What is the best way to take Male X Booster sex stimulant?

When taking the Male X  Booster sexual stimulant every other day do you need to add vitamin E to your diet?   Can you take Male X Booster once daily?   Thank you.


No, as far as improving sexual function is concerned, you do not need to take vitamin E if you are taking Male X Booster.  But you would want to take vitamin E as an important part of your Peyronie's treatment plan.   Yes, you can take Male X Booster once daily. 

There are many reasons why someone with Peyronie’s disease will develop some level of a sex problem, sooner or later.  The pain and distortion associated with Peyronies disease are not the only factors that can start sexual problems.  Reduced rigidity caused by the presence of the Peyronies plaque, feeling self-conscious about the loss of length and circumference that come with PD, fear of re-injury during intercourse, frustration of attempting intercourse with a bent or hinged penis – all these can and do cause real sexual challenges for the couple who deals with Peyronie's disease.  

For those men who simply need a little assistance with the quality of their erection, PDI has a collected a great selection of herbal formulas that can do the job nicely. Each has been found over time to work better than most on the market.  Not all of them work for everyone – that would be asking too much.  Based on many years of experience working with PD couples, this group of sex enhancers has proven to address the needs of almost all men.  Male X Booster is one of those great sex stimulants we work with.

For Male X Booster you begin by taking the dosage as provided on the label.   If you can develop good improvement with your sexual performance by taking daily, then by all means take it that way.  Some men take slightly more than that in order to see good results.  You want to experiment a bit to learn with any of these sex stimulants to see what works best for you.   Not everyone will respond the same way as you do, so learn what works best based on your needs.  

All you have to do is be patient with yourself and your partner, experiment to discover which herbal formula works best for you, and follow the instructions given below

  1. Use Stimulin as the first step in developing your sex enhancement plan.  This is a source of nitric oxide and is essential in developing and improving sexual performance.
    1. Use it, as instructed, for about 2-3 weeks, and see how much it helps.  It might not be necessary to use any other product to help your situation.
    2. If you are not satisfied after using Stimulin by itself, then continue with Stimulin and add an herbal sex enhancer (Male X Booster, ITI Man, etc.) you will find on the PDI website.
  2. If possible, get a few different products.  Experiment to discover the one that works best for you.
  3. Use each herbal sex enhancer as instructed.  Each has different instructions, because each has a different purpose, a different formula, and different strengths.
  4. Give up your anger, embarrassment and feelings of inferiority related to PD.  If you cannot do this, get Dr. Herazy’s book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.”  If you still have a problem, call him for assistance; he is an expert in this area.  
  5. Be patient with her, and be patient with yourself.  This is a big problem to work through, and you should not make it worse for each other by being insensitive or unreasonable.


Did waiting a long time before starting Peyronie’s disease treatment allow my problem to get worse?

Dear Doctor,

I am a customer of your site! thanks you for your site and your information to help us! I purchased your manual stretching cd before but to i am confuse still and had not really began seriously of any stretching routine. I am not sure if my distortion is ( downward curve) a peyronies decease. I do not feel pain today from my penis. This distortion happened i believe when i was much younger ( i am 27 now) i stimulated my penis then felt a pain afterwards. I didnt touch it anymore for a long period of time (traumatized because i was much younger back then). Could it be doctor than the cause of my downward curvature is because i believe i prolonged the time when i did not do anything to my penis while staying erect inside my briefs in a downward position? plus the pain i felt long long ago? if yes would the manual stretching method help improve the curvature (moderate) plus the vitamins and minerals you are supplying us? please enlighten me doctor because it affects my over all self-esteem. thanks .:)


Greetings Jose,

I suggest you go to a urologist for an examination and diagnosis of your current problem.  

Yes, waiting to start Peyronie's disease treatment allowed additional fibrous tissue to develop.  

If you have Peyronie's disease you can use all the methods found on the PDI website to increase your ability to heal and repair this problem.  You already know we do not advise using only the gentle manual penis stretching technique to correct your problem.   You must also use at the same time a wide variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals to strengthen your tissue response to eliminate the foreign fibrous tissue.  TRH 

Am I hurting myself by using a mechanical penis stretcher?

I’ve been using the X4 Labs extender a little over year now.When I use it I do about 2 hours.I’m still not sure if I should be wearing it straight out or tilted right since my curve goes to the left. I admit I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to but that’s mostly due to constantly reading that they do more damage than harm and they actually only swell up the penis because it’s injuring it and the swelling gives the effect of enlargement.

I’m not sure 100% but it seems like since I’ve been using this extender my penis has been twisting or rotating. It use to just curve to the left but now, it seems like it’s starting to point down as well. When flaccid, it’s really noticeable…almost a 90 degree twist where i look down and the right side of my penis is centered.

I recently posted a question on here yesterday about not being able to locate a scar, but it seems the characteristics of one are present…Is it possible the scar is so ‘strong’ that when I use the extender everything around this scar which seems like it would be on the left underside of my penis is growing around it??


Thank you for your insightful and honest look at using a mechanical penis stretcher.  A few times a week I hear from men like you who are having the same and similar problems while using their mechanical penis stretchers.  Many hundred men have told me over the years that their Peyronie’s disease started after using a mechanical penis stretcher – not a very good endorsement for something that is supposed to correct Peyronie’s disease.  I agree that the illusion of greater penis size could be caused by swelling and inflammation to the injury you are causing.

I have bought all of the mechanical penis stretcher products available.   Most have poor instructions for general use.  None provide specific information about using the penis stretcher for PD because they cannot do that legally, because they cannot make the claim because they cannot prove it does what they say it is supposed to do.  Remember that all a penis stretcher is supposed to be is a way to enlarge the penis, and they cannot prove they can do that either.   

There are several articles I have written over the years about this subject:  Penis stretcher:  Big problem as Peyronie’s treatment  and  Penis stretching for Peyronie’s disease treatment.

You ask a specific question about how your penis is responding to your use of your stretcher device.  I cannot answer that question.  I advise that you see a urologist and have him answer that question after examining you.  Before you do that, I suggest that you discontinue all use of your stretcher.   TRH 


Do the medium and large Peyronie’s treatment kits come with instructions?

Product Question- do the medium and large kits come with instructions?

They do not seem to include a book. Would the book give instructions on what supplements to take?



Greetings BH,

All products you order from PDI come with full detailed instructions how to use what you ordered.  No one ever complains about the lack of information and instruction how to use what you order.   By my estimation the PDI Large Plan for Peyronie's disease comes with 17 pages of information, the Medium with a few less.   

To know what is in the "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" you only have to scroll down a bit and read the information that we have presented to you.   TRH  

Is there a connection between masturbation and Peyronie’s disease?

My penis curves to the left and over the past 2 years I have become extremely self conscious about it after hearing the word "crooked" from a girl who's had nothing but perfectly straight penises. I've always told girls "the majority of men have a curve" because I remember reading that somewhere (i guess it was written by a guy with a curve.)

'm trying to figure out if I actually have Peyronie's and if so, where my scar is…I can think of a couple things that may have caused it but I'm not sure exactly.

For one, I've always been able to "pop" or "crack" my penis. Ever since I was young I remember waking up in the AM with morning wood and pressing on my penis (into my body or scrotum) and it feeling amazing with this popping sensation. I've read recently this can cause damage but it never hurt.

Also, as embarrassing as this is, I was young an ignorant and accidentally caught my penis in a vacuum cleaner at around 10 years old about a year short of learning about masturbation. It actually felt good and became a habit. I was actually ejaculating before I even knew what it meant.

I don't recall any pain or injury. I do recall one day the skin just below my head being really puffy as if the suction may have pulled the skin from my whole shaft towards my head underneath. I did not feel pain from this either but this situation made me drop this habit (especially as I started to learn about mastubation)

I've also always masturbated with my right hand. I've heard back and forths about this actually having an effect, but I've also read plenty from people who have claimed to straighten their penises out my using the opposite hand.

It seems like there are plenty of factors here that could cause this terrible issue but could it be congenial?

I never experience any erection pain. My head is extremely sensitive,specifically after ejaculation so I may have done some nerve damage there. (also obviously during sex with the curve to the left the head is always rubbing against something making it not as enjoyable sometimes.

I don't see any visible scars however. I can tell you my perinal raphe is not lining up 100% with my corpus spongiosm. when looking down while holding my penis against my stomach, the spongiosm veers to the left and the raphe to the right.

One more issue I cant seem to find on the internet is the possibility of damage or a peyronie's scar inside the body.
I do feel some sort of tissue on the left underside of my shaft inside of my scrotum. I obviously cant see it so I'm not sure if it could be a vein or not.

Right now I'm taking Serrapeptase, PABA, Nattokinase, Krill Oil, and Acetyl L Carnitine. I'm also mixing Vit E, SSKI, PABA powder from capsule with DMSO.

Any help is much appreciated.



It is said that almost all men masturbate. I have spoken to some men who have used exotic and extreme masturbation practices.  You would be surprised at just how man boys (and men) masturbate and play with a vacuum cleaner hose.  It is not so much that you have used some of these common and not-so-common masturbation techniques, but the degree of force involved, frequency, total number of events and the details of how these things were done that may have caused actual injury.  masturbation in and of itself is not going to cause Peyronies, but if you masturbate in such a way that would cause actual physical injury.  By my guess – and that is all that it can be, because I was not there and no one has examined you to know for certain – it sounds like you were a fairly aggressive young fellow who probably sustained actual injury to the penis when you masturbated.  For this reason, while you certainly could have genetic predisposition, and you could also certainly have a congenital malformation, you also have that possibility of Pd caused by physical trauma as an explanation for you current situation.

The only way to know for sure is to go to the best urologist you can locate and have yourself examined so you will now what you are dealing with.  You can guess and guess if you want, but nothing replaces knowing. 

Your absence of pain does not mean you do not have Peyronie's disease.  Pain is not always associated with Peyronie's disease, so you can have PD and not have pain. 

The "scars" of Peyronie's disease are not like the scars you see from old injury to your knees, elbows or elsewhere.  They are internal and are best called "plaque."  You may or may not be able to locate your Peyronie's plaque by yourself, and this is yet another good reason to go to a urologist to have this done for you.  It is part of knowing what is going on. 

You bring up interesting anatomy with your commentary about your midline penile raphe  in relation to your corpus spongiosum.  I do not have the time to explain this anatomy here to other readers, but it suggests to me you have had significant prior trauma to this area and it has resulted in abnormal tension and pulling of the penile soft tissue.   This could be consistent with Peyronie's disease.

Please do not mix DMSO with other things as you are doing.  This could injure you further.   

Please see a urologist for a complete examination and diagnosis.    TRH

Is there a link between fibromylagia and Peyronie’s disease?

I have fibromyalgia as well as Peyronies disease.  Are these two linked in anyway?



Greetings Tom,

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition of the soft tissue tissue, affecting mostly the muscles.  It is a rather common syndrome in which a person suffers repeated and frequent long-term, body-wide pain episodes with varying degrees of pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.  There is no known cause of fibromyalgia, but it has been linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

I am not aware of any association or link between these two problems.   TRH

How should I use the VED (Vacuum Erection Device) my urologist prescribed as a Peyonies treatment?

I have PD and I have a suction device I've been using with little recommendation regarding usage technique from my urologist.

What is your suggestion regarding this device? If it's recommended that I continue to use it, how often and for how long each time? Is this included in your book about treatment recommendations?

Ralph 68 years old
Cape Coral, Fl


Greetings Ralph,

My first thought is that I would take a very dim view of a doctor who prescribes a type of treatment to you but does not tell you how to use it.  This does not indicate that the doctor is working very hard to help you, and this is not good.  If this urologist does not extend time and effort to you in this small and basic way, what about other areas of your treatment?

The suction device you mention is a Vacuum Erection Device or VED, or as some men call it, a vacuum pump.    Some men report help and other men report no help from use of a VED.    Many men use a VED because it is reported to increase the size  of the penis, and injure themselves with it.   I learn from many of these men that their PD started with the use of a VED.   For this reason I am against men who already have Peyronie's disease to use it as a form of Peyronies treatment.  There is too much ease and opportunity to injure the delicate tissue that is already injured by using one of these devices.  For more information see Peyronie's disease treatment with vacuum pump (VED).  TRH 

Could these supplements have started my Peyronie’s disease?

The affects of my Peyronie's disease occurred literally overnight. One day I showed no signs and the next I had developed a marked curved penis when erected. My question is this: the only change I have made in my diet or lifestyle has been that I have added some additional supplements to my daily intake. They are:
1000 mg of shark liver oil
250 mg Fucorick (seaweed)
100 mg Hyaluronic Acid
200 mg Chondroitin Sulfate

Could any of these new supplements be the cause of this sudden development?  Thank you

I have never read or heard of these particular substances being associated with the start of Peyronie's disease.  You should perhaps evaluate and consider more common causes such as drugs and trauma as causes of your problem.  TRH 

Any comments why my curved penis went away but I still have lost 3 inches?

Hello.  I am a 59 yo male who had a Peyronies episode 2 years ago…. curved penis… pain followed with erection.   The curve went to the left…but all of that has gone away.  BUT lost about 3 in in length.  Any thoughts on this?  Still can get erection, not a problem.  But miss the lost 3 in….BTW my name is John…and i live just over here in Elgin IL,  not to far from you in Palatine.  If you can help please let me know…Thanks

Greetings John,

Lost length is a very common part of having Peyronie's disease, perhaps even more common than curvature and distortion. 

You ask for my comments on your current situation.  You still have Peyronies disease, but more than likely your arrangement of internal Peyronies plaque is balanced and does cause incomplete filling of the penis chambers during erection, hence no curved penis.  It is also my opinion that you could develop curvature again if your internal scar changes so that it pulls in a different way.  Many men can go for years with a particular pattern of penile distortion, assuming that it is how their PD will be and then suddenly find themselves with a worsened distortion.  This is why you cannot assume  your straight erection will always be straight.  For this reason you would be wise to start treatment to correct as much of your problem as you can while you are straight.  I probably should also comment that lost length can and does return when men work to correct their Peyronie's disease.  Some men get it all back, and others only part of what was lost; it varies from man to man.   The return of lost length occurs when the fibrous tissue build up of the contracted scar material is reabsorbed by the body.  TRH