Connection between dental problems and Peyronie’s disease?

Dr. Herazy- I have had bad health for the last four years and have developed peyronie the last year and a half.
I have had a cough-skin problems-fatigue etc. I have been getting better and think that most of my issues were related to terrible dental infections. I have had 10 teeth pulled in the last year and they all were black/green below the gum line.

I am also getting three more pulled monday.

Could have caused my peyronies?



Sorry to hear of your recent health problems.   Glad you are taking care of yourself and getting better.

The only remote connection between your dental infections and Peyronies disease might possibly be related to some drug reaction from the combination of different medications I assume you were prescribed over the last few years.  I suppose there is always the possibly that your depleted immune system  might have allowed this genetic problem to get out of hand.   Otherwise I am not aware of an direct relationship that might have allowed this problem to develop.

Good luck to you.   TRH


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