Can weight lifting or masturbation cause Peyronie’s disease?

Dr. Herazy,

A few months ago I noticed a slight curve/tilt in my penis to the left side. I figured it was due to the way I lay when I sleep, and I thought it would go away soon. But, now, it's months later and it hasn't gone away, and I'd say it's gotten a little worse. I'm thinking it's Peyronies Disease, but I'm not sure. I seem to have most of the symptoms: one part of my penis looks like it's pinched, there's an area of inflamed skin on the underside of it, and there's the curvature I mentioned. However, there's no pain (except lately I feel a very minor, dull pain near the inflamed area after ejaculating which lasts for a few minutes, and the curvature also gets worse for a few hours after ejaculating), and the curvature is only maybe 30 degrees to the left at its worst.

Considering there's no significant pain, and considering the curved penis isn't too major and my penis still works just as fine as it did before, is there a chance that it's maybe not Peyronie's Disease? Or maybe a mild form of it? I'm convinced it's from rough masturbation, and if it is, is it possible I can cure it naturally by maybe stopping masturbation and being more careful from now on?

The curvature seemed to show up overnight, but I recently remembered that I noticed the "pinched" area maybe a few months before the curve showed up. So, it seems that this happened gradually (if that makes a difference at all). I also realized that I started lifting weights around the time I noticed the pinch effect, and as I've continued to lift weights it seems like I'm seeing more and more symptoms of Peyronie's Disease. (I haven't physically damaged my penis with weight equipment at all, but I'm wondering if maybe the strain from lifting is stressing my tissue? Could that be a cause?)

Thank you very much, Dr. Herazy, and I'm really hoping I can fix this problem with your advice.


My first advice is to stop guessing and wondering, and make an appointment with a local urologist to have your problem formally diagnosed.  The tissue inflammation and pain after ejaculation are not typical of Peyronie's disease and could indicate other problems. 

Lastly, the strain of weight lifting would not cause Peyronie's disease; if you have it, rough masturbation is much more likely a cause.  Please review the article in the PDI website, Peyronie's disease and masturbation.

If your condition is diagnosed as Peyronies then I suggest you consider putting yourself on a treatment plan to increase your natural ability to reduce and eliminate the foreign fibrous tissue of the PD plaque. Let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH 


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