Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar as topical Peyronie’s treatment options?

Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar applied topically on the penis shaft? Is there an alternative to  DMSO to help vitamin E penetrate deep into the scar?  Here in the Philippines DMSO is not available in the pharmacies. Thanks.


You mention two topical preparations that are primarily intended to treat light to moderate superficial skin injury (like acne eruptions) to prevent scar formation from occurring.  That is far different from the dense fibrous buildup of deep internal fibrous tissue formation of Peyronie's disease.   These two products have been tested in the past and were found to be ineffective against Peyronie's disease.  

DMSO is the best way to bring vitamin E and copper peptide into the deep tissue layers of the penis for Peyronie's treatment.   I do not know of anything that works as well or as dependably.  This is why we make our special formula available through the PDI website.   If you wish you can order our DMSO to be shipped to you.  TRH  


2 thoughts on “Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar as topical Peyronie’s treatment options?

  1. bob says:

    Im 15 and ive been noticing this slight curve to the right on my penis. Im starting to get worried this might be something big like Peyronie’s disease. its not painful at all but my penis never erects straight. its always curved,not upwards but sidewards. What’s going on?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Bob,

    It does not seem likely you have Peyronie’s disease based on what you have written here. When you indicate, “not painful,” “never erects straight,” and “always curved” you suggest your non-straight erections are the norm or status quo for you – it is how you were built. Congratulations. Just like a person who has a normally crooked finger, or a normally wide space between their teeth, your normal is a curved penis. Before you get concerned about that I can tell you from reading hundreds of emails from women from all over the world about their encounters with Peyronie’s disease, there are many women who prefer a bent penis because it is more physically stimulating to them. Again, congratulations. TRH

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