Could Scar-X work for my Peyronie’s disease?

Wow, I developed Peyronie disease due to a bend during intercourse. When it happened it felt like blood was filling up the bottom side of my penis. It was 2009 when this happened, its now 2012. I was embarrassed to tell anyone. I believe scar tissue has taken over the bottom side of my penis. It actually feels like a tube running all the way down to my testicles. With me doing research, it seems like a severe case.   Could Scar-X work for my condition?



Sudden and forceful bending of the penis during intercourse is a very common mechanism to injury that leads to Peyronie's disease and a curved penis. 

The distribution of scar development you describe is not uncommon; I have many men on the PDI program that describe their scars in a similar pattern and extent.

No where on the PDI website will you find that we suggest anyone treats a problem as stubborn and complicated as Peyronies disease with just one therapy.  Alternative Medicine treatment to be most successful should be broad- based and aggressive.  Using any one therapy, like Scar-X alone, probably would not do much good for you.   Scar-X is a very effective homeopathic formula that is used in Peyronie's disease treatment to develop a synergistic response in the body to increase the ability to heal and eliminate the PD scar.  I suggest you spend a bit of time reading more information on the PDI website to learn how to put these ideas into action.  TRH     


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