How long does it normally take for the body to heal Peyronie’s disease if it happens natually?


You mentioned, as well as others in articles I've researched elsewhere, that sometimes 50% of cases of Peyronies will go away by themselves. If this occurs what is the time table in which this will happen after you first get signs of Peyronies.  Thanks.



It is estimated that about half of the cases of Peyronie's disease that begin will self-heal or spontaneously resolve by the body healing the injury and removing the plaque within the first 12-18 months after the condition starts.   After 18 months the Peyronie's plaque tends to be permanent unless you undergo special and deliberate efforts to support healing to occur.  Since there is no way to document this number by the nature of self-healing that occurs outside of formal treatment, the number is at best an approximation.  

The fact that Peyronie's heals at all without active medical treatment means that the condition is not as hopeless as the average medical doctor will tell his or her patient.  The fact that about half of cases resolve on their own suggests the problem is correctable with minimal intervention and without drugs.  For additional information about supporting and encouraging natural healing with Alternative Medicine see  "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH      


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