Change Peyronie’s Treatment Dosage

How to change Peyronie’s treatment

Starting Peyronies treatment dosage can be easy if you start by taking therapy products at the manufacturer’s suggested rate – perhaps for the first 14-21 days.  If this dosage causes a change in the size, shape, density and surface qualities of your scar(s), then that simple and small dosage is adequate to provide you with the help you need to eliminate your Peyronie’s disease scar formation.   
This is a list of all therapy products available through Peyronie’s Disease Institute and Online Natural Healthcare LLC with the manufacturers’ suggested dosage:
1.     Vitamin E Factor 400/400 (60) – 1 or 2/day – with food
2.     Maxi-Gamma E (60) – 1/day – with food
3.     Unique E (180) – 1 or 2/day – with food
4.     Natural C 1 gram (100) or (250) – 1 or 2/day – with food
5.     Ascorbplex (90) or (180) – 1 or 2/day – with food
6.     Fundamental Sulfur (100) – 3/day, taken between meals, or if upset occurs, – with meals
7.     Acetyl-L-carnitine (60) – 1/day – with food
8.     PABA (100) – 1 or 2 daily – 1/day – with food
9.     Quercetin Bromelain ((100) – 1-8/day – between meals 
10. Fibrozym (100) or (200) – 2 tablets, three times a day – between meals
11. Nattokinase 1500 (120) – 2 tablets, two times a day – between meals
12. Neprinol (90) or (300) – 1-4 capsules with 8 0z of water – between meals
13. Scar-X  (1 oz) – 10 drops three time a day – between meals
14. PMD DMSO Gel (4 oz) – 1-3 times a day, depending on skin tolerance
15. Super CD Serum (1 oz) – applied to skin before PMD DMSO
16. Unique-E Vitamin E oil (1 oz) – applied to skin before PMD DMSO
17. HJG and KBG Honso herbs – 1-3/day
18. Genesen Pointers – used 15 minutes or longer, daily if desired
19. Massage and Exercise instructions – performed 2-4 times a week
20. Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Method © instructions – used 15 minutes or longer, daily if desired
21. Prosta-Support (120) – 4/day – with meals
22. Omega T – 1 or 2 daily – with meals 
Dosage usually increases as care continues.  Later intake of therapy is often increased in an effort to determine what dosage is needed to make the Peyronie’s plaque respond in a desired way.   Time and scar response eventually determine dosage.  

Peyronie's treatment dosage example

Let us say that you decide you will take PABA at a dose of 2/day. After doing this for a reasonable time – maybe 10-14 days – you do not notice any change in your plaque or scar at the 2/day dose. In this case you probably should consider increasing dosage until your scar responds to your therapy.  The usual method is to simply increase the dosage by one capsule or pill to the total every few weeks until you notice change in the size, shape, density or surface features of the scar.  

The process is made more complicated by the fact that you should be taking multiple therapies, but that is necessary to achieve results.

Peyronies dosage determined by scar response

To know exactly how to modify your dosage it is necessary to compare the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar from the onset of treatment. This critical information enables you to recognize positive changes when they occur. If you do not know how to determine and record the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar you will have to refer to chapter 4 of the “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” to learn about scar measurement.   

All dosage increase is done slowly and carefully over a period of time to allow the body the opportunity to respond to a favorable change in therapy. If the dosage is changed too rapidly or too often it will not be possible to determine what factor caused a favorable response.  If you develop any unusual symptoms or change in body behavior or appearance while increasing dosage, simply stop taking the product for 48 hours after that problem/symptom disappears. Restart after 48 hours or when the new symptoms clear up, using the next lower dose.  From this point forward, once again begin the process of increasing dosage to promote favorable scar change. After reaching a higher dose at which changes are noted in the scar, remain at that dosage level for a few weeks.  Your correct dose is discovered by accompanying improvement in scar size, shape, density or surface quality.

Discuss your PD therapy plan with your family doctor or urologist so he/she is fully aware of what natural Peyronie’s treatment you are following.  You should consider this discussion about dosage strategy after getting final approval from your doctor. 
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