What is the correct way to apply penis traction for Peyronie’s disease?

I really enjoyed viewing the CD video for the light manual penis stretching technique.   Good information that I can see will be helpful to correct my Peyronies 80 degree bend.  One question. Is the stretching technique a slow fluid motion that continues to increase or a static consistent stretch that is held for minutes at a time? Thanks. Darryl

Greetings Darryl,

Glad you like the gentle manual penis stretching method video.  It is a great technique that I think everyone should add to their plan.  Just do not make the mistake of thinking this is all you have to do to get rid of your PD. 

The way to safely and correctly stretch the penis is to keep the traction light and consistent.  Do not vary the light penile traction force once you develop the deep dull ache that is mentioned on the CD.   

Once the light traction force causes the familiar deep dull ache, it is held at the same static “force” until the dull ache disappears or boredom causes you to decide to stop.  There seems to be a natural tendency for a lot of men to slowly increase the traction force after a few minutes have passed.  Avoid this tendency and strive to consistently maintain the same contact vectors and level of touch.   You will know you have increased your force when you notice the dull ache stop; simply lightening the contact touch should cause the dull ache to return as the fascia again begins to yield.   TRH  

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