Could Peyronie treatment plans still possibly help my congenital curvature?

I have been searching for a possible remedy for my penis. I have a slight downward curve, I believe it is congenital because I've always had it, and there is no scarring underneath my shaft or pain. Could your treatment plans still possibly help my congenital curvature? even if i don't have Peyronies? PLEASE HELP, this is causing me so much emotional discomfort doc!


The PDI Peyronie treatment plans are specific for Peyronie's disease.  However, I have been told by men who have congenital penile curvature that they used the information and technique from the PDI Manual Penis Stretching CD with great benefit.  I suggest you review that information to see if it makes sense to you and proceed accordingly. 

Additionally, since most congenital curves tend to be gradual and mild, I suggest that you could be making more of your lack of total straightness than it deserves.  Perhaps your values and sense of self-esteem exaggerate your emotional response to your variation.  It might be helpful for you to read "Peyronie's Disease and Sex" to get some insight into the way you are feeling about yourself.  TRH


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