I am 18 years old and fear I am suffering from Peyronies Disease

Hi, I am 18 years old and fear I am suffering from Peyronies Disease. I do not believe I have suffered any physical trauma. My penis is straight for a few centimeters and then bends at about a 50 degree angle when erect. In addition, my erections are not as hard as they used to be and I can lose them fairly quickly. When lying down, my erection is not rock hard, so if I lean by body slightly to the right my penis looks straight, but is obvious when standing up.

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I spoke to my GP and he brushed it off and said “its natural to have a bend” and said how the erection part is psychological.

My concern: I took propecia for about a year. Before taking this pill I had a NORMAL penis. No bend, rock hard erections. For 16 years I had no bend and then I developed one, could that be normal or do I have Peyronies disease?

Another concern: when I masturbate frequently, my over-all erections are decently hard. However when I go 2+ weeks without masturbating my erections are bad. For separate reasons I am trying to stop masturbating, but I am extremely concerned that if my erections got worse after 2 weeks, what will happen after a month? Or 3?

I'm really really worried. I can't stop thinking about this. If I could at least have the satisfaction of knowing it probably won't get any worse then I can deal with it. But it seems people are saying it could get worse (as my bend has gotten slightly worse over that past 2 years). If my erections get any weaker ill probably have to look into medication. I'm 18 years old, I cant deal with this, the last thing I want is to go to a urologist and look into medication. I stopped taking propicia 1.5 years ago, and I recall reading that people returned back to “75%” of their pre-finasteride erections after stopping, if thats the case with me I can accept it and try to move on. What do you think?

I hate this.

Greetings young man,

There are many side effects of Propecia (finasteride), among them reduced erection quality and Peyronies disease. For additional information please see Another case of Propecia and Peyronies disease and Will the drug finasteride affect my Peyronies disease in any way? In the absence of trauma, and without known genetic predisposition or family history of this problem, there is strong presumptive evidence that you could have Peyronies disease due to your use of the drug finasteride.

It would seem that the urologist you spoke to did not listen to what you were saying. While it is indeed true many men are born with a curved penis, that is not the situation in your case; you had a straight penis for many years and it became significantly distorted after using Propecia for a year.

It is not normal to have a straight penis and firm erections for 16 years, and then within a year or two for all that to change into a 50 degree bent penis with weak erections. That does not sound like a congenital malformation to me.

I suggest that you reconsider going to a different urologist the next time – one who listens to what you are saying – for an examination to make a diagnosis of your current situation. Armed with this knowledge you will know how to proceed. Right now you are only guessing and supposing, and worrying yourself sick, without knowing for sure what you are dealing with. If it does happen that you have Peyronies disease I suggest that you very soon begin a conservative regimen of care using Alternative Medicine to assist your body to possibly eliminate this problem. For information about this please go to Peyronies disease treatment.

Sometimes the effects of finasteride usage are reversible once the drug is discontinued, and other times they are not. It is my opinion you cannot assume your problems will resolve themselves, partially or completely, by simply no longer taking Propecia. I suggest you actively do all you can to assist your body in its effort to eliminate the Peyronies disease once you know for a fact that is your problem.

Please let me know if I can assist you in any way or answer other questions for you. TRH


Can I use heat on the penis shortly after injury?

Dear Dr. Herazy

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I was diagnosed with peyronie's disease 3 weeks ago. I presume this is the acute phase. I was reading a lot about heat treatment as well and I read that you also recommend moist heat before applying external therapies. I also read that heat increases inflammation. I read that one of your clients applies heat when he is watching TV or reading. Is this heat not counter-productive in the acute phase because of the inflammtion.


Greetings again Sam,

Most cases of PD we work with are well beyond the initial acute phase of penis injury, and so applying heat prior to other external therapies is not counter-productive.

I suggest that if you are in the acute stage of injury that you get any acute inflammation down with ice, applied for 20 minutes at a time. When the acute stage subsides in perhaps a week or two, heat would be approprite. TRH


Can I take Colchicine with my PDI large plan?

Dear Dr. Herazy

I have had an penis injury and developed Peyronie's disease about 3 weeks ago. The Urologist I saw prescribed Colchicine. I did order the large plan from you. Will you advise to continue using the Colchicine when I start taking the vitamins and enzymes.


Greetings Sam,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; so many email questions to answer lately.

Yes, there is no problem in combining the two. I suggest you contact the doctor who prescibed the Colchicine to you for confirmation of this opinion. TRH

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Which Peyronies treatment do I increase next, by how much, etc?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

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Joe here in Maine. I recently ordered some more supplements through your website and I am currently using the medium plan.

I wanted to know if you knew of any good urologists in New England that I should be aware of. My general practitioner doesn't know very much about Peyronie syndrome and I went to see a urologist here in Portland Maine who really didnt know much about alternative treatments like yours. Not long into my visit with him he was talking about surgery, prosthetics, etc . . . His recommendation was for me to wait 6 months and see if the scar tissue went away or not and then come back for a second visit.

I want to do more to help myself. I began by taking the manufacturer's recommended dosage on each bottle. After 3 weeks I increased the amount of Fibrozym to 3 pills 3 times daily (with food). Soon, I will want to increase my daily intake of my supplements again but I'd like to have professional advice on how to do this. (Which treatment do I increase next, by how much, etc?)

So if you know of any good doctors that support the therapies you do, and are located in my neck of the woods, please let me know. I am only a few hours north of Boston.

Thank you,

Joe B.

Greetings Joe,

I do not know of any urologists in your area I can recommend to you. You will just have to call around and try to find what you are looking for. I suggest you can a urologist office, and ask to speak to “the doctor's nurse.” The doctor's nurse is the doctor's right hand, and sees it all and does it all; a very good person to get to know. Ask the doctor's nurse about the doctors use of alternative medicine, and anything else you would like to know about.

Unfortunately most urologists are very quick on the trigger to suggest and do penile surgery for Peyronie's disease. Watch out for that kind of doctor.

You are making a mistake by taking Fibrozym with food; it is to be taken between meals. All enzyme products are to be taken between meals when using them for Peyronies treatment.

To answer your question about increasing theapies as you progress in your treatment I would need to know what and how many of each of the therapies you are taking. Please call to set up an appointment time and we can discuss this to get you started in the right direction. TRH

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Can Peyronies disease symptoms appear three weeks after penile trauma?

Hi Dr.Herazy, I was dignosed with Peyronies disease 3 weeks ago. I have two questions.

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1) can Peyronie's disease symptoms appear just 3 weeks after penile trauma
2) can you use everything (including the ultrasound machine) in the large package at such an early stage.


There are always exceptions in each case of Peyronies disease; so many rules get broken along the way that I tend to think there are no rules. One of the great many variables in PD is the amount of time required from onset to the time actual signs and symptoms develop. While some PD cases mature rather rapidly, most do not.

If you penile trauma was three weeks ago, and you have pain, penile distortion or a lump below the shaft surface, more than likely these complaints are not actually related to Peyronie's disease but to the acutal trauma you sustained. Only after some time has passed, and the tissue has had sufficient opportunity to respond to the injury, will the actual soft tissue changes occur that are consistent with the phenomenon known as Peyronie's disease.

Yes, you can use the large plan plus the ultrasound machine to treat the early injury to your penis in an effort to assist healing and recovery without PD ever actually developing in your case. Many men do this to beat the problem even before it starts. I would also suggest frequent applications of ice to the area of injury.

Lastly, you mentioned your penis trauma occurred three weeks ago, and that you were diagnosed three weeks ago, also. By this you make it sound like the same day (or almost the same day) you were injured you were also told by an MD you have Peyronies disease. This is not possible. If you badly injured yourself, and the physical presentation was severe, it is still not possible to call it PD so soon into the game. Time is usually needed for the tissue changes to develop that eventually become Peyronies disease. What the MD might have said, “Joe, that is a really bad injury you have to your penis. I would not be surprised if over time it developed into Peyronies disease.” That would be a lot more sensible and clinically defendable.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. TRH

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Can Verapamil and Neprinol be used in combination?

Can Verapamil topical and Neprinol ingested be used in combination?


Yes, the two can be used together – one as a topical and the other as an internal therapy – but that would still not constitute a very solid or effective treatment plan.

Please review some of the treatment information on the PDI website to get an idea of how to organize a more effective plan of treatment. TRH

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Should I use lysine to treat Peyronie's disease?

Hello Dr

I was advised to add Lysine to my plan by a health store owner. In researching on web, in forums and such, I am finding conflicting information as to whether Lysine will be beneficial or make the Peyronies condition worse. I would appreciate your professional advice as to adding Lysine or not.

With great appreciation.


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Greetings Jeff,

I would not add lysine to treat Peyronie's disease, based on lack of sufficient background information to define how it would be an effective treatment, and the lack of reasonable research documenting it had some degree of success in this regard.   TRH


Is Peyronie's disease curable, really, and what are the risks of treatment?

Is Peyronie's disease curable, really, using your natural approach?

We have looked all over the internet for a Peyronie cure, and your site is the only one that seriously discusses the idea of using vitamins and things like that to treat this problem.   My husband's doctor mentioned the possibility of surgery to correct his curved penis, but only as a last resort because even though his clinic does this kind of surgery he does not like the way that this kind of surgery often winds up.  The thought of penis surgery scares us both to death.  After reading some of horror stories about how Xiaflex can destroy any tissue like muscles, nerves and blood vessels that it might accidentally contact we have decided to not use this method.   My husband is concerned about using Xiaflex because we have read several different men say that they reported adverse reactions that were never entered into the research results.  This sounds to us like the drug tests were controlled so the final outcomes look better than what actually happened to these men.   Also, I have read more than once that some medical doctors advise against any injections to treat Peyronie's disease because the injuries created by the injections themselves can cause more scarring.   That leaves us with working with your vitamin approach that makes sense to both of us because we have always preferred to work naturally whenever possible.  

My husband developed a bent penis just a few months after we got married and now we are desperate to find something that will help him take care of this problem.   Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Greetings Brenda,

Thanks for the simple and direct question.

Yes, Peyronie's disease is curable, but not in the usual sense.  See Medical Peyronie's cure is lacking.   Natural healing and spontaneous elimination of Peyronie's disease happens in about half of the cases usually sometime during the first 12-18 months after the problem starts.  There is no medical cure for Peyronie's disease at this time.

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This is why PDI suggests that men consider looking at ways that might increase their ability to heal this problem naturally. Drugs and outside intervention have not proven effective against the Peyronie's scar.  Medical doctors are reluctant to suggest surgery since the side effects and poor outcomes can be so unpredictable and devastating.  The PDI method is not intended to heal Peyronie's disease; it only provides nutritional and other natural help to support the immune response so your husband can do a better job of healing this problem.

Ideally your husband's body, through action of the immune system, should correct since that is how the body is supposed to operate to stay healthy and well.  When it does not happen then it is our suggestion  to try to increase or support that natural healing ability in an attempt to help the immune response work better. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.  There is no way to know ahead of time if it is possible to stimulate the tissue to heal better with help; it works for some men, and for others it does not.  I find that men who are aggressive with a large treatment plan and persistent with it, will get results in about 70-80% of cases; I get 10-12 positive reports of success for each one report of failure using the PDI approach of natural treatment.

So when you ask is Peyronie's disease curable this is the best answer I can give you.


Painful erection caused by Peyronie's disease or someting else?

Hello Doctor Herazy, I have been getting a painful erection each night (sometimes a few times a night) for the last few months.  What worries me is that the pain is slowly getting worse.  The pain when I am erect wakes me up at night and I do not know what to do about it.

I have no idea what started this to act up.  I have not injured myself and my penis is not bruised.  My erections are as strong as usual, and I have no pain when I urinate or ejaculate.   Speaking of ejaculation, I have a very vigorous and active sex life, but sex is getting to be a problem since the pain makes it difficult to keep an erection. Sometimes the painful erection is so severe that I just go limp in the middle of intercourse.

I called my medical doctor and he suggested some tests that sound expensive.  Instead of doing that I went to the internet and Googled “painful erection” and found your website.  I have learned that pain while erect is a sign of Peyronie's disease, and would like your thoughts about this as a possible explanation for my problem.

Can you please help me understand what is making my erections so terribly painful suddenly? If it keeps up much longer I will have to go see a doctor I suppose.

T. K.

Greetings T. K.,

There are a few conditions that can explain your current problem of pain while being erect:

  • Trauma – you deny any injury
  • Priapism – persistent or prolonged erections; can last for hours at a time; not related to night
  • Phimosis  – constriction of penis by foreskin or prepuce
  • Peyronie's disease  – a possibility
  • Lichen sclerosis – leathery skin condition
  • Disease of the penis – chlamydia, genital warts
  • Cancer  – very rare

You do not mention any other complaints that are going on with you for me to have an indication of what might be going on in your situation.  I suspect you can probably eliminate several of these possible causes since you are aware of other aspects of your history.

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The most common complaints associated with Peyronie's disease are:

  • Nodule or bump under the surface of the shaft caused by a mass of fibrous tissue (like a scar).
  • Penile distortion while erect caused by the same mass of fibrous tissue.
  • Reduced penis length and diameter cause by fibrous tissue contracting penis.
  • Painful erection caused by inflammation of penile tissue, as well as  the presence of the fibrous tissue in the deep layers of the penis.
  • Reduced erection quality, again caused by the presence of the fibrous tissue that prevents full closure of the penile veins that create the hydraulic pressure of an erection.

Some of these complaints related to Peyronie's disease, like painful erections, are not always seen in a case of Peyronie's disease.  The only mandatory finding to confirm a diagnosis is the presence of a mass of fibrous tissue.   Many times the loss of penis size does not occur early when Peyronies is present, and many men do not notice the telltale lump of Peyronie's disease.  What I am saying is that it is possible to have Peyronie's disease and not be aware of it except for a painful erection.

My suggestion is that you should go to a urologist for an examination to get to the bottom of your complaint.

You might also be interested in reading Nine causes of pain in the penis.

If it should turn out that you do have Peyronie's disease I suggest that you undergo an early round of self-directed natural treatment of Peyronie's disease to determine if you can reduce the internal scars without the need of drugs or surgery.    TRH


Is Peyronie disease natural treatment safe and effective?

What I want to know is, is your Peyronie disease natural treatment effective, and how safe is it?

In the past year I  have visited many Peyronie's disease forums and discussion groups and read all kinds of opinions.  It seems strange to me is that while I read mostly negative comments from the people on the PD forms about the use of vitamin E, acetyl-L-carnitine and other natural supplements, the medical research about these very same treatments is fairly positive.  The men who answer questions on these forums about using vitamins and natural treatment ideas say it does not do any good, yet I have read several medical studies saying that the results are good. Who should I believe?

How long have you been doing this work, how safe is it, and what kind of results do you get?  How do I know which ones to use to get the most help?

I like what I have read on your site so far about using Peyronie disease natural treatment because it makes sense to me.   It makes sense that taking vitamins and minerals and things like that could help the body to heal better.   Doing something like that to help my problem to heal better and faster makes more sense than doing nothing while I am supposed to wait for my curved penis to get so bad that I need surgery.  That is a crazy way of approaching this problem.  Why not try to get rid of a problem with natural therapies rather than letting it get so bad that surgery is necessary?

Thanks for any information or insight you can give to me.


Greetings Brian,

I cured my own problem in 2002 with Peyronie disease natural treatment.  I did not have any adverse reaction while I experimented with dosages of different therapies.  Since that time I have worked with well over a thousand men who have also reduced or eliminated their Peyronie's scar or plaque using these methods you see on the PDI website.  You can read some  Peyronie natural treatment testimonials here.

I consult with men on a daily basis about their treatment of Peyronie's disease using natural methods.  In that time I have not had anyone complain of an adverse reaction greater than having diarrhea caused by high dosages of systemic enzymes that irritated the bowel lining; all were easily controlled by simply reducing the dosage.

The effectiveness of this treatment is real, but it is difficult for PDI to calculate and provide meaningful statistics for a few reasons:

  • Everyone follows  a different treatment program.  Some men use a small plan, a medium plan, or a large plan.  Additionally, 99% modify their starting plan as they search for the correct dosage that causes their PD scar to reduce size, shape, density and surface features.
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  • Compliance is variable from person to person.  Some men are good at following whatever plan they are using, other men are bad at taking pills and doing different parts of their plan.
  • No way to monitor physical condition or care,  so there is no way I can verify how men are following their plans or their results.  Must take each man's word that he is doing what he says he is doing.
  • No way to know the exact condition of the Peyronie's scar, or the penile distortion, at the start of care or at the conclusion of care.  Must take each man's word about his condition at the start and end of care.
  • No one is rejected or excluded from this work.   PDI works with men from around world who are not standardized.  We work with men of all ages (teenagers to 80+ years, all races, variable duration (just diagnosed to 20 year old PD) and severity of Peyronie's disease, some have had surgery and others have not, any and all possible causes, and many concurrent health problems (anywhere from a 25 year old athletes with no other health problems to a 70 year old alcoholic with liver disease and cancer). Any legitimate study would eliminate many men while looking to so that a standardized group is created.   PDI does not do this.

As a result of this wide variation, complete lack of control of our participants and complete inability to verify treatment or treatment results, there is no way to produce meaningful statistics about PDI treatment results. At this time PDI is still working only to develop and improve its treatment ideas.  Once we have created what we think is the best Peyronie disease natural treatment procedure we will be ready to test those ideas by using formal research level procedures.

Within these limitations imposed by the way we are working with Peyronie disease natural treatment,  the best I can tell you is that about 70-80% of men see positive changes in their Peyronies scars when they use the methods described in the PDI website. This is a remarkable number because – according to current medical thinking – these men are not supposed to respond at all.  Yet most see some positive changes, ranging from slightly to complete reduction of the the size, shape, density or quality of the surface features of their Peyronies scars.