Used PDI treatment to cure his Peyronies disease, now wants to do the same for a topical scar.

I was a customer a few years ago and cured mostly my Peyronies scar through your plans. My penis is mostly back to its normal form now and painless, and that is good. My question today is concerning a topical scar, not a scar on my penis. I have a long rubbery keloid scar on my forearm which keeps slowly snaking it's way down my arm year by year. And before trying to have it frozen off I'd like to try your enzymes and CP Serum and such.

I would like to know which enzymes of yours to try first? The Quercetin/Bromelain combo or just the new 5000 Bromelain? And the Copper solution with DMSO? Also, have you heard any research on Lugol's solution and iodine concerning topical scars?

Thank you for your time.



Glad to hear your feedback on your successful results following the PDI concepts of Peyronie's treatment.  You really should write back to this same Q/A section and provide some insight and experience you gained while successfully treating your Peyronie's disease.

I have had many men tell me over the years that they have used a very similar scar treatment plan that follows their PD plan.  I do not have much feedback from these men about scar treatment but that idea makes sense to me.  Let me know what happens for you.  TRH


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