Average Time for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment to See Results

Peyronie's disease treatment averages

There are no averages with Peyronie’s disease.  Everything about Peyronie’s disease is up for grabs. And for sure there is no average time within which men respond to Peyronie’s disease treatment. Some men respond in a few weeks, others take months, and some not at all. There are those who email me saying they are not responding to Peyr0nie's treatment.  After questioning them,  I usually find  they made the mistake of either using a plan that is too small or not faithfully following the plan they have.  PD is a tough problem and you must be dedicated to eliminating the problem – half efforts do not work. What we propose at PDI is a concept for Peyronie's disease therapy that is not so earth shattering or extreme.  All we are doing is attempting to figure out why your PD did not correct like about 50% of the men who develop this problem.  If half of the men “cure” their own PD, why not you?  That is all we are attempting to address with our therapy concept.  It is really not so far out as some of the other things you find on the Internet. All standard medical information about PD clearly states that in half of the cases, the Peyronies “goes away on its own.”   The Peyronie’s disease treatment approach promoted by PDI is to do all that is necessary to prepare the body to heal on its own, just as it should happen, just as happens in half of the cases.   In this sense you can say that a natural Peyronie's cure is about 50% effective.   It is really not such a crazy or extreme idea.  PDI advocates that an aggressive use of multiple conservative Alternative Medicine therapies, as outlined in our website, an assist the body to heal the Peyronie's plaque or scar better than if that effort were not extended. Since 2002 it is my experience that those men who follow the largest and most aggressive therapy plan will usually get the best results.  For those interested in doing all that can be done to promote healing and repair, the “Large (Best) Plan” is designed for maximum personal treatment.  The Medium Plan is the most popular of the three plans offered by PDI. There is also a Small Plan that is well designed.  It is very common for men to substitute Neprinol in place of the two smaller products, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase in any of the plans. All can be modified to suit your thinking about therapy.

Aggressive Peyronie's treatment is usually best

Peyronie’s disease treatment must be followed aggressively and faithfully because PD is a very difficult and stubborn problem to treat successfully.  For any level of correction of the problem be prepared to spend time and effort to build up the strength of the immune response.  It can be done; I talk to men everyday who are doing it. I would be pleased to answer any specific questions you have about treatment.  I will be happy to give you the best of my thinking about what you might want to do to change the direction your problem is heading.  Simply ask a question at the end of this blog post. I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of men, some mild and some severe, some just a few months and a few more than 10 years old.  I had a pretty bad PD problem until I cured my condition using the procedures found in the book I wrote – the "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" – and the same Alternative Medicine ideas as on the website.  Success against PD is not determined by how bad the problem is at the start of care or how soon you start treatment; it seems to be determined by intensity of effort. You do not have to feel like a victim if you are working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue. Peyronie’s Disease Institute is available to offer information and suggestions for effective care.  The PDI website offers ideas and information you will not find anywhere.   If you want some help and ideas that you are not now getting, I would be pleased to help you along.


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