Wants advice about extreme pain in penis

Dear Doctor Herazy
Almost 5 months ago i felt a slight pain at the base of my penis (on the underside), i was shocked and i ran to emergency and family doctor and they did all sorts of tests to rule out infection and prostate problems.  everything came back negative.  during all this time my anxiety has driven me crazy. i started rotating my penis once to the left and once to the right every day and night and taking pictures for whatever i see (which was actually nothing).  for five months i have been abusing my penis by twisting and rotating to check it, besides the spot of pain which is much like a bulge at the base i developed more spots, one just close to the glans and the other on the shaft, it is like thickened areas underneath the skin. i have a history of dorsal vein thrombosis which has been there for years without causing any pain, and now those spots are so painful that i cannot even walk.  walking is just terrible.   i am not sure if those areas are plaque or they are swollen branches of the vein due to thrombosis, i have the hourglass shape at but only after masturbation, and i cannot see any curvature during erection.  the pain is really bad and i wake up everyday with it, it is worse with walking.  the pain is in flaccid as well as erected penis however erection worsens it.  my penis is hard and very stiff at the flaccid state and the pain is changing its patterns from sensation of wound in the erectile tissue to a sensation of burning in the spots which i developed. but the best to describe it is a disabling pain as i cannot walk. i will have to wait for 3 more months to see a Urologist, knowing that i had an ultrasound on my penis which was non-specific (pretty much looking for cysts or anything unusual as the nurse said) and the nurse couldn’t see anything……anxiety is about to ruin my life…i appreciate your advice and support.



Based on the information you provided, it is my educated guess that your problem does not sound like Peyronie’s disease.   Typically, the pain of Peyronies disease is not as intense nor of a burning nature.  Also, the only penile distortion you report only occurs after masturbation, and this is not at all like what Peyronie’s disease would do to a man.

My advice for you is to attempt to get in soon for another evaluation since I suspect that you could be having an aggravation of your deep vein thrombosis.  TRH


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