Do you give any discounts for repeat customers?

Do you give any discounts for repeat customers? Thank you.


Yes, we do offer discounts, but they are available to everyone — repeat customers and new customers. These discounts are available each time you place an order with PDI. Some are automatic and some you must enter a discount code.

We attempt to offer the very lowest prices for our pharmaceutical grade therapy products to everyone who orders from PDI, and our sister-website for Dupuytren contracture at DCI.

Everyone is concerned about discounts and keeping costs down lately, and Peyronie's treatment can be expensive.

Our prices are already the lowest you will find anywhere for the high quality product line of pharmaceutical grade therapies. Please bear in mind that not only are our prices outstanding and our products have been shown to be effective with PD when used as suggested, but our SERVICE is even better – and it is service, information and experience to help

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with your treatment that you must consider when you are treating your Peyronie's disease. What you are receiving from PDI – even more than great products at a great price – is the time and effort given to you to provide the experience and insight into successfully treating your PD.

If you decide to purchase your different therapy products elsewhere based only on price you will be using untested and unknown brands that right not actually contain what their label claims. This is always the problem with purchasing based only on low price.

These are the discounts PDI offers:

1. Standard and automatic 10% discount for all Small, Medium and Large Treatment Plans.
2. TRH10 — $10 off each order of $200 or more
3. “neprinol” — $9.99 discount for a 300 count bottle of Neprinol
4. “neprinol90” — $25.04 discount for a 90 count bottle of Neprinol

Let me know if I can help you with your Peyronie's treatment plan in any way. TRH