How should I change my penis stretching technique if my curved penis changes from day to day?

Dr. Herazy,

My curvature is downward at about 35º – 45º and in an arcing, banana like shape where the curvature becomes more severe closer to the head. I started the manual stretching in full force about two weeks ago. I do it for 30 minutes a day. I use one finger, my index, fold the penis over it in the opposite direction of the bend at the bend's most severe point, holding it in this position with my thumb. I generally feel a "cold" sensation and slight tingle on the left, underside of the shaft.

I do not know if my condition is congenital or Peyronie's disease.  I've had the curvature as long as I can recall but at the same time as a child I was very active with many falls. I was kicked squarely in the groin at about age 6 or so and around this time had an odd habit of resting my penis against my stomach with the aid of an underwear band because it felt more "comfortable" to me than simply letting it hang naturally. About 6 years ago I saw a prominent urologist who didn't say whether it was Peyronies or congenital. He took a brief look at me and suggested the "solution" was to operate. Made no mention of cause. Drive through care. So, I do not know if if my curvature is congenital or the result of an injury during childhood.

With that said…my question falls back on the manual stretching. I've noticed some change. The first is a more firm erection. That I'm thankful for. The second is more perplexing. The curvature seems to, for lack of a better word, "morph" seemingly every day or two. When I began the stretching, though my curvature is in a general arcing, banana like shape that does not have an incredibly "sharp", direct deviation, it does indeed have a visibly discernible, tangible point where the curve begins in full effect. When I began the stretching this point was about 1/3 of the way down from the head. As I've continued with the stretching the curve seems to change it's "starting point", so to speak. Some days the curve seems to begin in earnest midway down the shaft. Other days almost near the base of the shaft. Other days back toward the top, near the head. Is this normal when stretching and if so, should I continue to stretch at the original point of most deviation? Or should I adapt my stretch to where the curve seems to be on that particular day? Or should I stretch multiple areas of the penis during each individual stretching period to target all areas at the same time?

Currently the manual stretching is my only therapy. I will be adding a med or large plan soon.

Thank you for your response and all you're doing for men with this condition.

– A


Greetings A,

Congratulations on seeing good changes in your curved penis after just two weeks. 

I suggest that you use more than one finger to increase or broaden the size of the fulcrum over which you are gently stretching the shaft; you might even use your thumb as a broader base.  I am concerned that you did not mention that you experience the familiar and desirable deep dull ache that is associated with effective penis stretching while applying a very gentle and variable fulcrum of traction to the involved tissue.  For this reason I suspect there might be something you are doing incorrectly with the technique.  I suggest that you again carefully watch the penis stretching technique CD and pay special attention to the instructions how to design and apply the various stretches. 

Strange that the urologist would not give you a diagnosis, but would discuss surgery as your only option and do it so early in your relationship.  My unsolicited opinion is that this kind of conduct and focus on cutting would not bode well for you.  Not to say you might not need surgery – that could be, and who am I to say since I did not examine you? – but I would be at least a little suspect of such an overly eager and thoughtless surgeon. From my experience in this regard, good surgeons are very selective and tend to be reluctant to operate, but are gifted when they do; eager surgeons are that way because their lack of skill and experience makes them hungry.  Too bad for the patients who encounter them.  

Based on feedback I receive from the field of men I work with, I know that the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique definitely assists the process of Peyronies disease reversal and does help to some degree those men with a congenital curve.  In this latter case, persistence is needed and a light touch as well to make the tissue changes that are required.

Many men I work with who have Peyronie's disease after a month or two following a PDI treatment plan will notice improvement of the quality and duration of their erections.  This makes sense based on the improved vein closing that should take place when the scar material becomes smaller as a result of Peyronie's treatment.   So this particular comment you make in your report in some way suggestions you might have PD;  I do not know if this improved erection response would occur if your problem was purely congenital.

The variability of the curvature you report is interesting.  I hear back many stories like yours about slow but variable curve improvement over time, but not with as much detail as you have given me.  Thank you for that.  A even more common finding that is parallel to what you are reporting is the variability of the size, shape, density and surface features of the Peyronies plaque while undergoing PDI treatment.   I hear a lot of these reports, and this is always encouraging.  I suspect that certain common and mundane changes in your diet or activities of daily living cause your penis to display an increase or decrease of curvature.  By this I mean that there are many factors at play that influence the penis tissue as it is changing; it is not only the gentle manual stretching that affects these tissues of the body.  You probably should read chapter 5 of "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" to learn more about this.   Additionally, I suspect as your tissue responds to your stretching technique you will gradually notice that the curve pattern will smooth out into a flatter shape as you continue this work.  I suggest that you do a tracing of your curve every few days (and date each one) to see if you can detect a pattern of improvement.  Curves and angles are next to impossible to remember over time; having a tracing will document your progress and make it easy for you to note what you are working to accomplish when you might otherwise become discouraged.

I suggest that you use a fulcrum point based on the condition of curved penis each particular day; stretch as you find the curve each day, not how it was two weeks ago.

You are incorrect to use only the stretching work by itself.  You will get much better results when you incorporate other supporting therapies into a cohesive plan that supports healing and repair.   TRH


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