Dimensions of girth prosthetic rings?

The dimensions of the girth prosthetic rings are not given.

I see that this information was omitted. Here you go:

Large ring: 2 5/8″ long X 1 5/8″ wide with a 5/8″ opening

Small ring: 1 3/4″ long X 1 1/2″ wide with a 5/8″ opening.

Please bear in mind that although the 5/8″ wide op

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ening in the center of the rings is small, the material is very elastic and will stretch to fit and accommodate your particular girth and degree of curvature. This firm hold is needed to provide lateral support against sudden and dangerous bending.

This prosthetic device is very popular and assists to provide extra support for the bent penis to avoid additional injury, or when the penis is narrowed by plaque formation. TRH