Beta Blockers and Peyronie’s Disease

One cause of  Peyronie's disease

A number of drugs list Peyronie's disease as a possible side effect.

Most of these drugs belong to a class of blood pressure and heart medications called beta blockers. One beta blocker is an eye drop preparation used to treat glaucoma. Other drugs that may cause Peyronie's disease are interferon, used to treat multiple sclerosis, and phenytoin, an anti-seizure medicine.

The chances of developing Peyronie's disease from any of these medicines are very low, however it does occur so this possibility should be kept in mind if there is a family history of PD.   Many times a man will consider taking a heart medication when some safer form might be available, never realizing that a beta blocker can lead him straight to Peyronies surgery and penile curvature.

Patients should check with their doctor before discontinuing any prescribed drug while undergoing any Alternative Medicine form of  Peyronie's disease treatment.


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