What is the Best Peyronie’s Disease Treatment PDI Uses?


Best Peyronie's treatment

Every week, without fail, some poor guy who just learned he has PD will write an email to me asking, “What is the best one of all the Peyronie’s disease therapies PDI uses?” it is a common question, and a good one.

The best way to treat Peyronie's disease is with everything you can throw against it.  It is that kind of problem.

There is no one therapy that is a magic bullet. There are no wonder cures, no nifty little tricks that will get you a larger penis and are also a Peyronie’s disease treatment.

Each person must educate himself about the problem, read about the different Alternative Medicine therapies and what they can do, determine if there are any indicators that one or more might be indicated, and then consider time, effort and cost. Lastly, it is necessary to determine how important it is to you to regain your health. Based on all this, a man should feel comfortable with a plan of action he can follow for several months as he goes about doing all he can to improve his body's ability to heal and repair the injury of PD.

Those men who get good results with their Peyronie’s disease are the tough SOBs who just keep going after it day after day with as much therapy as they can afford to use, until they seem to wear the fibrous tissue down. Slowly they gain on it, with the scar(s) becoming softer and smaller; slowly they come around. Some get fantastic results and some get only moderate results – few who work hard at it do poorly. There usually is progress to be made if you work at it.

So, again, “What is the best Peyronie's treatment?” I would say the answer is that you do all that you can for as long as you can until your body overwhelms the Peyronies plaque tissue. To do less than that is to allow Peyronie’s disease to ruin your life.


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