Am I using my Peyronie’s treatment plan properly? – Continued

Hi.  This is a continuation and answer to an earlier I sent when I asked if I was using the things I using to build me up so I can get rid of my Peyronie's disease.

I take the Neprinol when I first get up and between meals. I take the vitamin E and C and Bromelain supplements just before or just after a light meal. As instructed I put a few.drops of Co serum,then a few drops of the DMSO to the scar area right after showering(morning and night).

The scar is approximately 3/8 in. wide and 1in long. Its on top and I have about a 35 degree bend to the left and down. It seems to have a substantial 'dent's on the bottom. at times the scar seems smaller and not as hard but then seems to get harder again. I hope this helps as I really want this therapy to work and need to know if I am doing it properly.


Greetings again,

OK, now we are getting somewhere.

You are doing alright with everything you are doing in your Peyronies treatment except the Bromelain 5000 which should be taken with the Neprinol, on an empty stomach, not with meals.  You are doing alright with the DMSO and Super CP Serum.

Overall I think your plan might be a little small and restricted.  The real test if your plan is being done correctly and effectively is when you begin to see positive changes in your PD scar.  What you or I think is a good plan or a plan large enough to help you will only be known for sure when you can definitely see desirable scar changes that are permanent.   Anything before that point is speculation and testing to see what your scar requires to respond in a way that is favorable.

You must define your scar better.   When you write your scar is approximately 3/8 X 1 inch and that it is sometimes hard and sometimes small you show you do not have a good idea of the scar structure.

  1. When it is soft, it is soft like what?
  2. When it is hard, it is hard like what?
  3. What is the shape of your scar?
  4. How does it feel when you slide your finger along the 1 inch length of it?  What does it remind you of when you slide your finger back and forth over it?

You must know how to answer these questions so that when the day comes that you think there is a difference in one or more of the structural qualities you will know it for sure, and not be guessing.  

Every 10-14 days you should increase some element of your current plan by either taking a greater quantity of what you are now taking or adding a new therapy item.  You should consider doing this until you notice a definite change (smaller, softer, weaker, more ragged feeling when you slide your finger along the scar) in your scar and at that time you maintain your plan unchanged until either the scar is gone or the positive changes stop.

You see, you need to know your scar better than you do right now so that you will be positive how to respond to your scar behavior.  If your scar is a stranger to you, you will never have confidence to know how to manage your self-directed treatment. 

By the way, you have one or more scars than you are aware, located on the bottom of shaft.  You need to examine yourself and isolate them, identify their characteristics and monitor them like you do the others. Watch them all. 

Please keep me informed of your progress.  TRH    


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