very rigid and only seem to soften not change shape. I would like to speak with you if possible about some of these concerns. I really want to be committed to a plan but am nervous that I can make it worse.(also i have had it so long)

Thank you again,


P. S. I really appreciate the care you have put into this book and website and would really like to try something.


Greetings Alex,

Your situation with a collar-like scar that is so near the head or glans of the penis is very unusual.  If indeed your injection series was delivered into this area near the point of attachment of the head to the shaft of penis (anatomically known as the corona) then I suppose this could make sense.   Typically, this is not where penis injury, and Peyronie's plaque or scars develop, so near the penile head.  Your situation seems to be different than most since your injury came about from the drug injections you were given to this particular area.

Your concern about the curvature moving down the shaft is not anatomically or physiologically possible.  There is nothing to "move down."  The process of repair will simply remove the excess fibrous tissue from its current location on a cell-by-cell basis.

Any type of change, such as softening of your scar material, is encouraging and indicates that your tissue should be capable of the further change to eliminate the fibrous material.  My idea is that softening is in fact indicative of cellular activity in which you experience partial cellular removal during those times when your diet and other factors favor healing, and partial cellular reversal and rebuilding during those times when your diet and other factors favor increased scar formation.  I and many men have noticed this slow and gradual increase/decrease/increase pattern that I theorize occurs in response to many things we all do during the course of time. 

During the 10 years  have done this work i have never had anyone worsen while under self-care using Alternative Medicine.

If you wish to talk about your issues, please go to the website and arrange for purchasing a block of time to discuss what is on your mind.  TRH

My Peyronies disease is worse after a series of Verapamil injections, what can I do?

Dr. Herazy,

I spoke with you some time ago about a treatment for Peyronie's disease. I have had my problem for 15 years. Until a few years ago I never even heard of PD. Doctors simply told me to give it time and see if it would go away. They didn't even tell me what it was.  When I finally was told of PD I tried verapamil injections and it made the problem worse (another large scar along the injection areas).  I do not have a curvature just two large scars and it causes pain and lack of elasticity. I would like to start a program(vitamins and Neprinol), plus the diet mentioned in the book.  Can you please recommend a starting course of action?

I am also very large(6'8" about 260 lbs) not heavy just tall. Regarding the diet, does the lack of meat intake include fish? I am not sure how my body will take such dietary restrictions.

One last thing, my scars never seem to change shape or texture like you mention in the book.  They are very solid.  Due to the length of time I have had this problem and the non changing scars, does this mean I need to manage my expectations?

Thank you!



Greetings Alex,

While the medical profession is supposed to discuss and explain everything about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the condition for which treatment is being given, many doctors do not offer this basic level of care.   They rush in and rush out, don't they?  The kind of poor care you received for your Peyronie's disease is all too common.  

Your response to your verapamil injection series is not uncommon. Most often verapamil is injected in 5-10 different areas of the penis each time, over 8-12 different office visits; if this is true a man can receive up to 120 different injections into a rather small area of the shaft.  Repeated injections of any kind of drug when delivered into a small area of the shaft is traumatic to the tissue and can easily cause a scar response because it is just like any other injury that happens to the penis.  I have counseled with many MDs who wanted help when they developed Peyronies disease; as a group they all reject the idea of any kind of injections into the penis because they know it is traumatic to tissue, regardless of what drug might be injected.

There is no approved drug treatment of Peyronie's disease, so any time a doctor prescribes a drug it is an experiment.  Thus, many doctors have given up using drugs that do nothing, and resort to the old "give it some time while you do nothing and let's see what happens" treatment.  In the meantime a man gets worse and wastes valuable time and opportunity during which he could do many different things to try to increase his natural ability to heal and repair like the 50% of men whose PD just goes away on its own.  This is where the PDI treatment concept comes in.  All we suggest is that a man with PD attempts to increase his natural ability to eliminate his PD by using a wide variety of different natural therapies.  To start I suggest you review the information at "Start Peyronie's treatment," found toward the the top of the PDI home page.  

I speculate that your penis is straight because your two scars are balanced and causing equal stresses within the shaft, preventing you from having a curved penis when erect.   Still they cause after all these years pain and lack of elasticity, which is associated with the dense fibrous tissue irritating the soft tissue of the shaft. 

Yes, you can use fish as a protein source as suggested in the PDI diet.

I cannot comment with certainty about your scars not changing shape or density because I have not examined you.  However, you admit you have not formally determined the exact size, shape, density or surface features of your scars;  you are relying on your memory to judge if your scar has changed, and this is never as accurate as it needs to be when dealing with Peyronie's treatment.  For these reasons I take the position that you do not know with certainty if your scar is actually static or not.  Since so many men, and myself, have personally noted that their PD scars do change size, shape, density and surface features in response to changes in body chemistry, that you could be mistaken in regard to your scars.  This is exactly the reason it is critical that each man with Peyronie's disease clearly knows these various physical features of this scars so he can use this information to determine his immediate response to the self-administered treatment we suggest.  

Please let me know how I can be of help to you.  TRH 

Could these drugs be the cause of my Peyronie’s disease?

Dr. Herazy, I have never had any trauma to my penis but yet have developed a terrible case of Peyronies, clearly due to something I have been doing in my life during the last 6 months. Two changes I made that precipitated the onset of it were,1. trying to take in a lot of protein (one gram for every pound of body weight, including the use of shakes with muscle building enhancements) per the advice of my personal trainer at the gym, and 2. my cardiologist put me on a very high dose of Niaspan (2000mg) and Pravastatin (40mg) to try and raise my HDL and lower my LDL.

Have you ever seen where these two factors might cause Peyronies?  I have stopped doing the protein and would rather stop taking the Niaspan & Pravastatin (…of course by talking to the cardiologist) if either of these things is suspect because I do not want to live with this and must find a way to help my body reverse the damage. I know that I need to investigate the treatment plans offered by PDI which I most certainly will do, but I also feel compelled to do my best to identify the suspected cause. Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated….



Greetings R,

I have not heard of a connection between Peyronie's disease and Niaspan or high protein intake. Perhaps your observation is simply ahead of the curve of knowledge in this area. 

However, there are many drugs that cause Peyronie's disease.  Pravastatin is a member of the statin family of drugs used to treat cholesterol and for this reason is suspect. Statin drugs are commonly known to cause adverse side effects affecting the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, ligaments), along with cognitive problems, anemia, immune system weakness, elevated blood glucose, cataracts,  and memory loss that are also widely reported.   Peyronie's disease seems to be part of that musculoskeletal connection since it involves scar formation within a fibrous tissue layer known as the tunica albuginea of the penile shaft.    Many men report their PD starting with the use of a statin drug.

Many times trauma that can cause Peyronies is slight, especially when repeated over a period of time.  Trauma sufficient to cause PD does not have to be massive or painful.  It is not uncommon for minor trauma to start a case of PD in men who are genetically predisposed.  Is that possible in your case?

Use of PDE5 drugs can precipitate damage to the penile tissue.  Have you used Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra in the past?

Many times injury occurs during routine a routine cystoscope or catheterization procedures.   Have you had surgery during which an instrument was passed up your urinary urethra?  

There are many ways to develop PD, and you are wise to do your best to determine what you might have done in the first place to develop this problem and not repeat that exposure.   TRH

What can I do about my curved penis?

Ive had a bent penis since I was a young man and I've always assumed it was Peyronies, but now I'm not so sure.    I've tried everything I can think of I've tried using stretchers like the Size Genetics device and I'm just about to my wits end.   I just want this gone because I' so embarrassed and ashamed by my penis that I'm scared to talk to women out of fear.  I just need some information and mostly guidance on how to treat this problem that has caused me problems and embarrassment all my life.  If you could guide me and tell me what to do I would be grateful.



The first thing to do is to determine if you have Peyronie's disease or not. Please get a medical examination to determine the cause of your problem.  If it happens that you do have Peyronie's disease this website is full of useful information about helping your body to heal and repair as it should do normally.  A good place to start is "Peyronie's treatment help starts here."

The fact that your mechanical penis stretcher did not help you does not tell me anything, because this idea of forced stretching of a bent penis is incorrect.   You cannot forcefully stretch a bent penis to make it straight by using force, if the curved penis is due to Peyronies disease or if it is curved because you were born that way.  Either way forceful penis stretching will not work.   See How to straighten a curved penis

For ideas how to help yourself please see "Penis stretching for Peyronie's disease." 

Lastly, your question is filled with comments about fear and embarrassment because of your bent penis.  I believe you are punishing and  limiting yourself for no good reason.  Women tend to be far more generous and kind than we men; they tend to be compassionate and understanding in ways that men generally have a difficult time matching.  For this reason i believe you are making a greater problem for yourself than is necessary.  You need to understand women better in regard to sexual matters and you need to understand yourself better, as well.  Please get my book "Peyronie's Disease and Sex" that will explain all of this to you and help you see yourself in a better light.   TRH

Would a Peyronie’s scar on the surface have the same affect as if it were underneath?

I have curvature to the left side and don't feel any bump or Peyronies plaque. I know this means the Peyronies scar can be too small or too large and flat and I've also read that it won't be on the surface of the skin. However, I do see a few little things that appear to be surface scars where my curve starts. Why wouldn't a scar on the surface of the skin have the same effect as if it were underneath?  Don't all scars share the same characteristic of not being flexible?



No, a Peyronie's scar on the surface would not have the same affect as if it were underneath.

Yes, all scar formation within the body shares the fact that a greater amount of collagen and fibrin fibers is present that is not as elastic and pliable as normal skin.

Even so, the location of the scar or plaque material does make a difference.  It is the hydraulic tension or over-filling with blood within the two corpora cavernosae of the shaft that creates the hardness and expansion of an erection.  Each corpora cavernosum is covered by the tunica albuginea (which is normally also elastic)  but will not expand as it should when the Peyronie's plaque is present within the tunica. The external skin layer does not participate in that response of creating the erection, even though it does to a degree also expand; even when erect the external layer of skin of the shaft is not especially tight or overly stretched. Only if these were extremely large in comparison to the overall size of the shaft would an external scar cause a distortion  of an erection.

I cannot comment on what you refer to as the few little things that appear to be scars on the surface of the shaft.   A scar on the surface of the shaft skin not have the same effect as if it were underneath because no blood is trapped in the skin; there is no anatomical mechanism for it to happen.  It is the trapping of blood that creates the hydraulic effect, and this takes place only in the corpora cavernosae and nowhere else.

It might be helpful to you to review some basic penile anatomy on the PDI website at "Peyronie's anatomy of the penis and related areas"  and  "Tunica albuginea and Peyronie's disease."

If you are unable to find the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your distortion, I suggest that you arrange for a telephone discussion and I will work with you to help you locate it.  It is essential to good treatment results that you know about the size, location, density and surface features of the scar that is causing your bent penis.   TRH

Dilemma: I can’t find anyone who is skilled and has successfully performed Peyronies surgery

Hi Dr Herazy,

I have Peyronies disease, I have tried all sorts of oral medications to no affect. It has been over 2 years and I know psychologically I buried my head in the sand. It has caused major problems with my wife. The curvature is nearly at right angles making it nearly impossible to have sex. I still have sexual desire but that is about it.

I know the only way forward is surgery. My dilemma is finding someone who is not only skilled but has successfully performed this surgery.

I live in Sydney Australia if you can refer me to someone that I can see I would be greatly appreciated

Warm wishes,



Greetings David,

It appears to me you have not read much information available to you from the Peyronie's Disease Institute.

Why do you assume the  only option available to you for your Peyronie's disease is surgery?    If 50% of men who develop PD experience a spontaneous or natural  healing of their PD ("it goes away on its own"), why do you believe that your body would not be able to heal if you were to give yourself the best opportunity to recover by really concentrating your effort in that direction?   Many men have done just that.  Many men who I work with have had their Peyronies  problem for longer than just two years.  Many have had PD for 5-10 years, or more.  some get great recovery and reversal of their curved penis and reduction of the Peyronie's plaque, and others have only slight improvement.  The results are variable because each man conducts his plan a little differently and some do it better than others.

It should tell you something – it should ring out loud and clear – why are you having trouble finding anyone in your country who is skilled and successful in performing Peyronie's surgery.   When Peyronie's surgery goes bad, it can be a real catastrophe.   Since you have PD you already demonstrate the tendency and ability to create too much scar when you penis is injured.    Surgical work on this very same tissue can result in an even greater amount of scar formation.   This is the reason why I have so many MDs who contact me when they develop PD; they want nothing to do with surgery when it is their penis on the line.  Once you have been operated on, there is no way to truly reverse the effects of the first surgery.   Please be very careful who talk to about this kind of surgery and get a clear understanding of the kind of results they say you should expect. 

This is an article I wrote you might find helpful:  Peyronies surgery:  Finding a surgeon.

I suggest you spend time reading some of the ideas about working with Alternative Medicine to support your natural healing potential.  TRH

Question about diet for Peyronie’s disease

Dr. Herazy,

I have been reading your Peyronies Disease Handbook and am trying to implement as many treatment strategies as I can. However, although I am following your dietary recommendations, I have been a lacto- ovo vegetarian since 1970. Your dietary guidelines eliminate dairy products (cheese and yoghurt), eggs and soy products , which have been my major source of protein for over forty years. I am uncertain about getting enough protein on your diet. My vegetarianism is is faith based, not health based, so I will not even think of consuming dead creatures. Normally, I don't even take supplements containing gelatine, however I am making exceptions for your products (considering my disease). One other thing about the dietary restrictions that puzzles me is the restriction on bananas. Why not?

Thank you for answering all my questions,



Greetings Lou,

In my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” you have read about the diet for treating Peyronie's disease in which I present the idea that certain foods and styles of eating can contribute to this problem.  

The book and dietary chapter are very clear on the point that this list represents Eastern thinking, not Western thinking.   You are correct, many of those mentioned in the list of foods to avoid are really good nutritional foods – from a Western standpoint.  However, these foods are not considered from a Western perspective but from an Eastern perspective.  

At the beginning of that dietary chapter, before I discuss specifics I say that most of the dietary suggestions are based on ancient Oriental concepts that are used in the practice of acupuncture and yin/yang.  I go on to say that it would require an explanation that could run for several books to completely and thoroughly explain these concepts, and why this or that food should be avoided when you are using Alternative Medicine to treat your PD.  You are asking a simple and direct question about the humble banana that from a Western standpoint should have a simple and direct answer, but I have already told you that the answer is not so simple or direct – it is a very complex topic. 

Suffice it to say that the banana, and a few other foods, have been taught for about 5000 years to promote the formation or aggregation of solid masses in the body.  Solely for this reason the banana is presented in the list of dietary restrictions.   Men who follow these guidelines usually see the benefits of being as strict as possible. 

If you want to know more I suggest that you simply get several acupuncture text books and study the subject thoroughly. 

Many vegetarians find themselves in a similar predicament as you  in regard to dietary restrictions when it comes to treating their PD.   Usually, they eat what they feel compelled to eat and accept the limitation of results.  TRH