What Peyronie's treatment options or products are currently available from PDI?


I'm 35 and about 2 months ago, I noticed a slight deviation on my erect penis (right side) and when I mentioned it to my urologist he said I may be developing Peyronie's Disease. I am concerned it will get worse. I'm wondering what treatment option(s)/products you currently have available on your website you think I should consider to correct this.


Greetings Joe,

There are well over 500 pages of information about using Alternative Medicine for treatment of Peyronie's disease on this website. It seems like you have not looked around the site very much or you could not have asked this question.

I suggest you go to Peyronie's treatment products page to see the list of things you can use to improve your ability to heal and eliminate the Peyronie's plaque. With just a little effort on your part you can get an idea about putting a plan together for yourself if the large, medium and small plans do not suit you. You can get lost in this site for a few days reviewing all the information that is readily available to you. Just click on a few links and see what you can learn. TRH


Connection between dental problems and Peyronie’s disease?

Dr. Herazy- I have had bad health for the last four years and have developed peyronie the last year and a half.
I have had a cough-skin problems-fatigue etc. I have been getting better and think that most of my issues were related to terrible dental infections. I have had 10 teeth pulled in the last year and they all were black/green below the gum line.

I am also getting three more pulled monday.

Could have caused my peyronies?



Sorry to hear of your recent health problems.   Glad you are taking care of yourself and getting better.

The only remote connection between your dental infections and Peyronies disease might possibly be related to some drug reaction from the combination of different medications I assume you were prescribed over the last few years.  I suppose there is always the possibly that your depleted immune system  might have allowed this genetic problem to get out of hand.   Otherwise I am not aware of an direct relationship that might have allowed this problem to develop.

Good luck to you.   TRH

What therapy plan should I use while doing manual penis stretching technique?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

I was reading on the PDI website about the manual penis stretching technique for men with PD. What is the nutrition therapy plan that should be used with the stretching technique? If you remembered I had ordered Neprinol but I am unable to take it. So I would be very concerned about this nutrition therapy plan.



There is no specific nutritional therapy plan to be used while conducting the gentle manual stretching method.  All PDI therapy is intended to be used as part of a wide and diverse group of therapies.  The larger and well balanced your Peyronies treatment, the more synergy you will develop to support healing to occur; your stretching is just part of this effort and should not be seen as the major component of your recovery effort.   You might wish to review the contents of a PDI large plan as a good example of what you might consider doing to help yourself recover from your PD.   TRH

Question about phimosis

I have a problem in my penis . It is closed from my birth and cap has never came out. I am 17 year old.


You have a condition called phimosis, in which the prepuce or foreskin cannot be rolled back or retracted behind the glans or head of the penis in an uncircumcised male.     

Please talk to your parents or an adult to trust and seek medical care for this problem.   TRH

How long does it normally take for the body to heal Peyronie’s disease if it happens natually?


You mentioned, as well as others in articles I've researched elsewhere, that sometimes 50% of cases of Peyronies will go away by themselves. If this occurs what is the time table in which this will happen after you first get signs of Peyronies.  Thanks.



It is estimated that about half of the cases of Peyronie's disease that begin will self-heal or spontaneously resolve by the body healing the injury and removing the plaque within the first 12-18 months after the condition starts.   After 18 months the Peyronie's plaque tends to be permanent unless you undergo special and deliberate efforts to support healing to occur.  Since there is no way to document this number by the nature of self-healing that occurs outside of formal treatment, the number is at best an approximation.  

The fact that Peyronie's heals at all without active medical treatment means that the condition is not as hopeless as the average medical doctor will tell his or her patient.  The fact that about half of cases resolve on their own suggests the problem is correctable with minimal intervention and without drugs.  For additional information about supporting and encouraging natural healing with Alternative Medicine see  "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH      

What can I do if my Peyronies was caused by Tri-Mix ED injections?

Hi Doc… I have been using tri-mix injections for the past 12 years for erection problems.  The injections have been a perfect solution for the ED however about a year ago I realized I had hourglass Peyronie’s at the base of my penis near the injection sites.

I’m not sure if the injections caused they Peyronie’s disease but I have stopped using the injections and have been using a mechanical penis stretcher for the past 4 months but it hasn’t helped much if at all… Right now my penis is severely dented at the base on the left side.. It is about as half as thick there as it used to be at the worst part and looks like someone took a huge bite out of it there.

If my Peyronies was caused by ED injections would that be reversible and what would be the best course of action to address my Peyronies?

Thanks in advance for your time.



Twelve years of injections into the penis is a lot of injections.  I do not know how you can say that the Tri-Mix injections were a “perfect solution” for your ED if they might have caused your Peyronie’s disease.   That is a terribly high price to pay when there are so many other less dangerous and less offensive options to use for ED. 

Now you have been using for four months a mechanical penis stretcher that can also cause Peyronies.   You are really beating up this tissue that you wish to be healthy.  The penis stretcher will not work to eliminate the fibrous tissue because only the normal and healthy tissue will stretch while the dense fibrous tissue will resist the stretching force.  Simple physics says it cannot work.

You should be doing all you can to assist your body to heal the damage you have done to yourself.  I suggest you read “Start Peyronies Treatment.”

I have Peyronie’s disease and cannot develop an erection, what can I do?

Hi Dr, I have been to a GP and was told i have Peyronies. My penis curves to the left but I cannot have a erection and feeling in my penis is just about null. What do i do to get an erection so at least intercourse is possible ?



Greetings D,

There are many reasons a man might not be able to develop an erection.  Penis erection is a complicated process and many things can affect it.  To keep this discussion from being a three hour email, I will limit my response only to the single issue of Peyronie's disease as it relates to ED (erectile dysfunction) or the inability to develop an erection.

During the cold winter months I like to warm up the bathroom before taking a shower.  To warm the room I will turn on a small portable electric heater in the bathroom 30  minutes before showering to bring the temperature up to a toasty temperature.  Sometimes I forget to completely close the door to the bathroom, and this prevents the heat from being trapped in the room.  If I leave the door open just a little, only a little heat collects in the room; if I leave the door wide open, no heat collects in the room.  Most of the time when I make this mistake my wife will close the door for me (after reminding me I made that mistake again), and I will give her a big hug.  But when she does not notice the heater running with the door open I will have take a shower in a room that is cooler than I like.

That little heater does a great job of heating the room if the door is closed.  Closing the door is part of the process of trapping the heat that is created.   In a way, the door is more important to the room warming up than is the heater because the heater could run all day long with the door open and it never would warm the room.

A similar mechanism happens in the penis to develop an erection.  Blood is continually being pumped to all parts of the body, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on activity and needs of the body, but all parts of the body have a continual supply of fresh blood.  The penis has a much different kind of blood vessel arrangement than other parts of the body because it can almost immediately trap the blood that is being pumped into it.  When this happens it is like the bathroom with the door closed, or like a balloon that has been tied off.   

When Peyronie's disease happens, a mass of fibrous tissue called a plaque or scar develops within the layer of the penis known as the tunica albuginea.  This scar is not supposed to be there; it is not a normal thing, and the fact that it is there within the tunica albuginea very often makes it difficult or impossible for the veins of the penis to trap blood.  You might say that the veins have valves within them, and the fibrous plaque prevents those valves from closing.   When the valves do not close, the blood is not trapped and no internal pressure is built up that is associated with an erection.   This inability to close the valves of the veins might affect just a small part, or a large part, or all of the penis, causing a small, large or the entire penis to be soft or not erect.

The solution for this problem is not to pump your body full of drugs to make an artificial and temporary erection, because this does nothing for what is really wrong with you (plaque in the tunica albuginea) and it might cause other health problems as a side effect.  The solution is to eliminate, if possible and as much as possible, the plaque that prevents the valves from closing that causes the penis to be soft or flaccid (not erect). 

To learn how to help your body eliminate the Peyronie's plaque or scar please review the information at "Start Peyronies treatment."   TRH

What evidence do you have that this Peyronie’s treatment concept is effective?

If as you say 50% of men self heal from peyronies disease, what empirical evidence do you have that any of your treatments are actually effective? Testimonials of cures are to be expected in any group of men whether they take your medication or a placebo. What evidence do you have that your medication is better than a placebo?



Thank you for your valuable and interesting question.

Empirical evidence is taken from or by way of naturalistic experience or observation, as well direct experimental procedures.  It serves to defy or support a scientific theory or a working hypothesis that is under study.

For those who have spent any time reading the PDI website, you know that I have repeatedly reported that at this time it is not possible for me to conduct research or scientific investigation as is conducted by the government, large universities, medical research hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. I do the best I can under the circumstances I work under.  I am limited to the reports and communication about success and failure I receive from men who choose to follow the PDI concept of Peyronie's treatment.  This information is provided to me on a volunteer basis by men during their self-directed treatment, so it is understood that I do not have any way to control how each plan is conducted or to verify the accuracy of the information that is received.  

When early medical research was done with natural therapies like vitamin E, or acetyl-L-carnitine, or PABA, or quercetin, on Peyronie's disease the effects were often positive.   You can read these early reports in which all of these were found to have positive effects to reduce the Peyronies plaque or reduce advancement of penile distortion.  They all seem to end with the comment that would go something like, "Further investigation should be done based on these positive outcomes to verify these results."   Of course, since there is no profit or advantage in a drug company testing a common nutrient, no further testing is ever done.  No one is interested in the results of combining natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and performing gentle manual stretching because these ideas represent no business opportunity.

From the information I have gathered over the last 10 years while working with men who have Peyronies, I estimate that about half of these men have had their Peyronie's disease for 18 months or less, and the other half have had their Peyronie's disease for more than 18 months (many start their PDI-based treatment with a history of Peyronie's disease of five years duration, and a few have had their problem for 10 years or more).   Based on my feedback from these men, there does not seem to be much difference in the rate or degree of improvement between these two groups, or in the types of problems or difficulties they encounter while under care.   It seems that the body is able to heal or correct a newer (18 months or less) case of PD about as easily as an older (18 months or more) case of PD.   This 18-month time reference point is important because it is rather commonly maintained that any case of PD that will spontaneously heal or self-correct will do so before the 18th month; after 18 months the PD is considered permanent.  This is the reason so many surgeons will wait until a case of Peyronie's disease has reached the 18 month mark, since at this time the condition is thought to be stable and permanent.  

When I worked to develop the treatment plan that eventually became the PDI concept of Peyronies treatment I had my PD for about 18 months.  Many men who report back to me their positive results have had their problem for 2-4-6 years or more.  All of these cases are considered permanent and stable by medical standards.  Any change or reversal of the size, shape, density or surface features of  their PD scar mass or change in their deformed or curved penis would have to be considered clinically significant.  

At this time I am not interested in conducting blind studies with placebos with men who have Peyronies.   After 10 years of work I am at a point where I still improving and expanding the PDI treatment protocol.  It would be wrong for me to conduct research in this way that would deny every man the opportunity to reverse his problem.  Keep in mind that I am not attempting to make pigs fly; the PDI concept is really not all that extraordinary or extreme.  All we are attempting to do is to increase or support the natural ability of the body to heal and repair PD that tends to occur in about 50% of the men who develop this condition.  For many men who take the time to read the information on this website the idea of natural healing makes sense.   I suppose it all comes down to the question of, "Do you think it is possible to help the body heal if you improve your nutrition and do a few common sense things that assist the process of recovery like tissue detoxification, simple stretching and increase of blood flow?"  

You are viewing this work while it is its early stages, as the men are told when they read the PDI website.   Testimonials and personal communication is what many medical ideas have developed from in the past.  You are seeing this idea at that stage of development.  I do not know if that should be a reason for condemnation of this work.  Many men who need treatment for Peyronies disease understand the basic concept of supporting the ability to heal and repair and give the process a try.  Many who do it well find good results.

I completely understand your concern and interest in evidence of treatment efficacy, and comparison to placebo response.   However, keep in mind that all the glowing praise and approval for a drug that passes through government, university, medical research hospital, or pharmaceutical company research is no guarantee of effectiveness or safety of those same drugs or procedures.  So much of the kind of proof that you ask about seems to make very little difference to the people who use those approved drugs in the real world.  So many of the drugs that pass through rigorous research tests, and perform so much better than placebos, only come to fail to get results with actual patients or are found to be dangerous because of the side-effects and dangerous complications they cause. 

Again, thank you for the opportunity to explore and discuss this question.  Perhaps in time this idea will be taken up by a large research group when I have gathered more evidence and weight of public opinion.   TRH

Is it safe to take Neprinol with medication?

hello my name is kathy ! i am 44 yrs old and had two heart attacks and open heart surgery four years a go and i take fish oil and 325asprin and metoprolol 25 mg but i take half of a pill.is it safe to take neprinol afd with my medications . thank you kathy

Greetings Kathy,

Please discuss this question with the physician who prescribed your various medications.  In my opinion there would be value in your taking Neprinol, but you must monitor your blood clotting rate while you balance your intake with the drugs.  However, you need to have this issue completely regulated by your treating doctor before you make any changes or additions to what you are now taking.   Good luck to you.  TRH