Can I treat Peyronie’s disease after 16 years?

I have had PD since I was 57. I am now 73. Is there anything I can do at this point or has the time for treatment passed?


Yes, there is a lot you can do to treat Peyronie's disease even after this long, and this might make you feel good about yourself for the first time in a long while.

From my experience in working with men who have Peyronie's disease, most stop looking for information and help after just a year or two.  These men are defeated by the negativity they encounter on most Peyronie's forums.  The great majority of men who contact PDI for assistance have had their problem for less than five years.  Occasionally someone will contact me who has had PD for 10 years.  The longest standing case I have worked with previously was 12 years old.  Your 16 year old case of PD puts you in a special category.

While working with these men whose problem is older than average, I have always been impressed with the ability of the Peyronie's plaque or scar to still respond favorably.   As with those whose PD is still in the common five-year range, the response to Alternative Medicine treatment still seems to be in direct proportion to the aggressiveness and faithfulness of care provided. 

There is no way for me to predict or anticipate how anyone will respond to non-drug and non-surgical Peyronie's treatment.  I think the healthiest and fairest way for you to approach your decision if you should attempt treatment is to first learn what is involved in the Alternative Medicine approach to recovery from Peyronie's disease.  Then decide what is a reasonable length of time you should be willing to devote to an aggressive and faithful program of care; maybe 4-6 months.  If it all makes sense to you, then begin care with the attitude that you will do your very best.  

After so long living with this lousy problem, I commend you for not being beat down by all the negativity and hopelessness that surrounds Peyronie's disease. 

A good place to begin learning about this unique PD treatment is from the home page of the Peyronie's Disease Institute website.   Let me know if I can assist you in any way.  TRH


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