Can you tell me how long the PDI middle plan will last?

Hello Dr. H,

My husband is considering the middle plan for his Peyronie's. Can you tell me how long it will last him?

Thank you!

Karen A.

Greetings Karen A.,

Many people want to get an understanding about rate of product usage, so yours’ is a common concern.

Each person approaches his Peyronie's disease treatment plan a little differently, not only in regard to size of treatment plan and overall direction of therapy, but especially in terms of dosage.  Some men take all their PD therapies in a very conservative way, some men take all their PD therapies in a very aggressive way, some men take 1-2 of their therapies conservatively and a few very aggressively, other men do not follow their plans very faithfully and so forget to do what they should do.

Because of this, each bottle and each therapy plan will last for a variable length of time.  In other words, not all men who get a Medium Plan use it in the same way or at the same rate.  So, how long individual bottles of any therapy plan will last is a personal and variable issue for which I can only give you approximations based on what I see others doing.

Based on my experience with others who use a PDI Medium Plan, the average person re-supplies the DMSO and Super CP Serum close to once every 3 months, while the Factor 400/400 and Maxi-Gamma E, C, Scar-X and MSM about every 4-6 weeks, and the systemic enzymes every 4 weeks.  Of course, the Massage and Exercise video CD is never replaced.  based on many years of experience working with men who use all of these plans, the average man will spend about $75-100 monthly to replenish the Medium Plan, after he makes his initial purchase which will be the greatest expense.  To state it another way, the Medium Plan costs around $210 to start, and about $75-100 per month to continue.     

In addition to the usual information that comes with your plan, I would suggest that you really should get the book I wrote about PD, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”   In chapter 4 of this book you will learn the essential skill of how to determine the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar so that you will know exactly how to regulate your intake of therapy in your plan.  In addition, the book also gives a wealth of practical information that you can easily use every day to make life with PD easier and less stressful.  This popular book gives treatment suggestions and a dietary approach to PD that are not found on the PDI website; actually, the book is most helpful and valuable in treating PD, but in a much different way than what is found on the PDI website.  Check it out.   

Good luck to you and your husband.  Let me know if I can help in any way. TRH




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