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Peyronies disease is a male health problem that causes a curved penis because of scar tissue in the tunica albugineaPeyronie’s disease is not well understood.  In fact, Peyronie’s disease should not even be listed among penile diseases – Peyronie’s syndrome is a more accurate term.  Peyronie’s disease (misspelled, peyronie desease) is best known for the curved penis, penile lump and pain it causes.  Because there is no Peyronie’s cure and no current  FDA-accepted medical  treatment available, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute discusses alternative  natural Peyronie’s disease treatment ideas that can be used to improve the body’s ability to eliminate the offending Peyronie’s scar tissue.  The PDI approach simply attempts to duplicate and build upon some of positive outcomes that medical research has reported for vitamin E, PABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, and others, when used in a very particular way.

On this website you will find Peyronie’s pictures so you will know what the condition looks like, and discuss Peyronie’s surgery so you will know the risks involved.

Any Peyronie’s disease  treatment using drugs or even surgery to be effective must be all about the internal scar tissue (plaque) that causes a bent or curved penis to develop.  This is why we strongly suggest monitoring the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar to determine if your PD is progressing or stable.

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Peyronie’s disease research

PDI conducts Peyronie’s disease natural treatment research that is not at all like the research performed by government, universities or large multi-billion dollar drug companies. Our Peyronie’s disease research is directed toward potential Alternative Medicine therapies – vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes and non-invasive procedures.  Since 2002, Peyronie’s Disease Institute research has involved three large projects of special interest:

1. Ongoing voluntary Peyronie’s disease research using online 48 point survey to define the average case of PD and identify how it develops over time. From this research project PDI developed a specialized diet to assist balance of the blood pH toward the alkaline side of normal. This information can be found in the book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

2. Peyronie’s disease research with 10 volunteers to develop a gentle manual penis stretching technique to reduce penile curvature.   this 12 month research project resulted in the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©.

3.  PDI developed the homeopathy formula for Scar-X. Additional breakthrough projects are being designed to discover additional self-help methods (non-invasive self-administered acupuncture point stimulation, massage, and an improved protocol for Peyronie’s vitamin E therapy since most medical doctors prescribe vitamin E as an early form of treatment for Peyronie’s disease without much information how to use it to its full potential value.

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Peyronie’s Pain

Peyronie’s symptoms can be extremely variable.  Penis pain can range from from hardly noticeable to the kind of pain that prevents sleep. The onset of Peyronie’s pain can be sudden or slow.  Usually the pain appears in less than a month after direct injury.   Peyronie’s disease pain is worse soon after onset, and then gradually improves over time.   Peyronie’s pain is not a reliable way to judge the severity or calculate the time for eventual recovery of Peyronie’s disease.   Visit the Peyronie’s Treatment Blog for more information about Peyronie’s pain.


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People come to the Internet looking for a Peyronie’s cure.  Instead they become disappointed and frustrated to find a lot of controversy.  You want honest answers and useful information about Peyronie’s disease treatments. Instead, most websites just offer gimmicks for penis enlargement or promote Peyronie’s surgery without mentioning the many risks.

This website presents over a dozen natural Peyronie’s treatment ideas that might make a difference to your situation.   Many men find they can use this information to help them improve their sexual function, and reduce or eliminate their PD scar.  Does this happen all the time, and is this to be considered a Peyronie’s cure?  No.  All this website does is to make you aware that sometimes a man can increase his odds of healing his PD using these ideas. There is no way to predict who will improve, how long it will take or how much change can be expected.  Peyronie’s disease is such a difficult problem that so far defies medical treatment.  The PDI can do is to suggest that you consider using natural therapy methods to treat Peyronie’s disease under your doctor’s supervision.  Do this for a few months to see if you can help yourself better than you are now.

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  • Service PDI offers email support and assistance for the products and services we provide. Dr. Herazy is here to help you with questions about the products we sell. This is an extremely valuable service the others cannot possibly match.
  • Quality and Quantity Repairing the Peyronie’s scar is such an important mission. It is critical you use a high quality and quantity of nutrients. We have done the hard part of selecting good companies and products. Buy with confidence.
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Peyronie’s cure and false hope

The Internet is full of ads for mechanical penis stretching devices.  They all claim to help Peyronie’s disease by reducing the bend as though it is a simple as straightening a bent paper clip. Serious Peyronie’s research proves that no mechanical penis enlargement device permanently helps Peyronie’s disease.  The same is true of mystery herbal products that claim to cure Peyronie’s disease.

What has been proven time and time again is that the surest Peyronie’s treatment is to support and promote the body’s ability to heal naturally, using vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are needed for the natural healing process.  This entire website is devoted to helping your body cure Peyronie’s disease and restore your penis health naturally, slowly and carefully applying Alternative Medicine while you monitor the size, shape, density and surface features of your internal scar tissue to document changes as you undergo a therapeutic trial.

Peyronie’s treatment information to consider

No one has an easy answer to the Peyronie’s disease.  We offer many exciting options for your consideration, based on the available medical research information.  PDI’s goal is to organize your best Peyronie’s disease treatment – whatever that might be.  You will find an abundance of detailed information about a variety of Peyronie’s therapies that include Neprinol, gentle manual penis stretching and a dozen more.

Since 2002 I have presented this natural treatment approach as something a person can do to support a healing response after drugs have been tried and found to be ineffective.  When I was treating my own Peyronie’s disease I felt like you do right now.   I tried what little medical care that was available and got no improvement – actually, my Peyronie’s disease worsened while I faithfully took verapamil for over six months.  Finally, I tried Alternative Medicine  because I felt I had nothing to loose.  This approach helped me, and for this reason I discuss the methods I used successfully on this website.

If this concept makes sense to you, and your medical doctor approves, I suggest you consider a short therapeutic trial of perhaps three months to determine if you can detect changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your internal scar tissue.  If it give you a little or a lot of relief, great.  If it does not help you, at least you know you can take the next step toward surgery knowing that you tried to help yourself.

What kind of results do you get?

Because I have no control or direct knowledge of how accurately anyone is using this information, and no one is obligated to tell me exactly what they are doing or what kind of results they are getting, I cannot provide the kind of statistical answers you would like to hear.  The only answer I can offer is indirect and general based on anecdotal evidence.

I can tell you that each day I have telephone conversations and receive emails from men from on the phone.   During this constant stream of Peyronie’s treatment information I receive five to six positive phone calls and emails telling me of reduced Peyronie’s scar and improved curved penis problems, for each one negative phone call or email that tells me that no improvement has taken place.  Some men report small improvement in reducing their PD scar, some report great improvement, and some report no progress at all.  When I question those men who are not responding well I often learn they are not using their plan correctly or they have not been on the plan long enough to get the results they want.

Those men who aggressively follow a large treatment plan, and give it enough time to work, tend to be pleased with what happens.

Peyronie’s disease treatment philosophy

A man with a curved penis is often desperate to help himself because he feels ignored by the medical profession. His doctor has told him there is no approved Peyronie’s treatment, other than surgery that most doctors are reluctant to suggest.  With so few options he does not mind that PDI’s alternative medical ideas are not yet fully accepted by the AMA.  In fact, he realizes the AMA does not endorse any Peyronie’s treatment.   PDI contends it is reasonable to attempt to improve the eventual outcome of treatment by faithfully and aggressively using safe – but currently – unproven conservative Peyronie’s treatment methods that are based on any available science and common sense.

You will soon be delighted to learn you have found a place where we care about the men who have Peyronie’s disease – because I was one of them – and are willing to share information about many Peyronie’s natural treatments in the hope you might find some benefit.

Welcome to the Peyronie’s Disease Institute!

Peyronie's Disease HandbookPeyronie’s Disease Handbook  “There is not to my knowledge any information and healing program for Peyronie’s disease that comes close to what Dr. Herazy has researched and written. ” Ralph Golan, MD – Author of Optimal Wellness: Where Mainstream and Alternative Meet Hardcopy Details ($59.50, your cost $44,95) Mailed to you. Ebook Details ($52.50, your cost $34.95) Download & print out. peyronie's Disease & SexPeyronie’s Disease & Sex Your step-by-step guide to a better sex life Even if you have dealt with the sexual limitations of PD for years, chances are you know very little about the sexual side of the problem. Until now there was no authoritative source of information that addressed the basic mechanics of sex and PD. Let this book be your guide to better sex – in spite of PD! Hardcopy Details ($49.50, your cost $34.95) Mailed to you Ebook Details ($42.50, your cost $24.95) Download & print out.

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