Are there other conditions that produce the same symptoms as Peyronies disease?

I know you say to get diagnosed by a doctor, but all of my symptoms fit Peyronie's to a T. I feel that going in to be diagnosed would be throwing money, and time away. Are there other conditions that would produce the same symptoms? I am ready to commit to your plan, as it seems to be the only thing that might help. Also, are there any other health benefits from your plan? I have prostate problems,for which my doctor prescribed finasteride, and have since developed what I believe to be Peyronies. I have subsequently quit taking the finasteride, and was wondering if your plan helps at all with prostate issues.

Thank you for your help.


I cannot force you to receive medical care or to be examined, but only to advise you that it is typically the wise thing to do.

Many cases of PD are strongly suggestive of this problem, making a formal diagnosis seem superfluous.  There are no other medical conditions that cause an exact clinical presentation of a classic case of Peyronie's disease.

Please read Will the drug finasteride (Proscar) (Propicia) affect my Peyornie’s disease in any way? to learn more about the relationship between this drug and PD.

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The PDI treatment concept was intended specifically as a way to increase the ability to remove the PD scar material in a natural way as when the condition simply disappears during the normal healing process.   However, I have had many people tell me that many chronic health conditions have cleared up while following the improved nutritional approach that is integral to the PDI concept of PD treatment.  Even so I would not approach treatment of a chronic prostatitis hoping that it might clear up while working to eliminate the PD scar.  You would have to be much more specific and direct in your therapeutic selection than what is found in a PD treatment plan.  This is the reason we do include a few prostate treatment items under the “Prostate Support” tab of the PDI store.  I suggest you undergo a brief therapeutic trial of care in this way while still following your medical doctor's advice about your prostate.   TRH


Could one dose of Clomipramine have started my penis curvature?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

I'm a 27 year old graduate student from another country. When I was 23 years old, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and was prescribed Clomipramine. After taking this drug for the very first time, something very unusual happened to my penis (within 60 minutes of taking this drug). My penis had swollen up (not erect, swollen like a balloon). It remained like that for 6 or 7 hours and eventually the swelling subsided. Obviously, I did not take Clomipramine ever after that day. I also did not tell anyone because I did not want anyone to find out that I had been prescribed an anti-depressant (it is sort of a taboo thing in my country).
Since that day, my penis has been curved towards the left and more importantly, my erect penis is significantly shorter and less thick.

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I'm going to be in the US for another 3 years for my PhD, and I would like to receive your treatment before I return to my country.

I was wondering if you've ever heard of cases similar to mine. Please let me know.
Also, any other suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

Thank You.


I have not been able to locate any information indicating that Clomipramine can lead to Peyronie's disease, although there is abundant information about it causing alternation of the erection mechanism.

If you would like to discuss your penis curvature complaint when you are in this country please feel free to contact me.  TRH


Do you suggest any other products (i.e. stretching video, or other supplements) that are not in the small treatment plan?

Hello, I started my treatment with PDI two weeks ago. I am 47 years old and have never taken viagra or anything like that. I started first with pain during an erection in July of 2012. I went to my doctor and he felt to see if there was any scar tissue, but felt nothing. A month or two later I started to get a curve in my penis to my right side. I am not sure of degree but over this first year it has worsened. (I took pictures before I started as suggested) I purchased the PDI system, the most mild, because it seemed to most match with my condition. Do you suggest any of your other products (i.e. stretching video, or perhaps other supplements that are not in the mild treatment?) The reason why I ask is because of my age. I noticed that one of the descriptions for the mild treatment was 25 years of age. I want to attack this early and hard so as to have the best possible result.

Thank you!


If you wish to add to your small PD treatment plan you can certainly add any of the therapies not currently being used.

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However, before doing so, I suggest that you explore a higher dosage of several therapies that are in the PDI small plan, like Nattokinase, Fibrozym, vitamin C, and the DMSO and copper topical treatments.  It is far better to work with higher dosages of what you already have available to you, than to merely collect a larger assortment of therapies that you do not actively work with.   Using a smaller dosage of a large assortment of therapies seems to be less effective than taking a larger dosage of a small assortment of therapies.

Please contact me to discuss how you can use your small plan better than you are now.

To answer your question, acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA and the stretching video are always good therapeutic choices to expand your treatment profile after you have exhausted combinations and dosages of what you are now using.   TRH