Will items in a Peyronie's treatment plan cause drug interactions?

Dr. Herazy

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I take metoprolol ( betablocker) , trilipix and simastatin for cholesterol and lansoprazole for reduction of stomache acid. Will taking Nattokinase or serrapeptase, neprinol or any of the other listed treatment plans be a cause for concern for any drug interactions . I also take krill oil.


In over 10 years of doing this work I have never been told about any adverse drug reaction with any of the Peyronie's treatment items that are used. I would suggest, however, that you pose this same question to the doctor who is prescribing all this medication to you. You always want to inform the doctor of your Alternative Medicine intake.

You might also want to discuss with this doctor the very real possibility that the beta blocker and the cholesterol lowering drugs you are taking are the cause of your Peyronie's disease. Taking any one of these carries a risk of starting a drug reaction of its own that can cause Peyronie's disease, but when you take two different drugs that both carry a risk you are creating a very unfavorable situation for yourself. This should have been explained to you when you first started to take these drugs. TRH