Can Peyronie's disease have a psychological cause?

I'm young (20) and last week i was diagnosed Peyronie. It's at the really early phases. It's possible to stop right now?
Another question; the cause of my Peyronie's is unknown. no trauma, no hit. I'm healthy, i do sport, no problem of circulation or what else. It's possible that my Peyronie's have a psychological cause? I've already heard about this before now, and i have some psychological disease. It can be psychosomatic?
Thank you

Greetings E,

I have never heard of Peyronie's disease happening from a completely psychological cause. Peyronie's disease can greatly affect men in a psychological way, and can add more psychological stress onto someone who already has an emotional problem. I suggest you go back to the doctor who diagnosed your condition and talk to this doctor about your concerns. TRH

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