Do I need to consider seeing a urologist after penile trauma?


I read the PDI article and i'm very sure i have Broken Penile Syndrome…or Penile Fracture. i had rough sex, she came down on top of me and hit the head of the penis hard. no problem initially. about 5 days later woke up early morning with an erection and head of my penis was throbbing slightly.

didn't think much, but when another week later was having sex with my girlfriend and when i got really hard my penis head hurt pretty good…i still had sex but it the pain was noticeable.

another night time erection a few days later and head of my penis hurts slight.

2 weeks after having sex with my girlfriend  we have sex again and when i was hard it ached but the worst part was as i was entering her, and she was wet….the head of my penis really hurt. it hurt to have sex so i stopped. now i'm really concerned.

i've been checked for std's 2 weeks ago…i'm clean…the only thing here is the trauma i had over a month ago. will this heal on it's own, if i leave it alone? how long will it take? or do i need to consider seeing a urologist?

thank you,



Greetings John,

You may or may not have a penile fracture, but you could be on your way to Peyronie's disease.  I suggest you go to a urologist to have a complete examination to know what is going on.  Please advise me of your diagnosis and the treatment you are advised.  TRH  


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