Would liposomal nutrient delivery be a good way to treat Peyronies disease or Dupuytrens contracture?

Dr Herazy,
Are you aware of liposomal delivery of nutrients. It is a vastly superior way to get right through the cell walls with little or no degradation in the digestive process. I am switching over most of my regular supplementation to be liposomal and even make my own liposomal C.

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I really believe that this way to deliver the nutrients (and enzymes?) is the wave of the future and will become the standard. Especially for intracellular use of nutrients. Would it not be a good way to treat Peyronie's disease or dupuytren's contracture?

Please comment.

Thank you, i believe you are very dedicated to helping people.


Yes, I am very much aware of the new technology in which water and fat soluble nutrients are encased in a micro-sized sphere of fat that enables it to be passed through the digestive tract wall, into the bloodstream, and eventually through the cell walls of all tissue cells throughout the body. These spheres are so small (100 to 400 nanometers across) that they can only be seen with an electron microscope.  Larger size spheres that contain more nutrients can be made but they would not easily pass through the gut membrane, nor pass through the cell walls.

There is much interest in this new technology because so often  orally consumed nutrients are not adequately  absorbed by all people into the body.   Liposomal delivered increase the absorption of oral nutrients, and protect delicate nutrient molecules from breakdown when subjected to the digestive process.

Many times a person will only absorb and benefit from a small portion of the nutrients that are taken.  With the promise of liposome technology the nutrients easily pass through the digestive system intact and undiminished.  The combined effect is that the nutrients are absorbed better and carry greater potency, with less chance of

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However, this is still a relatively new technology and it is evolving and improving over time.  I am somewhat hesitant to get into it or promote its use before it has been sufficiently refined and proven its worth.

There are several key points to keep in mind at this early stage of liposome development:

1. Be sure that the PC (phosphatidyl choline) or fat content is sufficient.  For example, a 1000 mg dose of vitamin C will usually need about 350 mg of PC, and even more might be better to assure the nanometer size is sufficiently small for maximum passage into the cells.

2. Deal with only a reputable company to learn the liposome size in the product.  This information must be guaranteed by the manufacturer.   If the liposomes are too small they will not carry enough nutrients.  If the liposomes are too large they cannot pass through the intestinal lining or the wall of the targeted cells.  A guanteed range of 100 nm to 400 nm (nanometers).

3.  Read the manufacturers report on size testing.   Only large laboratories have a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), so they need to offer proof of this critical determination.  How they are able to manufacture liposome is proprietary, so I do not know how you propose to make your own nutrient liposomes.  I would be very suspicious of a company that tells you that it will help you to do it.  TRH


Peyronies disease exercises – which ones can help me?

Exercises for Peyronie’s disease

Peyronies disease exercises presented in this article are not intended to increase the size of the penis, or to make the organ in any way stronger in the usual sense.  These exercises are chosen because they attempt to get to the cause of the Peyronies problem, the nodule of scar tissue located below the surface of the skin.

Peyronie’s disease is all about the presence of fibrous scar tissue within the deep layer of penis tissue called the tunica albuginea.  When this scar tissue develops within the penis, under the skin surface, it drastically affects how the penis appears when erect and often how it feels in regard to pain.

Some people mistakenly focus only the obvious physical appearance changes that are common with PD.  They equate Peyronie’s disease with the penis curvature or hourglass deformity that develops because of the internal scar, but they fail to realize the distortions occur because of the scar they cannot see.  As a result they approach treatment as though getting rid of Peyronie’s disease was as simple as getting rid of the bent penis they see, like straightening out a bent paper clip.  But, Peyronie’s disease is not a curved penis; the curved penis is merely the end result of the real problem which is the scar tissue found under the skin. The real problem of Peyronies is a tendency to produce an excessive healing response to trauma. Therefore, this discussion of various Peyronies disease treatment exercises will focus on several strategies that are intended to increase the natural ability of the body to eliminate or heal that offending scar material.

We know self-correction or natural healing of the Peyronie’s scar is indeed possible, and happens frequently by medical standards; it happens in about half of the diagnosed cases of PD.  Spontaneous healing or natural elimination of Peyronie’s disease is the primary reason that standard medical treatment of early cases includes a waiting period of at least 12-18 months before considering doing surgery.  During the standard 12-18 month waiting period it is hoped that the body will be able to simply eliminate the Peyronies scar as it happens in about half of the cases.

These Peyronies disease exercises are presented because each represents a slightly different way to assist the tissue to correct the basic problem of the scar material.

Peyronie’s disease stretching exercises

Gentle manual Peyronie’s disease stretching exercises should not to be confused with the Middle Eastern practice called jelqing.  Jelqing is essentially an ancient method of penis enlargement performed by forcefully stretching penis tissue repeatedly, squeezing more blood into the cavernous penis tissue spaces than it can normally hold while also being stretched.  Jelqing is sometimes mistakenly recommended as by some who do not understand the real problem of Peyronie’s disease.  They think that forcefully stretching and unbending the penis will take care of the problem as though the bend was a simple issue that could be fixed like a bent paper clip.  Not only is this ineffective for treating Peyronies disease, jelqing can cause more injury in a penis that has already demonstrated that it is capable of producing too much scar tissue.

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As proof of the brutality of jelqing, many cases of Peyronie’s disease start after a man injures himself while using this technique.  How anyone could think jelqing is a reasonable way of treating peyronies is a mystery.

The Peyronie’s disease stretching exercises that were developed in a research project of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute in 2006 are greatly different than jelqing because they are extremely gentle.  They approach soft tissue stretching from the standpoint of increasing tissue length much in the same way a ballerina attempts to become more flexible by using very light stretches over a prolonged period of time.

Massage and exercise video for Peyronie’s disease treatment

A group of simple treatment exercises for Peyronie’s disease were first applied by Peyronie’s Disease Institute in 2004, and presented in a video.  These exercises were selected on the basis of their ability to increase blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage to the pelvis in general and penis in particular.  None of these massage and exercise techniques are ever applied directly to the penis, since this could possibly result in additional injury and more internal scar development. Instead these massage and exercise techniques are applied to the area immediately around the genitals to loosen tight and contracted soft tissue while avoiding further injury.

This Peyronie’s disease exercises video presents a series of Kegel exercise instructions increase the blood flow and health of the lower pelvis, deep tissue massage to the deep pelvic soft tissues to increase drainage of the lymphatic tissue which in turn will increase blood flow of the involved area, and lastly a series of instructions to increase energy movement in the area of the penis.

Peyronie’s disease treatment exercises

These various Peyronies disease exercises make sense because they attempt to address the potential underlying problems that could prevent the natural healing of the dense internal scar tissue that is at the heart of this problem. Schemes that merely try to enlarge the penis ignore the need to reduce or eliminate the Peyronie’s scar.

When these Peyronies disease exercises are added to an aggressively applied Alternative Medicine treatment program of diverse vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes it is sometimes possible to assist the tissue to remove the Peyronie’s scar. The earlier in the disease state this is started, and the more aggressively it is done, the better the therapy results tend to be.


Can the PDI penis stretching method help my congenitally curved penis?

Dear Dr. Herazy, I would like to know if your method of penis stretching exercises would allow an improvement in my congenital twisted penis.  I do not have PD; however, does your method help men with congenital curvatures too?

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Actually I need to tell you my story: I underwent surgery to eliminate the congenital curvature, but there are now non-absorbable stitches into my penis and they are hurting me. The surgery was almost nine months ago, in August, 2012, and I think of removing these stitches from me to help the pain. So I have a question: how much time do I need to wait so that I can remove these stitches without losing the correction I have obtained with the surgery?

Well, and there is another thing: my penis was curved left and down before the surgery. After the surgery, I realized that my penis is not pointing to the left, but it still curved down, with a bend near the base of the penis. Thus, I would like to correct the bend downwards that still exists, and finally reach the complete correction of my penis.

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer my important questions.

Thank you.

Greetings Vini,

Yes, the PDI method of gentle penis stretching has helped make safe changes even in some congenital penis curves and bends, but it is not possible for anyone to know ahead of time which will and which will not respond.  Even though we initially tested the gentle manual PDI penis stretching method only on  men with Peyronies disease, over the last few years I have received back reports of success from men with congenital curvature.  The best and safest method is to simply apply the work and use the technique for a month or two to determine how well you will respond.

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However, you have had penis surgery, so this changes a lot of things. Too bad you did not ask me these questions before you had your penis surgery.  Once you have had tissue removed, and had stitches inserted to hold you into a certain position, there is less that our gentle penis stretching technique can do for you.

Now, since these surgical changes have been made. you really should be asking these questions to the doctor who tried to correct your congenital penis curvature with surgery.  This is the person who should have all the answers regarding how your penis will respond in the future.