Can I use heat on the penis shortly after injury?

Dear Dr. Herazy

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I was diagnosed with peyronie's disease 3 weeks ago. I presume this is the acute phase. I was reading a lot about heat treatment as well and I read that you also recommend moist heat before applying external therapies. I also read that heat increases inflammation. I read that one of your clients applies heat when he is watching TV or reading. Is this heat not counter-productive in the acute phase because of the inflammtion.


Greetings again Sam,

Most cases of PD we work with are well beyond the initial acute phase of penis injury, and so applying heat prior to other external therapies is not counter-productive.

I suggest that if you are in the acute stage of injury that you get any acute inflammation down with ice, applied for 20 minutes at a time. When the acute stage subsides in perhaps a week or two, heat would be approprite. TRH