Cost to continue the large or best Peyronie’s treatment plan?

Dear Dr.Herazy I have a question. 

I purchased the video of the stretching of the PD from you and would like to purchase the large plan but this has also comes with the video. Can you sell it to me without the video and give me some credit?

Also for how long last the products for the treatment? How much is the additional monthly cost to continue the treatment for one year?? My Urologist put me on pentoxifylline and I taking it already for 2 month but I have seen no improvement. I would like to try your treatment. Thank you.  Please let me know.  Mr. Jetter


Greetings Mr. Jetter,

The gentle PDI Manual Penis Stretching CD is not the same video that is included in the large or medium plan; they are two different videos.  The large and medium Peyronie's treatment plans have the Massage & Exercise video that is different than the stretching video.   To follow the medium or large Peyronie's disease treatment plan you would still need the Massage & Exercise video. 

When you order the large Peyronie's treatment plan you will never have to purchase the Genesen pointers or the Massage & Exercise video again,so they are a one-time expense.  Also, because you will use such as mall amount of PMD DMSO, Super CP Serum and Unique-E oil for each application, most men only order these three therapy items once every three months or so.  The other items (Vitamin E 400/400, Maxi-Gamma, MSM, Nattokinase, Fibrozym, etc.) are usually reordered every 4-6 weeks, or so.  I estimate that the average man spends about $95-$115 each month resupplying his large plan.  This is just a little more than the estimated $90-110 monthly cost to resupply the medium or better PD plan.  

Please let me know if I can help you during the course of your treatment.  TRH  



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