Is there a connection between masturbation and Peyronie’s disease?

My penis curves to the left and over the past 2 years I have become extremely self conscious about it after hearing the word "crooked" from a girl who's had nothing but perfectly straight penises. I've always told girls "the majority of men have a curve" because I remember reading that somewhere (i guess it was written by a guy with a curve.)

'm trying to figure out if I actually have Peyronie's and if so, where my scar is…I can think of a couple things that may have caused it but I'm not sure exactly.

For one, I've always been able to "pop" or "crack" my penis. Ever since I was young I remember waking up in the AM with morning wood and pressing on my penis (into my body or scrotum) and it feeling amazing with this popping sensation. I've read recently this can cause damage but it never hurt.

Also, as embarrassing as this is, I was young an ignorant and accidentally caught my penis in a vacuum cleaner at around 10 years old about a year short of learning about masturbation. It actually felt good and became a habit. I was actually ejaculating before I even knew what it meant.

I don't recall any pain or injury. I do recall one day the skin just below my head being really puffy as if the suction may have pulled the skin from my whole shaft towards my head underneath. I did not feel pain from this either but this situation made me drop this habit (especially as I started to learn about mastubation)

I've also always masturbated with my right hand. I've heard back and forths about this actually having an effect, but I've also read plenty from people who have claimed to straighten their penises out my using the opposite hand.

It seems like there are plenty of factors here that could cause this terrible issue but could it be congenial?

I never experience any erection pain. My head is extremely sensitive,specifically after ejaculation so I may have done some nerve damage there. (also obviously during sex with the curve to the left the head is always rubbing against something making it not as enjoyable sometimes.

I don't see any visible scars however. I can tell you my perinal raphe is not lining up 100% with my corpus spongiosm. when looking down while holding my penis against my stomach, the spongiosm veers to the left and the raphe to the right.

One more issue I cant seem to find on the internet is the possibility of damage or a peyronie's scar inside the body.
I do feel some sort of tissue on the left underside of my shaft inside of my scrotum. I obviously cant see it so I'm not sure if it could be a vein or not.

Right now I'm taking Serrapeptase, PABA, Nattokinase, Krill Oil, and Acetyl L Carnitine. I'm also mixing Vit E, SSKI, PABA powder from capsule with DMSO.

Any help is much appreciated.



It is said that almost all men masturbate. I have spoken to some men who have used exotic and extreme masturbation practices.  You would be surprised at just how man boys (and men) masturbate and play with a vacuum cleaner hose.  It is not so much that you have used some of these common and not-so-common masturbation techniques, but the degree of force involved, frequency, total number of events and the details of how these things were done that may have caused actual injury.  masturbation in and of itself is not going to cause Peyronies, but if you masturbate in such a way that would cause actual physical injury.  By my guess – and that is all that it can be, because I was not there and no one has examined you to know for certain – it sounds like you were a fairly aggressive young fellow who probably sustained actual injury to the penis when you masturbated.  For this reason, while you certainly could have genetic predisposition, and you could also certainly have a congenital malformation, you also have that possibility of Pd caused by physical trauma as an explanation for you current situation.

The only way to know for sure is to go to the best urologist you can locate and have yourself examined so you will now what you are dealing with.  You can guess and guess if you want, but nothing replaces knowing. 

Your absence of pain does not mean you do not have Peyronie's disease.  Pain is not always associated with Peyronie's disease, so you can have PD and not have pain. 

The "scars" of Peyronie's disease are not like the scars you see from old injury to your knees, elbows or elsewhere.  They are internal and are best called "plaque."  You may or may not be able to locate your Peyronie's plaque by yourself, and this is yet another good reason to go to a urologist to have this done for you.  It is part of knowing what is going on. 

You bring up interesting anatomy with your commentary about your midline penile raphe  in relation to your corpus spongiosum.  I do not have the time to explain this anatomy here to other readers, but it suggests to me you have had significant prior trauma to this area and it has resulted in abnormal tension and pulling of the penile soft tissue.   This could be consistent with Peyronie's disease.

Please do not mix DMSO with other things as you are doing.  This could injure you further.   

Please see a urologist for a complete examination and diagnosis.    TRH


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