Herbal products to help with ED associated with Peyronie’s disease?

I believe I got PD using ED drugs been married 30 yrs & need some erection help. Have stopped using the drugs, can you suggest something herbal I can use to replace them. Thanks Dave

Greetings Dave,

What you report is rather common.  I have communicated with hundreds of men who tell me their Peyronie's disease started after using PDE5 inhibitor drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra); this can happen after just one use or repeated uses.  For more information see Peyronie's disease and Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and Peyronie's treatment and Cialis.

If you go to the PDI shopping cart and scroll about 3/4 the way down until you see BetterMAN and about 5-6 other sex stimulant products. The most important of the group is a product called Stimulin. You would definitely want to include Stimulin with whatever else you use.  

All of these herbal products are much more gentle than your drugs and will not worsen your PD problem.   Many men use them while undergoing their natural Peyronie's treatment plan.  TRH

Do you have any natural treatment to replace Flomax?

I am using your program of PDI.I am using flomax for prostate enlargement. Do you have any natural treatment to replace the flomax which destroyed my sex life.I will send any fees in advance. I am grateful for your help. Thank you Sami Shenouda

Greetings Sami,

Flomax is well known for its long list of unpleasant side effects.  Many men decide they are worse than the symptoms of prostate enlargement.   You should talk to your doctor about the side effects of Flomax and discuss alternatives with him before changing your prescription drug intake.

Because Peyronie’s disease commonly occurs in men who are in the same age group in which BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) occurs, I am often asked about working with BPH at the same time as PD.  For this reason PDI lists two very good herbal products, BioProstate and Prostate Supreme.  I have taken Prostate Supreme daily for many years. You can find them by going to the PDI store front.

Please talk to your doctor before making any change with your prescription drugs.   TRH

Spontaneous Remission and Natural Cure for Peyronie’s Disease

Helping nature to remove the Peyronie’s plaque 

Peyronie’s disease is filled with unknowns and controversy. There is even controversy about how often this problem simply goes away on its own. Some say it never goes away; that once you have Peyronies you have it for life. And there are those who say it goes away half of the time, and those who say it rarely goes away on its own.       
The term “simply goes away on its own” is another way of saying “self-healed” or “spontaneous cure” or “the body healed itself without outside assistance.” This is not an example of playing with words. In my world of working to help men reverse their Peyronie’s disease by improving their ability to heal or correct this problem, there is no difference in what these terms mean. It is important – even critical – to realize that when the body is able to rid itself of a disease process or abnormality it is an instance of true healing or a self-cure. Hence, it cannot be said that there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease. The body is able to cure Peyronie’s disease; it happens either rarely, or up to 20-50% of the cases, depending upon whom you choose to believe – but it does happen.
This is an extremely important point to consider in regard to using Alternative Medicine to treat Peyronie’s disease. When you use the different internal and external therapies to rid yourself of the Peyronie’s scar all you are attempting to do is to increase your body’s ability heal or cure itself of PD.         
Most of us would be in agreement that the body can and does rid itself – by a process in which the immune system heals, or “cures itself” – of Peyronie’s disease. How often this happens might be of some disagreement, but I think it is fair to say that most people know the body is able to cure or heal the Peyronies problem in some cases. This is an important point to keep in mind when you read or hear that there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease.
When the medical doctor says there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease what he really means is that there is no drug that he can prescribe that is a Peyronie’s cure. We have established that the body can and does heal the Peyronie’s plaque in an undetermined number of cases. With the Peyronie’s Disease Institute therapy program we are attempting to increase that natural healing ability.   

Is cancer more difficult to treat than Peyronie’s disease?

A spontaneous healing, also called spontaneous remission or spontaneous regression, is the unexpected cure or improvement of a disease which previously appeared to be stable or worsening. These terms are typically used to explain unexpected improvement of a cancer. The spontaneous regression and remission from cancer was defined by Everson and Cole in their 1966 book, Spontaneous Regression of Cancer, this way: "The partial or complete disappearance of a malignant tumour in the absence of all treatment, or in the presence of therapy which is considered inadequate to exert significant influence on neoplastic disease."

Because most of our medical information is presented through medical sources, it has long been suggested spontaneous regressions, let alone cures, from cancer are rare. Frequency of spontaneous healing was estimated to occur approximately at the rate of 1 in 100,000 cancers. Everson and Cole report that at least for small tumors, the frequency of spontaneous regression had been was drastically underrated and underreported. In their carefully designed mammography study they found that 22% of all breast cancer cases underwent spontaneous regression. They explain spontaneous regression from cancer: "In many of the collected cases … it must be acknowledged that the factors or mechanisms responsible for spontaneous regression are obscure or unknown in the light of present knowledge. However, in some of the cases, available knowledge permits one to infer that hormonal influences probably were important. … In other cases, the protocols strongly suggest that an immune mechanism was responsible".

When you read that in 20-50% of the cases the Peyronie’s disease goes away on its own, these are the instances in which the body was able to heal itself of the excess Peyronie’s scar. This issue of spontaneous resolution and tendency for improvement of Peyronie’s disease has been commonly cited. 1-4 If the body can cure cancer on occasion, why not Peyronie’s disease if you are doing many things at once to encourage this to happen?
All of this should give you some encouragement that the Peyronie’s Disease Institute therapy program is following a logical and reasonable course of action to help the body remove this problem, as the body was designed to do.

Is it OK to eat only the white part of the egg?

Hi Dr. Herazy, 

I have recently been diagnosed with Peyronies and I have bought your book and just started the medium plan.

I have always been interested in nutrition and thought that my diet was OK but now I realize that I actually need to change what I eat a lot. I am just about to change my diet based on the recommendations you have laid out in your book. However I have a few questions about the diet:

I have noted that eggs and diary products are on the avoid list. Is it OK to eat only the white part of the egg?

At breakfast I often eat porridge made of oat flakes and water together with cottage cheese, fruits and milk. Is it OK to still eat cottage cheese if it is low in fat if I cut out the milk?

The reason for these questions is that I try to understand what is not good with eggs and milk. I assume it is because of the yellow part of the egg with cholesterol and because of the fat in the milk. However there may be other factors so I would be most grateful if you could pls let me know if I can still eat cottage cheese and the white part of the egg. I want to have an aggressive approach to cure my Peyronies disease and I am ready to change my diet, do various exercises and follow my supplement plan as long as it takes.

Pls give a comment also on my plan as follows:

Daily I will take the following:

vitamin e factor 400/400 – 2 pills per day
vitamin e factor maxi-gamma – 1 pill per day
vitamin c natural c – 1 pill per day
vitamin c ascorbplex 1000 – 1 pill per day
MSM 10g per day – 5g in the morning and 5g in the evening
Fibrozym – 2 pills x 3 times a day
nattokinase – 2 pills x 2 times a day
Scar x – 3 times a day
DMSO + cupper + Unique E oil at least once a day after shower

Added to my plan:
Paba – 1 pill x 2 times a day
OmegaT – 1 pill per day
Quercetin Bromelain Complex – 1 pill twice a day
Acetyl L-Carnitine – 1 pill twice a day

Would be most grateful for any feedback. Thank you so much for having created this service. Rik

Greetings Rik,

Thank you for your diet questions and the detailed report on how you are approaching your Peyronie's therapy plan.  

You have obviously taken to heart the dietary recommendations found in chapter 5 my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”   In this chapter is discussed the dietary aspects of treating PD in which I present the idea that certain foods and styles of eating can contribute to PD.  

In that same chapter of the book that talks about different dietary issues, at the very beginning I say that most of the dietary suggestions are based on ancient Oriental concepts that are used in the practice of acupuncture and yin/yang.  I go on to say that it would require an explanation that could run for several books to completely and thoroughly explain these concepts.  You are asking a simple and direct question that from a Western standpoint should have a simple and direct answer – that makes sense.  But the answer is not so simple or direct – it is very complex without a good understanding of traditional yin/yang concepts. 

The chapter that you are referring to is very clear on this point,  that this list represents Eastern thinking, not Western thinking.   Many of the food items mentioned in the list to avoid are really good nutritional foods – from a Western standpoint.  However, these foods are not considered from a Western perspective but from an Eastern perspective.  This is where the idea of avoiding cheese, eggs and banana comes from; not from a nutritional standpoint but from an energetic standpoint.  It is not related to fat or cholesterol as you suggest, but from the Eastern concepts of energy creation, movement and stagnation of that same energy.  

The closer you follow these dietary guidelines, even it does not make sense to your Western thinking, I believe you will see your results follow. You can decide to eat all or part of the egg hte

If you really want to know more I suggest that you simply get several acupuncture text books and study the subject thoroughly.

Your PD therapy plan is balanced and is a reasonable start in Peyronie's treatment.  Congratulations.  There is nothing I can see that is essentially wrong with it.  As you are using your plan right now, it could help take you all the way to reversal of your PD problem, or it could be insufficient to help you.  There is no way to know if a plan is correct for you by looking at it.  You must put it into action and see what it does after 10-14 days to change or reverse the size, shape, density of your scar that is always the ultimate determinant if your plan is correct or not. 

If following this plan causes changes in your scar, then continue with your plan until your scar is either gone or stops responding to it.

If following this plan causes no changes in your scar, then modify it in some way and again re-evaluate your scar in 10-14 days to see if your scar changes in some desirable way.   If you need help in determining what to change in your plan, please provide a detailed description of your scar as you learned to do in chapter 4 of that same book so I might understand what is going on with you a bit better and I will offer you some suggestions to consider.

Follow your plan faithfully and aggressively and let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH 

Will either of these treatments also help with energy?

Will either of these treatments also help with energy? I am  thinking of ordering the Best Plan because of the curve.  My erectile dysfunction is really bad without taking a pill.


You did not mention any Peyronie's treatment in particular to know how to answer your first question. Since all metabolic processes in the body require the use of vitamins and minerals as found in all of the PDI therapy products I am sure you could say that using any of our plans would be helpful for energy conversion in the body.

The PDI Best plan is becoming our most popular of the three because it is so broadly based and aggressive in design.  It does not cost much more than the PDI Medium plan to resupply every month since the greater cost of the PDI Large plan is due to the one-time expense of the Genesen Acutouch therapy pens.  

Many men with PDI fall into the trap of erectile dysfunction since there are so many emotional issues related to dealing with PD.  Additionally, the Peyronie's plaque is notorious for disturbing the ability of the penile veins to close, and thus prevent blood being trapped in the penis as it should to create an erection.  

Let me know if I can help you in any way with your Peyronie's therapy.  TRH                                                                                   

Start with the large plan and other Peyronie therapy later?

Dear Dr Herazy,

I have had PD for about 9 months and I am about to start the full PDI therapy programme, based on the advice you give in your book “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”.  I received the PD Treatment Plan-Large, but I now notice that some of the recommended supplements were not included: Acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA, Neprinol, etc.

Can I assume that you recommend getting started with those supplements in the Large Plan and add others later?

Thanks Peter (based in France)


Greetings Peter,

The large Peyronies treatment plan does not include all available therapy items that could be used.  There are 12 different forms of therapy contained within the large plan, and as you correctly point out there are several that are not included. There are several reasons the large plan is limited to these particular therapies:

1.  Additional therapies might not be needed beyond what is in the large plan.  Many men do quite well on the large plan just as it is, and do not need to spend more time, energy and money using more therapies than these current 12.

2.  The wide variety of therapies in the existing large plan allow for enough opportunity to experiment with treatment dosage to take several months of active work.  If the large plan provides insufficient, then there are additional therapies to include at a later time for further experimentation.

3.  The large plan is time consuming to use as it is currently designed.  Making it larger would only place an unreasonable burden on men who might not need to spend additional time and effort taking an even larger number of pills.

4.  The large plan is expensive at the current level.  Expanding the number of therapies would only prevent men from affording the higher cost of entry.

Stay focused with that large plan; you will be busy.   TRH

Is it possible my Peyronies scar is like a piano wire?

Dr. Herazy, I wrote you last month and you really helped my confidence with what I am doing. Is it possible that my PD scar is like a piano wire from the base to the head? That is the only irregularity I can find. Thanks Dick R.

Greetings Dick,

Yes, it is certainly possible that your scar feels like a piano wire. The Peyronies plaque or scar material presents in a wide variety of ways, just as most everything about PD seems to be variable. 

Although you did not say so, I will guess the long ridge of scar material tissue you say feels like a piano wire is located on the top or dorsal surface of the shaft.  This is a very common location for long narrow PD scars.  It is the anatomical structure, called a septum, where the tunica albuginea of the two chambers meet in the mid-line, and it runs from the base of the penis to the head (glans).   This septum is especially susceptible to separation during trauma, and can consequently develop a long thin scar.  

You can assume this is your only, or your primary, Peyronie's scar if your curved penis is directed upward.  

While you might be correct that it is only as thin as a piano wire, I suggest that you examine this thin ridge again to determine if you can detect that it tapers down to a flat band.  Almost like the gable roof of a house, your piano wire structure might just be like the uppermost ridge of the roof that gets thinner as it slopes down laterally.  I mention this speculation because it is always beneficial to have a clear and accurate visualization of each scar so you can closely monitor it  for changes as you continue to treat your PD. 

You might find, if I am correct, that this flat tapered surface on either side of the piano wire will undergo changes in size, shape, density and surface features as your scar deteriorates as your treatment progresses. 

If you do not know it is there, you will not have this useful information available to you to guide your treatment.  You must try to know everything there is to know about each of your Peyronies scars.


How can I correct a congenital penis curvature?

Hi, i have had this problem. My penis are bent to the left and i have no pain or stress when i do the self ejaculation. But i am in a big confuse that i can marry or not? Its happen by born. What i do to get rid from it?


If your penis has been bent to the left since birth, it is not likely you have Peyronie's disease.  You probably have what we call a congenital penis curvature, or a small variation of your body that makes you different from other men.  

You ask if you should marry.  I do not know the answer to that question.  I also do not know if your penis is bent too much for you to be unable to complete the sex act. 

Keep in mind that when a woman has sufficient sexual stimulation her vaginal muscles will relax greatly, and she will produce a significant amount of lubrication.  As a result she will be able to open her vagina to allow entry of even a bent penis.  In your case, it all depends on how much you are bent and how much she can accommodate to allow entry.  That is something you will not be able to answer until you try.  

You ask how to get rid of your problem.  Many men with a congenital penis curvature have used the Peyronie's Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method to reduce their curvature.  Although the method I developed was designed and researched to be used for Peyronies treatment, it apparently also helps me born with a bent penis. Again, you will not know if or how much this will help you until you try.  TRH

Where is DMSO gel applied?

Dr. Herazy,

My order arrived last week, and today I started the treatment.  I'm very upbeat that I made the right decision. I have carefully reviewed all the documentation and explanations that came with my order.  It is very impressive how well you prepare your customers to work with their Peyronie's treatment products. 

The one item that I'm most confused about is the PMD DMSO gel.  Exactly where is this gel applied?  My instructions say that the topical therapies should be applied over or on top of the location of the Peyronie's plaque or scar. I do not have any scar. I don't have a problem shaving as described but I do not have a scar either on the part to be shaved or the penis. Or, when they mention scar, do they mean the part of the penis that is abnormally hard?  Please advise.  Randy


Greetings Randy,

Actually, if you have Peyronie's disease you do have a plaque or scar.   However, the scar is not external or superficial, it is internal and below the surface. It is located under the skin surface and within the tissue of penis called the tunica albuginea.  The scar or plaque is not visible from the surface; you cannot see it.  The closest you can come to actually seeing it is if the scar is so large and thick that it raises or elevates the penile skin above it and you can see the raised lump of tissue because of the large scar below the surface.  

In order to be successful you really want to get to the point that you know the size, shape, density, and surface quality of your scar(s). If this is a new concept to you, I suggest you get the 1st book I wrote “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.” It will help you immensely.

Scar location is sometimes a complicated topic, especially in the case of multiple scars or plaques. You can expect to find at least one scar at the point of greatest concavity of your distortion. Again, this is a topic of such concern and importance that you really should get at least that one book so that you know what you are doing in regard to monitoring your scar. The physical change in your scar is going to guide your therapy; it will direct you to the best use of your therapy plan. to assist you with this subject, please go to Difficulty Finding the Peyronie's Plaque.

To answer your question about where to apply the DMSO gel and related external therapies, they should be applied directly over the area of Peyronie's plaque or scar.  You do not need to apply these external therapies to the entire shaft, unless, of course, you have a wide spread pattern of scars over most of the penis.  TRH    

Can I use the PDI manual stretching technique to cure my curvature?

Hi  Doctor,

I have a normally bent penis with a downward curve.  I have it from when I was a child.  There is no pain, just normal curve 30 degree.   Can I use the  PDI manual stretching CD to cure my curvature ??



Many men have a curved penis from birth; it is part of what makes you a unique person.

I have had reports from men who have used the manual penis stretching technique to safely and permanently change their normally curved penis.  You can read more about the CD that explains in detail how to use this special technique at Peyronie's Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©

Keep in mind that your bent penis is a normal condition for you, even though it is 30 degrees.  Your improvement might be less than complete straightening, or it could be complete, there is no way to know ahead of time until you try it.   Please let me know how it goes for you.  TRH