Advice about penis spitting whitish yellow drops


I am having this problem and i am very conscious about my penis being disturbed. I have research a lot on your website and concluded that i am suffering from Peyronie's disease with slight left penile curvature without any constrictive ring or hourglass. 

My penis is spitting whitish yellow drops whether i am awake or sleeping and I am helpless to do anything.  I started throwing all my underpants and pajamas.   I used to masturbate a lot before 3 to 4 months, and used to grab my dick head to stop wasting the sperm, until one day it hurt me very bad.  But ignoring that day i slept  and after a couple of days i started feeling heavy pain that I used to hold my piss for a whole day or even 2 sometimes getting afraid of the pain.  Then gradually it decreased, and now again i am feeling pain with every piss.   My penis is curved slightly left and spitting drops very often.  I have postponed my wedding due to this, and really is very dishearted of the situation.

Please help me out.  I will always pray for you and your family in good or bad times.  A detailed and prompt answer would be highly appreciated

Best regards,  Umair


Greetings Umair,

Based on your description it is possible that you injured your urethra by your practice of masturbating but pressing on the head of the penis to prevent complete ejaculation.  I think it is not likely you have Peyronie's disease, even though you do have a penile curvature.

I strongly encourage you to go to your local medical doctor and explain your problem to him for prompt medical attention.  

Good luck to you.  TRH


10 thoughts on “Advice about penis spitting whitish yellow drops

  1. Eric says:

    Hello doctor
    I have unstoppable drop since early last year, not Peyronie’s disease. Sometimes I feel something moving in my penis and its bite my penis after a while. When I relieve myself at the toilet fluid like water comes out from my penis. This fluid when I touch it, its like glue. Could this be related to Peyronie’s disease?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Eric,

    Peyronie’s disease does not give the kind of symptoms you report. I suggest you go to your doctor promptly for an examination to determine the cause of your complaints, to rule out a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Again, you do not have Peyronie’s disease, something else is going on. Good luck to you. TRH

  3. agnes says:

    Good morning doctor my boyfriend said last night his penis was itching and today in the morning he has some drops is this peyronie’s disease what might be the cause here?

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Agnes,

    No, his problem is not related to Peyronie’s disease. I suggest you both promptly go to a doctor or emergency room for a physical examination. It is possible his problem is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), putting both of you at risk. Do not take his complaints lightly. Please make sure both of you go for care. Good luck to you. TRH

  5. Julias says:

    Hey Doc

    I woke up today and find out that my penis has some yellow drops and it is very itching while i pee…i dont know what to do now. is this peyronie’s disease. is there any medication i can get from the chemist.

  6. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Julias,

    No, this is not Peyronie’s disease. You should go to a medical doctor who will examine you and treat you for your problem. You could have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) which will spread to other people if you do not correct your problem. Please go immediately and take care of this situation. TRH

  7. Millo says:

    Doctor. My name is Millo, can you please help me. What can I do. Is this Peyronie’s disease. My penis is full of yellow urine and blood drops. It happens right about now as we speak. It started on Wednesday 22/03/17. I took it lightly but it’s becoming a serious problem pls pls help.

  8. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Millo,

    This is not Peyronie’s disease. Please have a medical doctor examine and treat you for this problem. This could be a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that could cause serious health problems to you and all of your sex partners. Please do this right away. TRH

  9. Alfred says:

    my penis it itching. yellow fluid comes out and if I pee my urethra is paining too march. is it peyronie’s disease?

  10. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Alfred,

    No, it is not Peyronie’s disease. There is a good chance you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Please immediately go to your local doctor for treatment, and tell anyone you have had sex with to do the same. this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. TRH

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