Are all lumps involved with Peyronie’s disease painful?

Hello doctor, I am 18 and was wondering a couple things. First, are all lumps involved with Peyronie’s disease painful?  Does PD always result in permanent length loss? If so how much usually and or how long til it stops. And more importantly, I think I may have PD and was wondering if kegeling could cause further damage as it helped my erections. I stopped a couple months ago tho. Also more importantly, I have been taking fish oil for about 6 months now and vitamin e for a week. Since I started taking vitamin e my erections have gotten much harder and I was wondering if that could make my PD worse like Viagra would. Finally, my lump is more noticeable at certain states of the penis than others, and moves with the skin kinda looks like a new vein? It is not hard. Please answer all of the questions I’m nervous :((


Please first get a definite diagnosis of your problem.  You seem to be over analyzing what is happening to you and in your effort to understand your problem without good knowledge or background I am concerned that you are perhaps creating problems that do not exist.  Please go see a local urologist.  TRH


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